Hellsing A to Z

Chapter H- Hell



He was dreaming again. It always started with him. "You'll never have her!" Van Hellsing shouted as he shoved a steak through Alucard's heart. He fell to the ground as the rain poured down around them. Van Hellsing breathed heavily, blood dripping down from his temple where Alucard had hit him earlier. "Your kingdom is gone; your subjects have been killed. She will never return to you!"

Alucard cried out in anguish as he felt himself fading away. The last thing he saw was Van Hellsing's triumphant smile at conquering the beast at last.

Alucard woke after his nightmare. He placed one trembling hand over his face. Closing his blood red eyes he reveled in the darkness. Alucard laughed and pulled away his hand from his face, the once white glove stained red from his bloody tears. He laughed and laughed and laughed, his laughter echoing throughout the basement of the Hellsing mansion. One would have to wonder if he was insane after all.

Getting up out of his chair, Alucard took one sip of the blood from the glass before growling and throwing it against the wall in his bedroom and watched with a sort of satisfaction as it shattered upon impact, the blood splattering across the wall. A sick sense of despair rushed over him as he recalled the past. "My own, personal hell." He thought, as tears continued to drip down his face as he imagined his kingdom burning down around him as Van Hellsing carved the seals into Alucard's flesh. He growled, but then as soon as the anger and sadness came, it left. Images of Integra filled his mind and he smiled. She would provide a worthy distraction from his haunting thoughts and memories. He chuckled darkly as he faded from his room, the remaining blood forgotten.

His hell might be his past, but his future looked a little brighter when Integra was in it.

-A little bit of Alucard and Integra fluff if you squint near the end.—

Hope you guys liked it at least a little bit.