I prefer Lilacs to Posies

My dad told me about ring around the rosy and the black plague in England, and I thought It'd make a good fan-fiction. So anyway Enjoy and as always I don't own Alvin and the chipmunks!

"How crazy is he?", "Very He gave up his job to work with toddlers!" "Poor man, I heard he lives all alone, a hermit in society!"

It was the normal wave of gossip that just seemed to follow him everywhere. Anywhere he went he could hear their whispers. It was especially bad at the pub where he went every day. He would go to a pub to order non-alcoholic Shirley Temples. He'd go there every day to order two there which he'd drink at the far end of the bar and then two to go. Everyone who saw or heard of him thought he was crazy, but anyone who took the time to know him knew he was a visionary and a genius at that.

"Sir where is Professor Seville? I heard he comes here often." Jeanette Miller, a former student of theprofessor asked the bartender on afternoon. "End of the table." he said not looking up from his work. "Professor, we need to talk." she said quietly. She and the professor had been best friends in grade school, both had much to offer the world. And they both skipped a few years of school but the professor just enough he finished his schooling the year before Jeanette had and was professor to the school where he had been for about 6 months. They spoke often, and met even more often for when they were upset only the other's presence was enough to satisfy them. You could say they were in love, but time had a way of teasing them and Simon soon quit his job and they rarely spoke for months. The man not recognizing her voice and not bothering to look up started to say, "Miss, If you have a problem, I'd rather you speak about it to your friends who seem so interested in my personal life an- Oh Miss Miller! I'm terribly sorry, it's been so long I just. . . ." He stood up asked the man for his two extra Shirley Temples and the walked out of the pub.

And as soon as they were out in the street he hugged her, she smiled in his shoulder and whispered,"Profess-" He looked at her and interrupted, "Now, Miss Miller I believe we've know each other long and well enough that you should know my name, or have I really not seen you in that long?" She smiled at him and continued, "I couldn't forget your name for the life of me, Simon. But all the same you did just call me Miss Miller." Simon smiled, "Now we both know I've lost my wits to these people, you know if I said your name or acted like I knew you as more than a student they'd think just as poorly of you as they do me." She smiled at him and replied, "What they think doesn't matter. I was put on this earth to please God, not people." Simon smiled warmly at her and they began to walk. "I see you have yet to miss a Church service. I'm ashamed to say I can no longer make it, the preacher's brother used to be my employer and Hated me for my uh 'unexpected' resignation. Especially because I wasn't going to be paid at all. I did it for fun and he was upset because well you need to get some new experienced person who most likely wants money." Jeanette looked up at him he was about two inches taller than her and being a chipmunk he had light brown fur lining his features, a small black nose and large blue spectacles that had the same design as hers. "You weren't being paid? At all?" Simon smiled, "Seeing my favorite pupil every day seems pay enough, don't you agree?" Jeanette blushed and replied, "I'm not sure if it could compare to being able to see your favorite teacher every day." They smiled blushing slightly at each other's compliments. "Would you care to come over for dinner tonight?" He asked sweetly. She nodded and they continued in the direction of the outskirts of town.

"What of your brothers, everyone in town says you live alone. I know you have brothers and you wouldn't dare leave them. Where'd the rumor come from?" Simon looked down at him feet and replied, "A rather difficult story to tell, I'd rather discuss it over dinner. Oh here we are!" he smiled at her then unlocked the door to his home. Jeanette wiped her feet on the rug and stepped into the nice home. "Anything you'd like for dinner?" Simon asked hanging up his coat. "Whatever you have." Jeanette replied simply. Simon smiled and placed a pot of water on his wood burning stove. "I'll be right back, feel free to go into the living room or the dining hall if you wish." He went upstairs and quietly knocked on the door, "Alvin, Theodore? Are you awake?" he opened the door slowly and peaked in. "I'm up Si." Alvin's hoarse voice replied. Simon walked in and smiled at his younger brothers. (A/N: I know Alvin's supposed to be the oldest but it's more fitting in the story oh and Simon's 19, Alvin's17 and Theodore's 15) "How were your students today?" Alvin asked, trying to make conversation. "They were absolute angels. I'm sure you'd enjoy meeting them." Theodore, Simon's youngest brother, began to open his eyes and asked, "How's the poems section going?" Simon smiled down at him and replied, "The poems they've made are fantastic. I could read you one tonight, after I grade them." The two younger brothers yawned and Simon smiled, "Oh, I almost forgot!" he handed them each a Shirley Temple, which they drank gratefully. "Remember that one time when we were a lot younger, Dad took us to the pub to get us each a Shirley Temple and we got kicked out 'cause we were too young and he went in and got us each one anyway?" Simon smiled. Their father had been set off to help the Navy for the last 8 months, and six and a half months ago Alvin and Theodore both caught the plague. Simon smiled again still thinking of his father and brothers and said, "Dinner will be here shortly, you know the drill." the boys smiled and sunk down into their beds again. Simon smiled and walked back downstairs.