Title: Welcome to the world of ghosts
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Character death, blood, disturbing imagery.
Not mine.
Mukuro doesn't take kindly to others attacking his prey. Don Terranova gets to experience this first-hand.

Welcome to the world of ghosts

Juan's smile should have been the first thing to tell Don Terranova that something was terribly wrong. Juan, his loyal right-hand man for over ten long years, never smiled. Not on the boss' birthday, not when they steadily rose up the mafia ranks - the successful assassination of the Vongola Tenth should not have been an exception. Don Terranova, however, was far too engrossed in celebrating his success: yes, after the Vongola, the strongest mafia family in Italy at the moment, were weakened by the murder of their beloved boss (and really, he simply could not understand how someone that slight and weak-looking could ever have risen to power over someone like Xanxus – it simply shouldn't have been possible), it would be easier than ever to take the title of the number one mafia Famiglia.

What eventually alerts him is when the walls start melting. The wallpaper blurs into a mess of glue and colorless mass, revealing endless, whirling pits of fire behind it, and Don Terranova almost screams, because he's pretty sure the wallpaper used to cover a wall of solid concrete even this morning. He whirls around, to shout at Juan to do something and do you see what I see, but the sight that meets him makes bile rise in his throat: Juan is standing behind him, smiling manically, his eyes gouged out, only bloody holes left in their places.

This time, he does scream.

"What is wrong, boss?" Juan asks, his voice frighteningly cheerful, even as his face starts to melt at the same rate as the walls of the room. Don Terranova opens and closes his mouth a few times, but no voice comes out. He squeezes his eyes shut, muttering, "This isn't real. This is… this is an illusion. Not real. Not real."

The voice that answers him is not Juan's.

"Wrong. This is an illusion, but that doesn't mean this isn't real. It is called… a real illusion."

His eyes fly open, and this time, Juan – face intact – stares back at him with mismatched eyes, the other glowing red, and the dread he felt earlier is doubled when he recognizes the mark in the glowing eye.


Rokudo Mukuro smiles at him.

"I see my fame precedes me."

Don Terranova tries to ignore the voice that is screaming at him that he's living the last moments of his life, and says in false bravado, "Oh? Have you come to avenge your dear boss?"

The laugh he receives is chilling.

"Oh, no, you misunderstand. Sawada Tsunayoshi is not dead, so there is nothing to avenge."

Not dead? Vongola Tenth was alive? Don Terranova curses silently. It should not have been possible. No one, no one should have been able to survive that level of gunfire.

"However," Mukuro continues, and suddenly, all the smile disappears from his voice, "I do not take kindly to other people trying to take my pray. And for that, Don Terranova, you will pay."

Don Terranova doesn't even have time to answer this foreboding remark as he feels something bubble inside him, and suddenly everything is on fire – when he looks down, he sees his skin cracking and boiling and he opens his mouth to shoutscreamsomething—

—the only thing he hears before his insides explode is a cold laugh and the words, welcome to my world.