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Riddle Manor

Harry awoke to something licking his hand accompanied by an annoying whimpering sound that sounded strangely like it wanted something. Trying to remember what that something may be was currently difficult for the poor boy considering his long night. Until a brief thought of Sirius came to mind. The sudden thought caused him to eventually get up. Though a bit more slowly than the norm to annoy his Godfather for daring to intrude on his designated sleep time.

"Alright Sirius, I'm up. What is it?" he asked with a hint of irritated grogginess.

Sirius decided he'd ignore Harry's question by staying in his dog form and walked to the closed door pawing at it like an idio….I mean like any right minded dog would.

Harry sighing at his Godfather's none so intelligent or playful antics depending on how you want to perceive it. He walked to his bathroom and closed the door before his godfather could begin his pathetic whining again. He brushed his teeth and suddenly decided that the idea of a shower was a brilliant idea. When he finally came out, refreshed, dressed up, and cleanly, he noticed that his godfather was glaring daggers at him for making him wait an extra 15 minutes.

Harry bedazzled him with that winning smile of his considering that it usually worked on most people; though in this case Sirius unfortunately wasn't one of them. Sirius looking even more annoyed, and then angrily pointed his cute little (cough) I mean beastly dog nose towards the door knob then looked meaningfully to Harry. Harry Getting the message walked towards the door and then opened it. Yipping…I mean barking in victory he ran out of the room and indicated for Harry to follow. Harry followed along wondering what his goof ball of a godfather had planned this time; especially after being forced to wake up at 5 in the morning.

Moments later they finally reached their destination which was outside of the manner. A dinosaur aged looking car was currently parked at the front of the manor. Harry was about to comment, but that was until he saw a brief glimmer of what looked like magic shimmer throughout the car. He decided forestalling any questions until Sirius finally decided to tell him what was going on.

When they finally reached the car, Sirius finally transformed back into his Human form and then faced Harry. He was slightly ticked for being made to wait, but his excitement had eventually won over and he decided telling his godson the good news; which was far more important than threatening to prank him for the situation earlier. Besides why make your intentions known when you can get him back when he least expects it. Sirius thought happily.

"Harry I know that you're finally going to Hogwarts today, so I took the liberty of buying this car for you to be driven in style. Also most of your bags that you had already packed last night are there within the car, and all that's left to do is for you to take Hedwig and Ateles and we can finally get going" he said a bit too excitedly in Harry's opinion, being this bloody early in the morning.

"Sirius I don't know why you're rushing. Strike that I don't really want to know why you're rushing, but have you noticed how that car is a very old model. If we were comparing it to a living animal, it'd be what muggles call a dinosaur which are an extinct species. Besides are you really that eager to get rid of your adorable godson?" he said looking hurt. "Just because I'll finally be out of your way, so that you can attempt in rekindling your love with Madame Bones is no excuse to want me, your kind and caring Godson to leave. That's just hurts Sirius. It hurts right here." He said, while putting his hand on his chest to add emphasis.

Sirius was somewhat startled; he never expected for Harry to be so observant and devious…Seriously there are times when his Godson can be so aggravating. He blames Lily for his current misfortune. There are various instances where he felt that Harry was purposely created for the sake of ruining his fun. Examples being, every time he was about to prank someone, Harry would somehow know. Also, when he wanted to leave the house just for a little bit of adventure, Harry would be there to stop him. Another instance would be, when he wanted to talk with Amelia and had finally verified that she still had feelings for him. Harry popped out of nowhere with a camera and various pictures already in hand, right when they were about to kiss too dammit. He couldn't wait for Harry to leave. Sure he loved his Godson and hated Dumbeldore, but Harry was Harry. And anyone who got in his way was like a tiny miniscule ant facing a tsunami. In Dumbeldore's case, maybe a slightly larger than normal dung beetle, though still hardly likely that he'd win against Harry the land tsunami of positive change. So he decided it would be best if he simply sent Harry on his way to Hogwarts, and to stick with Plan Padfoot Delta, also known as lying badly.

"No…why ever would you accuse me of that Harry? Do you think so little of me that I'd resort to such low and dishonorable tactics? He said hoping to sound convincing.

"Yes, yes I do oh godfather of mine. Though don't worry, despite having ill intentions and having tried to send me away to Dumbles' evil clutches, I forgive you" Harry said with that annoying smile still there and unfortunately it just wouldn't go away. Looking at it always reminded him of Lily, that being it was somewhat scary.

He sighed. "Well anyways Harry, to answer your prehistoric question, it's simply a camouflage spell covering the actual vehicle I was trying to...Oh what is it now?" Sirius said slightly annoyed, noticing the slightly surprised look on his godson's face.

"Um… well try not to take any offense, but it just surprised me that you knew a big word such as Prehistoric, especially one that is a muggle term" Harry said in a tone that indicated he was surprised.

Trying to push down his rising anger, he finally succeeded after a few moments of strengthening his Occlumency shields. "Harry I may be prankster and a goofball yes, but by no means am I that ignorant or stupid." He replied.

"I know that Sirius but sometimes your actions can make me believe otherwise. Next time when I am surprised I will try to maintain a much more neutral face so that you won't get offended." He said with a complete straight face, knowing quite clearly that his godfather was getting angrier but couldn't help it due to the secret fun he was having.

Containing his anger was beginning to get difficult, though he refused to be manipulated by his godson considering that Harry came from a Gryffindor Family and he came from a mostly Slytherin one. His pride wouldn't permit it. Even though Lily was the exception, despite being a muggle born and also a Gryffindor; and yet she still had that knack for managing to cause those around her to both love and be infuriated by her. This being the case, she was the only exception and he refused to allow Harry in being the second exception.

"On another note Harry" deciding to change the subject to more workable grounds. "We should get going since we haven't eaten yet. I had planned for us to have breakfast at the Marauder's bar. Since you do own it and haven't visited it yet. Also, the last time I saw it was a little over 10 years ago, so I'd like to see how's it been doing since gang and I had last gone" he told Harry while cancelling the charm he put on the car, which turned into [don't really know much of about car brands during the 90s so just imagine some super cool car during that time period] one of the newer brands of cars that were currently out in Great Britain. It didn't take them that long to put the rest of Harry's luggage into the vehicle. Considering the night before, Harry had already shrunk several other luggage's' containing several of his needed belongings. Then they had managed to put all of them within a specially spell protected chest Harry had which was already in the car. After having taken Hedwig's and Ateles' cages and placed them in the seat in the back, they then started the car, and not long after drove off.

Train Station/ Hogwart's Express area

Harry carrying his luggage of multi luggage's within one of his pockets, walked along with Sirius towards Platform 9 and three-quarters. It didn't take them long to reach the platform, though when it came to going through the wall, Sirius had to convince Harry that the wall wouldn't hurt him if he passed through it. With seeming reluctance he did eventually run through the wall, sighing in relief when the facial impact with a brick wall did not occur. Even Ateles who was in Harry's left side pocket, was slightly relieved only because he was worried who would then feed him if his human was incapacitated. Once on the other side, they both headed for the Express where they could still see a few students along with their parent, mulling about here and there. Sirius grasping Harry's shoulder caused the boy to turn and look up at his Godfather.

"Sirius?" Harry asked questioningly.

"I just wanted to say good luck pup, and that I am proud to call you my Godson" he told Harry with pride evident in his voice.

Giving his Godfather a hug, "thanks Sirius that means a lot coming from you" he told him.

Stepping away from each other, Sirius stepped back as Harry finally stepped into the train. Turning around to wave at Sirius, he eventually headed further into the train and disappeared from Sirius' view.

Sirius looking towards the direction of where Harry had disappeared to, "make your parents proud Harry, cause I know I already am" He said. Then with the sound of a crack and then a pop, he soon disappeared back to riddle Manor.

Back with harry, he was currently looking for a comfortable compartment to enter into. So far he saw a few muggleborns as well as those of who were obviously pureblooded in the way that their noses tended to point to the sky in their uppity superiority. Deciding to continue his search further on, it took him some time, but he finally located a suitable compartment; though when he entered he noticed that there was already an occupant within the vicinity.

"Hello there, sorry to intrude but may I stay here, most of the other compartments are a bit too uncomfortable for me?" he asked politely.

The person who he just noticed was a girl simply nodded while her face was buried in her book. He simply accepted her quiet nod of yes and got himself settled. When the train finally began moving, he asked her if he could open the window. She still not seeming to pay attention nodded briefly while her face was still engrossed within the book. Opening the window, a brief familiar white creature flew through the window moments later. Slightly being surprised, the girl finally looked up at the person who had come in earlier and what was the ruckus that was the cause of her interrupted reading time. When she looked at the boy, she couldn't help but blush a little at how handsome he looked. Yes he was a boy….he should be cute not handsome, but this person in front of her just seemed so mature, confident, and easy going that, the most accurate word she could describe him was simply that, handsome. Once she managed to take her eyes off the beautiful creature of a boy (she blushed again at the thought), she gazed at the magnificent snowy white owl that had come through the window. Being the observing type, she noticed how truly magnificent the creature was and how well he or she complemented her owner in their combined brilliance.

Harry being a bit too busy with Hedwig was currently having a blast. He knew that Hedwig would want a spectacular entrance, but that was so not what he had previously expected. It's kind of stupid getting excited from an owl flying through a window, but the way Hedwig simply flew in fast, quick, and graceful just brought out the inner child in him. That exhilarating feeling he managed to have, he just couldn't help it, and he simply laughed out loud with childlike glee. After finally calming down, he realized that the girl who was reading earlier was still within the compartment. Blushing madly he looked towards where he remember she was sitting. What he didn't expect was for her making direct eye contact with him. The most surprising if not frightening thing for him was that he couldn't look away.

She just couldn't believe it, the boy who she thought perhaps was perfect, was simply that, perfect. Hearing his laugh could be compared to wind chimes. How could even a laugh be so beautiful? She simply couldn't tear her eyes away from the boy in front of her. When they had made eye contact, even if she wanted to she simply couldn't.

That is until, after several seconds had passed, one of the prefects opened the compartment and made sure to check anything that went against the rules. Both of them managed to break away from that once the trance was interrupted; though they were both still blushing madly, during and after the prefect had gone.

After a few moments of absolute silence, Harry decided to break the ice, not being able to take the tension in the air.

Looking towards her he spoke up "I'm really sorry about earlier" he slightly stuttered out. "I not only intruded on your reading but I also caused you in witnessing seeing myself in an embarrassing situation." He finished glad he only stuttered once.

Shaking her head vigorously, "No, it's okay" she said in a soft tone. "I should be the one apologizing for having stared…" she finished not knowing what else to say.

Harry couldn't help but notice how gentle her voice sounded, but he ignored the feelings that came afterwards in favor of finding an answer to this current dilemma. "I can tell if I simply keep insisting that this is my fault then we will get nowhere." Hearing her giggle brought a smile to his face. "How about we both agree we were simply victims due to circumstances and that neither of this is our fault. Can we agree on that at least?" he asked her.

She smiled at him; "Yes I can agree with that" she spoke again in a soft tone.

"I'm Harry by the way" he said sticking his right hand out to the girl.

Tentatively reaching out with her right hand, "I'm Su" she said after grasping his hand and holding in a gasp due to the shock she felt. Unknowingly Harry felt it too.

After some time the pair eventually began talking about various topics; from home life, to hobbies, to their thoughts and beliefs, as well as other things. It didn't take long before a mysterious bushy head girl entered their compartment.

"Sorry to bother you but have you perhaps seen a toad? The person I am currently sharing a compartment with seems to have misplaced him?" she asked hoping a definite yes would be this times response.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't seen a toad. What about you Harry?" Su asked, looking towards Harry to see if he had, he simply shook his head in the negative.

Seeing her slightly dejected look, Harry decided to give some advice on the matter. "Being that it is my first year and that I don' know much about spells (lies), have you considered of maybe talking to a prefect to help you? They might know of a spell that might help you locate the toad you are looking for" he told her.

Hearing this she immediately brightened up. "Of course! Why didn't I think of that before? Thank you…." slightly uncertain in how to ask for his name.

"Harry." He told her.

Gasping and then becoming excited. "I knew that you looked familiar, you're Harry Potter! I've read all about you….did you know…." This is where Hermione goes off on a tangent that I don't feel like typing so let your imagination run wild if you want this filler filled.

10 Minutes Later

Sighing internally, he decided to come up with a Sirius' plan. (Pun intended)

"Hermione not that I don't appreciate this info that I myself had not known despite the fact that these books were written about me. But what about the toad?" he asked hoping to lead her towards his way of thinking….that being out of the compartment.

"Oh, yes I had forgotten due to all of the excitement." She said somewhat embarrassed. Standing up and quickly heading towards the door. "See you at school Harry, bye." She said waving to him, then disappearing back into the corridors.

"Bye Hermione," he said waving back politely. Once the door was closed however he sighed a little in a relief; though when he finally looked at Su, he realized that something was wrong.

When she finally spoke, he couldn't help but cringe. "You mean to say that you're Harry Potter?" she said in a neutral tone. "And you failed to tell me why?" she asked sounding slightly hurt.

For some reason aside from the guilt, he felt some pain at having hurt her. "I…Su…. I'm sorry. I just wanted to get to know you. Without first chancing on whether you'd hound me first with questions or hero worship like some of the other people I've met in the past." He told her sincerely.

Looking at him for a very long uncomfortable moment trying to discern the truth in his words, she finally saw that he was telling the truth. Despite still feeling hurt at his lack of trust she decided to simply relent for now. "Okay Harry." She replied simply.

Making his best Harry face, he looked at her with pleading eyes. "Am I forgiven Su?" he asked widening his eyes to add emphasis to what he hoped to look as either a cute or as a stupid looking facial expression.

She tried really hard not to laugh…. But the fact that the apparent Boy-Who-Lived, was making such a ridiculous face, contrasted everything that she had either heard, or read about him. She couldn't help it; she laughed, and found that she couldn't find it in herself to stop anytime soon. Moments later when she finally calmed down from the hilarious high that she was experiencing earlier, she looked back at Harry. "Harry you're an idiot, a forgiven one, but still an idiot" she said smiling.

He returned her smile. "Or maybe just a really good charmer considering that from past experience I did tend to have that effect on people", he said with a cocky tone.

Shaking her head at how ridiculous the mysterious boy that was Harry Potter. She wondered briefly if he was bipolar or had multiple personalities due to his constant mood changes, but decided she didn't really care and that his interesting quirks was what made him simply Harry Potter.


After talking for a while longer, the train began nearing the School, and as instructed by the passing prefects walking around throughout the corridors. Both Harry and Su dressed up into their school robes. Once the train stopped they along with the rest of the students were led by a giant of a man named Hagrid, down to where the boats were docked. Once they had crossed the lake, they were eventually led to the front doors leading to the Great Hall by Minerva McGonagall.

Despite enjoying his conversations with Su and actually strongly considering whatever house she was in, he wouldn't be against following her example. He couldn't help but feel like someone kept looking at him. Though whenever he looked back, whoever it was could have been any of those group members near Professor McGonagall. Sighing since unless someone tried to read his mind, he wouldn't be able to pinpoint whoever was watching him. He decided to ignore it and focus solely on his conversation on Su.

Then without warning he sensed someone approaching him from behind. Turning around quickly, he thought that the person was a female considering how neat and well taken care of the bleached colored hair was in. Though when he looked closer he had to rethink his prior assessment, considering that the girl was in fact a boy with two happily big bone guys walking on either side of her…er…I mean him.

"You must be Harry Potter? Well I'm Draco (pause for dramatic effect) Draco Malfoy." He said taking out his hand to give Harry a hand shake.

Harry inspected Draco's hands in a discreet manner to see if they were just as soft looking as his hair, before grabbing it and shaking the other boy's hand briefly before letting go. Soft hands have been confirmed, Harry thought.

Not noticing Harry's little inspection he began drawling again, "You will learn that some other wizarding families are better than others." He told Harry as if it were fact.

Harry smiled. Oh Tommy Timothy Tom Tom, he thought. You had to meet all of your follower's families personally didn't you? Why ever would you do now that your greatest enemy has such an advantage to his disposal, with young Draco providing me such an opportunity?

"Well Draco, you have a very convincing argument there, I give you that, but before I agree to accept your partnership. I do have a few conditions that I'd like for you to agree to, if of course you are still willing to befriend me? He asked the boy.

Draco frowned momentarily. His father failed to tell him what to do in this type of situation. All he was told to do was to befriend Harry Potter and once that was accomplished. He'd have to wait for further instructions once his father got a better grasp of the situation. So he finally figured, what could be the harm of hearing Harry Potter out. "Of course Harry. Ask away" he spoke.

"As you know, despite being the Boy-Who-Lived, I am simply a half-blood. Therefore I'm not against muggleborns, nor am I against purebloods. If we are to be friends, would you still be willing to befriend me, who will more than likely make friends with those two groups as well as those similar to my heritage?" he asked Draco.

Draco was somewhat shocked at hearing such a question. He never even considered Harry Potter being a half-blood; though now that he thought about it, he remembered hearing somewhere that the boy's mother was a very intelligent muggle born. Even the feared by some and worshipped by other dark lord had cursed James Potter for marrying such an infuriatingly intelligent woman; always ruining some of the Dark Lords 'plans during the time when she was still a part of Dumbeldore's organization. He eventually rationalized that Harry's fame outweighed his blood status, and that maybe he could eventually convince Harry the truth of the matter concerning his factual views on blood superiority.

"I see the reason for your more neutral approach concerning our ways Harry, but I believe I can look past that. Friends, then?" he asked Harry.

Harry smile broadly, "Yes, starting now we are friends Draco "he spoke to the boy.

Smiling at his success," oh yeah by the way, this is Crabbe" he said pointing to his left. "And this here is Goyle", he said pointing to his right. They both grunted to Harry after he greeted both of them.

Looking towards his first real friend that he made that was around his age. "This here is my friend Su Li" he said with warmth. Noticing that Draco was struggling to not retort, he decided to speak further 'I hope that we can all start getting along with each other starting today "he said smiling.

Draco was really fighting his upbringing especially that despite being of Chinese descent, this Su Li person was of pureblood heritage, of that he was sure. Also, he recognized the underlying hidden message within Harry's words. If he insults Su their friendship which had just formed, might end right there if he was not too careful. He was raised as the son of a manipulating politician, and he refused to lose a possible chance at being in the Boy-Who-Lives' good graces.

"Why yes of course Harry. I realize how unbecoming I have been due to my upbringing, my, apologizes to the both of you. Now the sorting feast should start soon, so we three shall be off." He told Harry, after Harry nodded his head in acknowledgement, the three left.

Harry looked to Su and saw something in her eyes that he couldn't comprehend. Reaching out to touch her shoulder to see if she was alright, he decided to ask if she was okay.

Blushing a little "I'm fine Harry, and thank you" she replied softly.

Confused at her response" for what Su, I didn't do anything?" he asked her.

Still a little flustered" for not only considering me a friend, but for also defending me" she told him again softly.

Realizing somewhat what she was going on about… at least as best as an 11 year old boy with adult memories could about the workings of a young girl's mind. He decided to simply say "your welcome", as a response.

When they finally all went into the Hall, Harry wasn't all that surprised considering that a lot of Tom's memories had involved finding all the secret entry ways and passages in Hogwarts. Then not long after getting seated, the Sorting ceremony began.

A lot of people were sorted to various Houses though Harry only focused on Draco's and Su's sorting for the most part; while he briefly had paid attention to Crabbe and Goyle as well as some other students being sorted here and there. As for when Harry Potter was finally called. All the activity throughout the Hall became suddenly quiet.

"Harry Potter" McGonagall spoke again loudly.

Harry stood up quietly and looked to both Su and Draco, who were currently seated in the Ravenclaw table followed by the Slytherin table in that order. After getting nods from both of them and a small smile from Su, Harry walked towards the hat, which only had lasted a little over a few several seconds. Once he reached the hat and the hat was then placed on his head. He wasn't surprised when a voice appeared in his mindscape. Though he was taken off guard when his vision of the world around him began to vanish, and then found himself descending into his mindscape with no control over his actions.

The last words he heard before slipping into unconsciousness was from the Hat itself "Well, well, well Mr. Potter, seems like someone has been having a busy few years. I always knew that Dumbeldore was up to no good." The hat spoke. "Let's talk for a while shall we?" he said.

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