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Haruhi walked to the third music room as she did every day after class. She was trying to recall if Tamaki had any theme planned for today, but she had left so hastily the afternoon before that she forgot to ask. The twins hadn't said much all day, despite Haruhi's best efforts to begin a conversation (she liked the quiet at first, but after a while it began to creep her out). However she did catch them staring at her occasionally. Haruhi was usually spot on when analysing the twin's latest antics, but this time she was completely perplexed.
Upon entering the Host Club headquarters, Haruhi was immediately pounced upon by a delighted Renge.
"MOE, MOE! Oh Haruhi-Kun! That kiss you shared with Mori-Kun was so… MOE!" she broke into tears of joy and did that odd swaying that Tamaki always did when excited.
"Um Renge, how did you see that?" She can't have cameras around here can she? This is a music room…
"Cameras of course!" Renge grinned, took the cross-dresser by the hand and proceeded to drag her around the room, pointing out many hidden camera's to Haruhi's dismay. "Kyouya refused to let me put one in the dressing room though" The girl pouted.
"Ah I see" Haruhi felt a little relieved, but still annoyed that the Shadow King had kept this from her.
Renge ran over to a table, picking up a disc.
"And this is the footage of the beautiful kiss that the customers would be dying to see!"
Haruhi sighed, could this host club possibly violate her privacy anymore?
But then she heard a dull crack and saw said footage on the floor underneath the heel of Kyouya's very expensive Italian shoes.
"I'm afraid, Renge, that we cannot allow you to share this footage or speak of this incident to anyone."
Renge was about to furiously object until Kyouya flashed her one of his famous death glares, and so her eyes saddened as she made herself a hamster home.
Haruhi tore her eyes away from the girl who was (to Haruhi) terribly sad for such a meagre reason, and saw the host club boys gathered in a circle, minus Kyouya who was collecting shards of disc off the floor.
"What's up?" Haruhi finally asked, not in the mood for all this drama.
"Renge, could you give us some time to ourselves?" Kyouya asked politley, (not that the girl had a choice), and proceeded to flick the switch that turned the camera's off. Renge sulked over to her revolving platform and returned to her layer.
"Haruhi, take a seat." The shadow king indicated to the table the hosts used to discuss themes and budgets and other things Haruhi didn't care about unless they involved her debt.

The group sat around the table, Tamaki and the twins furiously whispering to each other. All Haruhi could catch of it was the phrase "acting like it was nothing!" from what sounded like Kaoru.
"Haruhi" Kyouya began "To maintain working as a host, you must keep your gender a secret, otherwise you will again be demoted to the position of dog, and neither of us wants that do we?" Haruhi shook her head, she made far much more as a host, and the sooner her debt was paid, the better.
"Good, I'm glad we're on the same page. Now as you saw just now, the incident that happened yesterday caused quite a stir in Renge, and would do so to the majority of the female student body. However, not every fan girl is as simple as that, and an event like this would raise questions. There are probably many students who have sussed the truth, but are afraid to announce it without proof, which is not something we would like to give them."
"But why are you lecturing me, Senpai? It was Mori who kissed me." Kyouya twitched, but his tone remained calm.
"You did not stop him." The boy replied.
"Yeah, why is that?" Hikaru clenched his fist, Kaoru placed a gentle hand on his brothers arm.
The girl was so confused, all this over a kiss? Was her secret really in that much danger?
"Um, I guess he wasn't doing any harm." She mumbled, not wanting to upset her fellow hosts any more.
"Harm?" The blond host got up from his seat and stared at the girl. "He was harming my poor, sweet daughter's innocence!" Tamaki proceeded to lock Haruhi in another uncomfortably tight hug. "Fathers must protect their daughter's sweet innocent lips! It is unacceptable for an unmarried girl to going round kissing boys without her father's approval."
At this point Haruhi was really fucking fed up. This host club has wormed its way into her life, though seemingly harmless it now had much more control over her time than she had ever desired. All she wanted to do was study, to become a lawyer like her mother. Fair enough she had a debt to settle, and she didn't like to admit it too often but the hosts were her friends, and she cared for them a great deal. This was just a bit too much for the girl today.
"Tamaki-Senpai for the last time you are NOT my father!" she yelled, causing the king to turn pale and release her. "I have had enough with your 'fatherly' demands. I can kiss as many boys as I goddamn like, or none at all if that is my choosing!" She turned to Kyouya "I understand that in future I should be more careful with incidents that may reveal my gender, and I apologise. But right now I am heading home to study, I am taking the day off. Add as much as you like to my debt, it seems to be ever growing anyway, so I might as well have fun with it. Good Day."
Haruhi promptly left the third music room, feeling a little embarrassed by her outburst, yet hopeful that the hosts may give her a little more space in future.

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