Author's Notes

This story began to take shape over the last year. Several of the ideas were one's I had while writing "A New Dawn", while others came later. My thanks go out to those that persevered through the yearlong journey of writing "A New Dawn". As promised, here is your sequel! The characters and storyline from the previous story will continue in this sequel, with a few new additions.

If you are hoping for the love story unseen during any of the three iterations of the Stargate franchise, then I doubt you will enjoy the story to come. If instead, you are hoping for battle scenes, new technologies, and war here and there then continue reading. Many of you enjoyed my depiction of the military and its mission in the universe. Once again, I will lay out my vision for their usage in a handful of scenarios.

For the readers of this story, I do ask that you review. They give me something to read, and play a larger role in the story. Reviewing is your opportunity to help shape this story. If you have a special request of something you would enjoy seeing, let me know and I will work it in when and where possible. Please know that this story will not be published with the speed of the last, so be patient.

No copyright infringement is intended with this work. In no way have I profited from this work, as it is done for personal enjoyment. All characters taken from the series and or stargate cannon belong to their creators.

On a side note, an announcement made recently hints at a coming return of Stargate. Let us all keep our fingers crossed! Have a great week!

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The Universe

Cold, bleak, and vast; the universe we inhabit is a body filled with wonder. Over billions of years, civilizations rose and fell. This cycle marked the passage of time. Many of the civilizations that vanished did so without ever comprehending the true nature of the universe. Several of these, giving in to their inquisitive nature, thrived and produced unimaginable developments. In time, these spanning civilizations fell, or took a different shape.

One world, benefiting from a technological legacy eft behind for them, strived to unlock the secrets of the universe. To unravel these mysteries, this world transformed itself. Though young, this race would never rest, not until the universe's very last secret had been unlocked. Lacking full understanding of the dangers they faced, this world pressed forward.

Throughout the universe, danger lurked in all corners. Throughout the universe, these dangers took many forms. Every civilization likes to believe that they have a destiny. In Earth's case, they chased the destiny of all things. What wonders and horrors they discovered along this journey would one day become the very building blocks of an Earth ready to assume the mantle of the Fifth Race.

This is their story.