Okay so I lied, it is now a two shot! But I couldn't just leave it like it was it needed a little something to round it off *laughs* This is still quite short and just a bit of fun and fluffiness between Byakuya and Ichigo, the morning after the night before so to speak :) Enjoy!

Chapter Two:

Ichigo yawned widely, waking up most contentedly if not with a slight ache in his lower back; he sat up slowly and glanced around at the other form in the bed, smiling slightly as he looked at the peaceful face of Kuchiki Byakuya. The nobleman's hair was sprayed out on his pillow like a lion's mane and his innocent expression made him seem so much younger than he was. Love bites littered his neck and shoulders from the previous night's activities and there were small finger shaped bruises on his chest and wrists from their battles for dominance.

The strawberry slipped out of the bed, stretching hugely before he slinked into the bathroom and slid the door shut behind him; glancing in the mirror as he saw similar markings all over his body, arms; legs; hips... Byakuya could be rough when he wanted to be. They had thoroughly explored each other last night, taking it in turns over who would be in control and enjoying every second of it.

He climbed into the two man shower and switched the water on, sighing calmly as he began to bathe and clean himself of sweat and bodily fluids from his sleep; the smell of cherry filled the room as he squeezed a generous amount of shampoo into his hand and lathered it in his hair. It appeared Byakuya's fondness for cherry blossom was more of an obsession, as every product for washing was that flavour or scent. He didn't mind, it was fresh and sweet, and it explained why the man smelled so damn good all the time.

When he had finished he dried himself off and went back into the bedroom, pausing as he saw the noble was awake as well, sitting up as though in some foul temper which abated as soon as they laid eyes on each other, "I thought you had gone." Byakuya admitted.

"Nah, just washing... Water's hot by the way." He smiled and went in search of his clothes.

Ichigo was slightly spooked out when he discovered that his uniform was freshly washed, dried, and ironed on a side counter of Byakuya's bedroom, though he realised he shouldn't have been as he had heard rumours that the Kuchiki staff were some of the most efficient in Seireitei. Though it did make him shiver to think that someone had come into the room while they were sleeping to remove their clothes. It was a good job they hadn't come in while they were still awake or they would have had a shock!

He had just finished dressing when he heard the bathroom door open again and Byakuya exited, wearing little more than a towel around his waist... Lowly around his waist at that, giving him a eyeful of taut muscular abdomen and hips. A groan slithered from his mouth before he turned away and hid his flushed face.

"You can't still be embarrassed after everything that happened last night surely?" Byakuya asked as he moved closer, resting a hand on the other's back.

"I... Am just a bit hot." He replied stiffly.

"Then maybe you should strip back off hm?" the nobleman chuckled and moved away to sit on the end of his bed, "Where does it leave us?"

Ichigo turned slowly and sighed, walking over and sitting beside him, "Well... I like you, a lot, I respect you and I think you are a great guy, I'd like to see more of you than what I already have."

"I... Feel the same way. Perhaps I could take you out for breakfast?" the raven haired man asked.

"That sounds very nice," he agreed, "Why do you sound so nervous though? You've courted before haven't you?"

"I... Have only courted one other person and that was a long time ago, and... I do not feel the same way about you as I did about them. I cared for them deeply but for you I... I don't know... It is stronger if I may so bold as to say so." Byakuya ran a hand through his slightly wet hair.

Ichigo leaned over and gave him a tender kiss, "Be as bold as you like with me."

A while later, the two were sat across from each other at a booth in a breakfast bar in Rukongai, they were wearing casual clothing as neither of them were on duty and were talking in depth about politics, friendships and past relationships.

"Like you, I've only ever 'courted' one other person and that was when I was twelve, slightly different to what we are doing now," Ichigo laughed, "There was a girl in my class who I really liked so I took her to the movies... But then I found out I didn't really like girls in that way and the whole thing went to pot!"

"How could you not realise before hand?" Byakuya asked curiously.

He shrugged, "Because I was young and had never really thought about it, but when I took her out it just felt awkward and difficult... I didn't feel comfortable with her at all. So I pretended to go to the loo and never went back. I was a cowardly child."

"I find that hard to believe, you are so brave and outlandish now."

"Hey! I am not outlandish!" he protested, throwing a piece of bread at him.

"Oh no, because you are never centre of attention, you wouldn't storm a city full of people stronger than you just to rescue one friend would you?" he smirked slightly, "Besides I meant it in a good way, you are bold and unafraid to be yourself. I had hidden for far too long, afraid of what others would think of me. It was foolish."

Ichigo shook his head, "You are a proud man, people's opinions are always going to matter to you."

"Not at the moment they don't. I feel oddly content to just sit here and have breakfast with you, I think we both worked for it as well." He actually winked at him.

Ichigo stared for a moment and his cheeks pinked slightly as he swallowed a mouthful of food, "So what... Are we courting?"

Byakuya considered it for a moment and shrugged, "Why not? Sure we jumped to getting in bed before the actual courting bit but no one is perfect eh?" he laughed.

"I've not heard you laugh so much before you know..."

"I don't normally have a reason to laugh." He said honestly, "You bright out a more careless side in me."

"Oh no, don't blame me!" he chuckled, "I am not getting the blame when the Old Man asks why you are smiling in a meeting!"

"I can contain myself, just about." He smirked.

"Tch, you didn't last night."

"We were alone last night." The noble pointed out, "I didn't have to hold back."

Ichigo watched him as he finished eating and smiled slightly before he reached over and brushed the back of his hand with his fingers, looking up into his eyes shyly, almost concerned about what he would see. When he saw a almost heartbreaking smile he felt his own heart stutter and he let out a small sigh.

"I have wanted you for so long... I can hardly believe you felt the same way about me as well." The strawberry murmured.

"Same back to you, I was tryin to fight it, telling myself it was wrong and inappropriate but you bright out that bad side in me." He gave him a crooked smile which melted Ichigo to jelly.

"Oh boy... Now I am having mental images... Don't suppose you have the stamina to go this early the morning after the night before do you?" he smirked.

Byakuya quirked an eyebrow at him, "Are you trying to suggest something?"

"Mm... Maybe that you are too old to compete with a young man like me..." he teased.

The noble slammed some money on the table and stood up, "I'll race you back to the mansion." He stated.

Ichigo thought he was joking, but when the noble grinned at him and disappeared in a flash of Shunpo he realised he wasn't, and took off after him with all the speed he could muster.