Listening to some songs and story popped in my head! Am doing it in years! Enjoy please.

Don't own Hey Arnold or Hopelessly devoted to you (from Grease awesome movie)

9 years old

Helga G. Pataki stood in front of the mic wearing her usual pink dress with the white inner shirt, hair in pigtails with her pink bow and looked around at the crowd in the café. She closed her eyes as the music began to play, grabbing the mic firmly in her hand, the pain, and hurt tangling in with all the other emotions she felt as her mind reviewed the past week's events, pouring out in this song:

Guess mine is not the first heartbroken

My eyes are not the first to cry

I'm not the first to know there's just no getting over you

Her heart broke every time she saw, them walking hand and hand down the hall, feeding each other lunch and sneaking pecks of kisses on the playground. Arnold with Lila!

You know am just a fool who's willing to sit around and wait for you

But baby, can't you see, there's nothing else for me to do

Am hopelessly devoted to you

Flashback on, the nights spend crying in her pillow, the brokenhearted poems she wrote, her destroying her shrine of him, clutching tightly to her locket and asking why?

But now there's nowhere to hide

Since you pushed my love aside, I'm not in my head

Hopelessly devoted to you

FTI incident she thought he would at try to understand her. She knew he knew it wasn't a heat of the moment. She thought as they was becoming friends that, he was feeling something for her.

Hopelessly devoted to you

Hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying fool, forget him

My heart is saying don't let go, hold on to the end

That's what I intended to do

She tries every day, to forget him, to break the hold he had over her, her head was staying firm but her heart just wouldn't let go. She just couldn't stop loving him, and she knew that she really didn't want to stop, no matter how much her brain argues, her heart still won.

I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's no where to hide

Since you push my love aside

She feels expose, hurt, tired, she can't run anymore.

I'm not in my head

Hopelessly devoted to you

Hopelessly devoted to you

Hopelessly devoted to you

But she knows in his time of need, she will be there, to help him, show him how much she loves him, and that she's still devoted to him.