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There was one other who watched over Harry after he was taken to the Dursleys; Someone who heartily shared Minerva's opinion of them and wished more than anything to take Harry to a safer place but was powerless to do so. Her name was Sabrina Wildwind; she had been named Harry's godmother by Lily Potter. Guardianship of the baby would've gone to her after Sirius Black's arrest, except for one demeaning factor; Sabrina was a Veela.

Since Veela were considered dangerous and non-human, Sabrina would've been deemed unfit to care for The-Boy-Who-Lived, especially with the Ministry in such upheaval after You-Know-Who's sudden disappearance. Never mind that she would've guarded him with her life and a Veela was considered to be at its most powerful when protecting a nestling. However, their territorial streaks, wild tempers and possessive behavior frightened the more conservative parts of wizarding society.

The night that Harry was left on Petunia Evans nee Dursley's doorstep, Hagrid, Albus and Minerva were startled when Sabrina strode out of the shadows toward them, her eyes black with the force of her inner Veela's anger. "Why them? You could've chosen someone else, old man." Albus tried to placate her but she cut him off mid-sentence. "I know why I cannot have him. But mark me well, old man. I will not be kept out of his life, especially once he arrives at Hogwarts. No matter which House he is sorted into."

Minerva had silently applauded Sabrina's warning and Albus had tried to seem unaffected. "I will not forbid you from seeing Harry, Sabrina but you must not reveal yourself to the Muggles." Sabrina had snorted. "After all this time, do you think me stupid, Headmaster? I have the feeling that you will regret your decision to hand my godson over to a woman who has always been bitter about her sister's gifts while she remained a Squib. Petunia never contacted Lily once during the time she was at Hogwarts, Albus, no matter how many letters she received. That didn't change when Lily married James or even after Harry was born. I wonder how she will treat her dear nephew when his mother was shunned by her own blood-kin?" With a final glare, Sabrina blew a kiss to the bundle on the porch and then Apparated away from 4 Privet Drive, Whinging, Surrey.