Title: There's Something in the Dark

Author: LittleLonnie

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Action

Summary: Set sometime between 6x09 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe" and 6x10 "Caged Heat". Bobby sends the boys to check out a small town that might inhabit a mythological creature. Turns out it's a whole lot more in this town then what they first believed.

Note: There's Limp!Soulless Sam for once! Wooh! But always big bro Dean of course! And I just really wanted to write a story with more interaction between Dean and his soulless brother!


After the whole incident with fairies and leprechauns, Dean really had thought he'd seen - or at least heard it all. That of course was until Bobby had to cook up another seemingly ridiculous hunt.

"Mythical creatures? Really?" Sam snorted and leaned back in the passenger's seat, resting the hand with his phone in on his lap with Bobby on speaker,

"Like what? Unicorns? Or maybe more of Dean's flying, naked fairy?"

"Shut up, Sam," Dean threw his brother a glare as they cruised down from the mountain they were descending.

"So what's the story?" Dean asked, the Impala purring as she picked up speed as they came out of a sharp corner. As they descended even more they could now see a town at the foot of the mountains, lush forest in one end and a lake at the other. It looked like a town out of a fairy tale really.

"A month ago there was sighting of a strange creature killing some farmer's animals more brutally then any wolf they had ever seen," Bobby explained. Neither of the boys said anything, just looked at one another.

"Eh, I'm sorry about the guy's sheep, but..." Dean started, making another swing smoothly.

"News flash Bobby. We don't hunt animals," Sam spoke up when Dean was being anything but straight forward. Bobby sighed out loudly,

"Don't get cute with me, idjits," Bobby huffed gruffly while moving around his library - if the sound of footsteps, falling books and some colorful words on the other end was anything to go by,

"Maybe you kids want to hear the whole story before you dismiss the hunt?"

"Sorry, Bobby," Dean said, eyeing Sam as if expecting him to say the same back, but of course Sam gave crap. He was looking out at the scenery now.

"A witness described what could be a Chupacabra, feasting on a cow. Same witness was found in the woods two days later, chest ripped open," Bobby explained,

"That's just one story out of many. I'll give you a call when I know more."

And without further ado - Bobby hung up with a grumpy growl.

"Well then. Kinda sounds like a good old hunt with my bro," Dean flashed a smile in Sam's direction and actually received one back for once. Dean knew it was the unhealthy urge to kill that had Sam smiling and not the 'bro' part, but right now it was good enough for Dean.

"You're lying," Sam said calmly. His face had been stone cold as he had watched the young woman dry some tears off her face. He didn't need to look at his big brother to know he was silently telling him to shut the fuck up.

"Excuse me?" the petite blonde woman looked suddenly more nervous.

"You kept averting your eyes when you said the last time you saw your boyfriend was the day before he was found dead. And now, instead of getting outraged over the accusations you look ten times more nervous," Sam pointed out calmly. The woman gaped like a fish on land and looked from Dean to Sam and back to Dean, hoping he was the good Cop in this. Nobody said anything in too long so Sam broke the silence again.

"So. The truth?" Sam calmly urged her. She sighed and looked down at her hands.

"Fine. I saw him the same day he died. I drove him to the outskirts of the forest. There's a hunting cabin there he usually goes to to meet some hunting buddies. That was the last time I saw him. I swear," the woman explained quickly, finally telling the truth.

"Why did you lie in the first place then?" Dean spoke up, giving the poor girl one of her charming smile. She was too upset to even think twice about it though.

"You're kidding right? I was the last person to see him alive. That'd make me a suspect," she explained,

"I'm sorry alright? Thinking of it, how would I have managed to do all that to him. That..." she choked on a sob and Sam just managed to bit back a groan and stood up. Dean looked surprised after him before standing up and straightening his suit, flashing his smile again.

"Thank you for your time," he said politely before calmly following his soulless brother out the door to the Impala.

"Could you try to be less scary, man?" Dean said, walking over to where Sam was leaning against the passenger door, loosening his tie.

"You want to solve this case or not?" Sam asked coolly and Dean shrugged,

"Well then we can't just nod like idiots when we know the chick is lying."

"Fine. But you can try to be a little more smooth about it," Dean said and walked around the car before getting in.

"I'll try, Mr. Cricket. What now?" Sam asked, waiting for Dean to start the car.

"Now we're heading back to the motel and I'll be heading out to the nearest bar," Dean said with a sly grin on his face as his steered the big black car onto the road. When Sam didn't respond Dean turned to look at him,

"You wanna join?"

Sam looked up through the front windshield before turning to his brother,

"Yeah sure."

"For the ladies?" Dean asked quietly.

"Oh yeah," Sam grinned slyly and was actually a little surprised when Dean smiled back.

"I'll drink to that," Dean said, putting on a smile.

"Really?" Sam squinted at him suspiciously,


"Whatever happened to Lisa?"

"Shut up."

Dean downed a shot and slammed the shooter glass back on the bar and ordered another. He smiled at a girl on the other side of the bar that had been eyeing him hungrily for some time now. Sam was long gone back to the motel room with some hot brunette, but he had actually stayed with Dean surprisingly long. Although almost every moment he spent with his soulless brother he just missed his puppy eyed soulful brother even more, he hadn't been too bad tonight. Probably because he had managed to pretend to care about something.

"Hi," Dean almost jumped in his seat when the pretty red head from across the bar sat down beside him.

"Hi," he said back, downing another shot, forcing Lisa out of his head.