Hellsing A to Z

Chapter 1- A is for Assault

Disclaimer- I do not own Hellsing! (Now that that's out of the way...)

Hello everyone!

I decided to make a new Hellsing ficlets with little blurbs on the alphabet, Hellsing style. I hope it's not too horrible. I will end up posting one each week or multiples each week depending on how I feel.

This little chunk in A features Alucard and Seras Victoria. (Also lovingly known as the Police Girl.)



The blood was everywhere. Alucard threw back his head and laughed. "Marvelous!" Alucard's voice called out to the scrambling ghouls around him. He pointed his Casull at them, and grinned. "Ah! The bloodshed! What a glorious night!

He fired his gun, the bullets ripping the enemies apart. Seras stood awkwardly; adjusting her skirt which she felt was too small for her. "M…Master?" Alucard didn't listen; he was too engrossed in the carnage that fell around him. He continued his macabre dance.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" He exclaimed. "Give me MORE TO KILL!" He threw up his hands as his shadows shot out around him, grabbing and ripping apart the stragglers.

Seras sighed. "Master... I think they're all dead now… Err, re-dead anyway." She placed a hand over her dead heart and frowned.

"Police Girl… Why don't you drink the blood?" Alucard seemed to float over to her, his eyes were glowing a dull red. Seras suppressed a shudder. "Creepy."

"I think you got them all master." She replied, ignoring her master's question to her.

"You never answered my question police girl. Why don't you drink? You will grow weak and become a shell of what you are." He narrowed his eyes and Seras could feel the power roll off of him in waves. She looked toward the ground, avoiding his eye contact.

"I…I don't know master. I feel that if I drink the blood, something inside me would change." She meekly replied. Alucard's glowing eyes narrowed and he turned around and started to walk away from the battlefield.

"Let's go Police Girl." Seras started to run after him. "Wait master! You're going to fast!"

They faded into the distance. "You're just too slow, Police Girl."