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Once Hogwarts had been deemed 'cleansed', it had been time for Aislinn to take care of Magnus' personal request: a thorough physical for Sirius. She'd arrived at the Wildwind home and been welcomed by the family. Although she'd been instinctively wary upon meeting Remus, he had not taken offense. Aislinn had immediately apologized for the reaction and focused more on Sirius.

Her initial impression of him had been of a man who had been made to suffer and it showed in his eyes; in his body that was still suffering the effects of malnutrition. But it was his magical aura that worried her the most at the time. It had still been tainted by the near-constant contact Sirius had experienced with the Dementors. Upon further examination into his mind (with permission of course!), she'd delved deeper to assess the extent of the damage.

Using his animagus form had helped Sirius to keep most of his sanity, but using it so very often over the years had brought the more primal instincts of the Grim closer and closer to the surface. He was now much like Remus would be when the full moon approached; the protectiveness he felt toward his 'pack' had increased exponentially and he would be more prone to losing his temper if angered. Already having something of a hair-trigger temper didn't help matters.

Upon hearing her findings, Sirius' initial concern had been for Harry: would Sirius be able to be around him, knowing all that he did, without going crazy and scaring his godson? Magnus and his family shared his concerns and asked Aislinn if anything could be done. After all, Harry would be coming home in two days for a family weekend and he would want to meet his godfather.

Aislinn thought hard about this, for it was something of a dilemma. Time with the Wildwinds was helping Sirius but not enough that a first meeting with Harry could be done without complete worry; you don't recover from eleven years in Azkaban in a few days, after all.

After a long moment of silence as everyone considered the problem, Sirius said quietly, "What if Mistress Aislinn was here when I meet Harry?" Everyone looked at him with surprise and he quickly clarified, "I've been on edge… restless ever since I got out of that… place. But for some reason, the moment she came in the room, I've been calm." It was true, for Sirius had been obviously restless, wandering the manor at night in an attempt to calm down enough to sleep. He was constantly walking the grounds outside for 'fresh air'. And now, he'd managed to stay seated the whole time, breathing regularly and his dark eyes were steady for once.

"Some of that is my doing," Aislinn admitted, "the moment I sensed how torn up you were inside, I reached out with my magic to try and soothe your spirit. It's probably taking the edge off enough to where you can relax a little."

"Aislinn, we would be grateful if you would stay here during Harry's visit. Then we could move forward with treatment once our fledgling returns to Hogwarts." Marcus was very excited, though he hid it well. Not having this visit turn into an emotional disaster would be wonderful for all, if she would agree. When Aislinn immediately nodded, the others visibly relaxed and Sirius looked relieved as well. Harry was everything to him and he would've been very sad if he'd messed up their first meeting in years.

Later, Magnus and Marcus pulled Aislinn aside to speak privately in Marcus' study. They asked about what would be done to improve Sirius' mental health. She shook her head. "If he hadn't been in Azkaban, around those monsters, for so long, I would've looked at his new tendencies as something of a blessing; another loyal and loving protector for your Harry. But the Dementors have done so much damage to his mind that he won't be able to really 'shut it off', if you get my meaning."

"So he will get worse?" That was Marcus' main concern. Aislinn sighed. "Not as fast as he would've staying in that place but he has to learn control. It would greatly benefit him if he abstained from using his animagus form for a while. Time spent in a less stressful environment would help also."

Magnus rolled his eyes. "When you're Harry's family, stress is a given thing, especially where Albus is concerned. And I won't suggest my home in Russia, that's way too isolated."

"Then might I suggest taking him to my people for a time?"

Both men froze and had expressions of shock on their faces; an invitation to go to the Fae dimension was nearly unheard of. It also spoke loudly of Aislinn's concern over Sirius' condition.

"Am I really that bad off?" All three whirled around to face the door that Sirius was leaning against. No one had heard him knock and enter.

"S-Sirius! Son, how long have you been standing there? You're supposed to be sleeping!" Marcus was kicking himself for not warding and locking the door but they hadn't expected anyone to seek them out.

"Couldn't sleep." No-one needed to ask why, his eyes were haunted once again.

"So?" He looked at Aislinn. "It's best that I visit this country of yours if I want to get control of myself?" Aislinn composed herself and nodded. "I would deem it wise. Those who are not Fae tend to find our realm… refreshing to their souls. My people are renowned for their grasp of mental magics and our Queen knows how Lord Magnus regards you. It would be an honor to assist you in this, Lord Black."

After a long moment, Sirius said, "Time passes differently there. How long would I be gone?" It was an understandable question but Aislinn smiled at him. "Depending on your progress, anywhere from a few months to a year. In this dimension, that would mean that Harry would still have a few months until the summer break."

Sirius nodded and said, "Ok, when do we leave?" Magnus and Marcus blinked and then grinned widely. That was so like Sirius, coming to an instant decision so quickly. Of course, where Harry was involved, Sirius would walk over burning coals for his godson, so it wasn't really surprising.