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Arthur's father Septimus, the current Lord Weasley, had been more than willing for Titania's chosen healer to examine his son's family while his wife Cedrella was awed by the privilege. The meeting would have to be done at Septimus' home, the family hall, as the Burrow was still under inspection by the DMLE; Septimus had wanted his family close until everything was given the all-clear from Madam Bones before they spent the night in a house where a Death Eater had been for over ten years.

The Weasley children currently attending Hogwarts had been given permission to skip later classes that day in order to be examined. Arthur's older sons Charlie and Bill had immediately come home after hearing the news about Pettigrew in the Daily Prophet. Some people might've thought examining the older two was a bit much, especially since Bill was employed by Gringotts but Arthur didn't want to take any chances. Magnus agreed with the worried father that it was better to be safe than sorry and Septimus also backed up his son's thinking. Besides, Cedrella probably would've insisted on it herself as family was everything to a Black, former or not.

The Healer, who was called Aislinn NightStar, was brought by Magnus to Weasley Hall and welcomed with awe and barely hidden relief by the family. Molly and Arthur insisted that their children be examined first before themselves, which immediately won the couple Aislinn's respect as the Fae considered all children precious.

Bill and Charlie allowed the scans without hesitation, more concerned for their parents and younger siblings than themselves. The twins didn't even try their usual double-talk, sensing how serious the situation was. Ginny was so in awe of the beautiful strangers that she was more than happy to stand still and not talk, especially when the Veela lord smiled at her. Although Ron had been vocally unhappy about being pulled out of Hogwarts right before lunch hour after having already endured Madame Pomphrey's exams and St. Mungo's, Aislinn's preternatural beauty quickly silenced him and he was more than willing to follow her instructions. If anything, his love-struck expression caused much amusement for his siblings and the twins made a silent promise to tease him about it later.

It took ten minutes for each child to be examined and at the end, Aislinn was happy to report that there was nothing wrong with any of the children. Having nearly worried herself into a frenzy already, this glad news nearly caused Molly to faint with relief, however the other adults in the room wouldn't relax until she and her husband were also examined. A few minutes later, they too were given a clean bill of health and then everyone was free to relax.

Septimus embraced his son and daughter-in-law tightly before doing the same to his grand-children while Cedrella did her own individual fussing. He then turned to Magnus and Aislinn, bowing low. "Please give our thanks to Her Majesty. Lord Magnus, my family owes you a debt. Our reputation might've taken some tarnishing but House Weasley still has power behind it. If you ever need anything from me, just ask."

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "Would your offer still stand if my family wanted to see Albus Dumbledore's reputation ruined for transgressions made against my clan and family?" Septimus' eyes hardened and his wife Cedrella sniffed in disdain as they realized what he meant. "Yes."

Arthur blinked in surprise. "Father? What are you saying? Albus is a good man, why should he be ruined?" Septimus turned to his son and said, "Pettigrew may have used our family for shelter but he would've been discovered back when Percy was at Hogwarts if Dumbledore had been more concerned with the safety of the students than overseeing his personal empire! Hogwarts is indeed not safe if trolls and Death Eaters are allowed access to the students and it is more than obvious that Dumbledore cares more about preserving his standing as "Leader of the Light" than he does about ensuring the safety of our children, our future."

Arthur frowned. "It's not just the school, is it? There's more to this than you're saying, Father. Lord Magnus?" Magnus told him without hesitation of how Dumbledore's negligence had gone much farther than the school. How he'd left Harry with abusive Muggle relatives for years before Sabrina had sounded the alarm and of how he was still attempting to undermine the clan's guardianship of the poor boy. "If Harry had been left with those people, he would've been ripe for the picking by Albus, submissive and ready to be molded into the Savior that fit Dumbledore's agenda. His adoption into our clan has now made that impossible so Dumbledore is now scrambling for ways to undermine us publicly, which is near impossible as he has more to hide than we do, for all we are labeled Dark Creatures by the Ministry."

Arthur was appalled by the story and his eyes were opened to how manipulative Dumbledore was being. There had to be hidden reasons behind Albus' want to remove Harry from such loving people as the Wildwinds, if for nothing other than to have the famous Boy-Who-Lived under his control for whatever reason.

Two days later, Aislinn, along with two other Healers and two other Fae were brought to Hogwarts just before breakfast and reluctantly welcomed by Dumbledore. Magnus explained that the healers would look over the Gryffindors in small groups while the other two would make sure that there were no surprises left within Gryffindor House. The House could be done in a day as the children were mostly out of the way; the Healers would have to take a day or two depending on how many students there were. Albus was certainly not pleased to be housing virtual strangers in his castle but a glare from Minerva and a low growl from Magnus helped keep his mouth shut.

The Fae worked swiftly and were very efficient. When all diagnostics came back with negative results, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, staff and students alike. The news was swiftly sent out to the Ministry, so that they could make an official report. Magnus stressed that there was no slight intended toward the Ministry for the extra sweep; the Veela instincts had made his clan insist on the second check and that was more than understandable. He also thanked the staff for allowing the presence of his Fae friends, not including Albus in a blatantly obvious manner that had the students snickering and the old wizard going slightly pink with outrage and embarrassment. Many of the students, especially from the Slytherin table, could barely keep their seats thanks to their amusement. Fred and George barely restrained themselves from dancing a jig on the Gryffindor table; the 'Veelas vs. Dumbledore' scenes were a constant source of entertainment for the students nowadays and the Wildwinds never failed to deliver.

Before he followed his companions out, Magnus walked over to the Ravenclaw table to speak to Hermione. "I hope that you do not feel I have been neglecting you, my dear." Hermione blushed and shook her head. "No sir, I know that you're a busy man. Not to mention constantly trying to make sure that Harry is out of the headmaster's reach."

Magnus barely refrained from glaring at said Headmaster on principle and simply smiled at his foster-daughter. "Well, I intend to make up for lost time during the Christmas hols. I have obtained your parents' approval to take you to the family manor for the holidays. You can meet the rest of your family there and enjoy yourself, not to mention that your parents will probably be there as well. How does that sound?"

Hermione literally didn't know what to say at first, she was so surprised. Then she squealed and hugged her foster-father as hard as possible. "That sounds brilliant! Thank you so much!" Magnus returned the hug with a smile. "Yes, I expect that you will find this Christmas somewhat different from any you've previously experienced."

His next stop was the Gryffindor table where he spoke to the twins. "I know that your family will probably wish to celebrate Christmas as a family but as you took part in capturing Pettigrew, our family would like it if you would spend Christmas Day with us. I have already sent a letter to your parents about it. Padfoot and Moony are very excited about meeting the pair of Gryffs who are the new resident pranksters in Hogwarts." Fred and George were over the moon at this wonderful news and their delight was so great that they began to dance a spirited jig on the table; thankfully, most of the students were finished with breakfast by that point.

Magnus was looking very pleased by this point as he made his last stop at the Slytherin table. He hugged Harry and winked at those sitting near his nephew, causing Pansy, Draco and Theo to become excited as well. "I hope to see you all soon. Harry, take care and please remember that we are only an owl away." Harry returned the embrace with a delighted blush. Yes, he was definitely looking forward to the winter holidays this year. Not only would he be surrounded by friends and family but he would be away from the Headmaster's presence. What could be better than that?

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