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"No, no, honey, not in your mouth!" yelped Kurt, gently taking the envelope he'd carelessly left on the coffee table out of the toddler's grasp as he balanced the cordless phone between his ear and shoulder. He wiped the letter on his trousers with only a slight wince, offering a small brown plastic cow to the whimpering toddler.

"Hello?" came the female voice from the receiver.

"Hi, Carole, it's me," replied Kurt, adopting a cheerful voice.

"Hey, Kurt! What can I do for you?"

"I'm really sorry, Carole, but what are you doing this evening?" Kurt bit his lip.

"I'm free as a bird," assured Carole.

"Would you be able to look after Matthew for a couple of hours? They've asked if I can do a late shift and I'd love you forever and ever if you could!"

"Of course, Kurt. I'm not going to give up an opportunity to bond with my grandson," chuckled Carole.

"You're a lifesaver," sighed Kurt. "Could I drop him off at about five?"

"Of course," agreed Carole. They quickly discussed food and sleep for the toddler before Kurt had to hurriedly hang up because Matthew had made a mess in his nappy and was then trying to pull it off.

With a sigh Kurt picked up the tiny boy and peeked into his nappy, when he saw something brown he reluctantly placed the toddler on the changing table. He undid the nappy and frowned. Lying inside Matthew's nappy was a small brown plastic cow.


"Thank you so much, I'm so grateful," babbled Kurt as he handed over his son to his father and stepmother.

"It's no trouble," said Carole with a smile, balancing Matthew on her hip. "I've set up the spare cot already, so don't worry about getting back late."

"Oh God, I still owe you for that cot," reminded Kurt, rubbing his temple.

"Oh no you don't, you silly man. I won't hear another word about it. Now go," she shooed him away with an amused smile.

"I-no-fine, we'll talk later," huffed Kurt. He pressed a kiss to Matthew's forehead, gently stroking his cheek. "See you later, Mattie." Before Matthew could start crying and convinced him to stay, Kurt turned back to the front door, car keys in hand.


When he came back it was nearly midnight, with drooping eyelids and a sauce stain on his white shirt. As he opened the door he heard the unrelenting wailing of his son. Carole was cradling the crying toddler on her lap, cooing soft words as the TV quietly played colourful cartoons. She turned around and spotted Kurt.

"Kurt, I'm sorry, he woke up crying and I couldn't get him back to sleep again," she said over the sobs.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry, Carole," Kurt apologised, moving to sit next to the pair, reaching out for Matthew.

"Don't be silly," murmured Carole with a smile, handing over the toddler. As soon as Matthew was in his father's arms he instantly started to quieten, clutching to Kurt's stained shirt and whimpering softly.

"Hey there, shh," mumbled Kurt, circling his arms protectively around his son. "What have you been doing to poor Grandma, hmm?"

Matthew let go of Kurt's shirt with one tiny hand to point at Carole and say, "Mah!"

"Yes, that's Grandma. And you, young sir, have been rather noisy, haven't you?" Matthew looked up at him with big round watery eyes. He brought his hand back to rub at his eye with a small fist, scrunching up his face to yawn. "Okay, I think it's bed time for you," decided Kurt, standing up with Matthew on his hip. He turned back to Carole, "Thank you so much, I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

"It's really no trouble at all. Trust me, Finn was worse," chuckled Carole. With a small giggle Kurt turned and walked up the stairs to his old bedroom which now held a wooden cot.

When Kurt tried to put Matthew down into the small cot, the toddler would not let go, clutching to Kurt's shirt with a wild look in his eyes. "Dah!"

"Alright, alright," sighed Kurt. He turned instead to put Matthew down in his own bed, gently prising the little fists off his shirt before quickly changing into tracksuit bottoms and an old Beatles shirt. As he slid under the covers Matthew snuggled into his side and Kurt hugged him close, his fingers playing with the soft hair of the toddler.

Kurt was just drifting to sleep when Matthew uttered a loud, "Muh?", reaching up to pull at Kurt's ear.

"Go to sleep, Mattie," groaned Kurt.


Kurt hummed quietly, returning to stroke Matthew's hair. Soon enough both of them were snoring softly.


"Kurt, sweetie, wake up for a second." The kind voice just about registered in Kurt's mind.


"Do you have work today?"

Kurt blinked his eyes open to see Carole sitting on the edge of his bed. He realised she was waiting for an answer.

"Uh, no," he replied thickly, blinking against the morning light. "Where's Matthew?"

"He's downstairs with your father," reassured Carole. "You sleep for a bit longer." Kurt nodded and tucked his head back into the pillow.

When he next awoke it was to the smell of something delicious and, with stomach growling, Kurt decided to make his way downstairs. As he turned into the kitchen he saw Carole sliding a pancake on top of an already reasonable pile from a frying pan.

"Please tell me I can have one of those," moaned Kurt, sliding into one of the kitchen chairs.

"You can have all of these if you like," grinned Carole, picking up the plate and setting it down in front of the young adult.

"Well...maybe not all of them...I can't let myself go..." hesitated Kurt. Ten minutes later he was sitting in front of an empty plate.

"Ugh, Carole. These are so much better than the ones at the Diner. You should be working there, not me!" He chuckled, rubbing his tummy.

"How's that going, by the way? Apart from the ridiculous shifts?"

"Ugh," groaned Kurt, tempted to throw his forehead to the table. "It's tacky and verging on claustrophobic and I swear all the grease is ruining my skin and the uniform style seriously needs revising."

"Oh, sweetie," comforted Carole, taking away his dirty plate and stroking his bed hair from his forehead. "It'll get better."

"Maybe," sighed Kurt. Before more could be said, Matthew crawled into the kitchen, pushing a small firetruck in one hand.

"Dah!" he exclaimed in excitement when he saw Kurt. He crawled over to the chair and plonked backwards onto his bottom before holding both arms up to his father. Kurt couldn't help smiling, reaching down to pick up Matthew under his armpits and place him on his lap. "Dah!" he squealed again.

"Has he actually said Daddy yet?" asked a bright-eyed Burt from the doorway.

"Not yet, that's as close as it gets," replied Kurt, smiling at his own father before turning to his son. "Can you say 'Daddy'? Say 'Daddy', Matthew. 'Dah-Dee'."

"Dah!" repeated Matthew before mumbling in some form of baby language, consisting of mainly vowels.

"I remember your first word, Kurt," chuckled Burt, joining his son and wife at the kitchen table.

"What was it, again?" asked Carole with curiosity.

"Shoe." The three adults laughed, Matthew joining in with a happy gurgle.

"How predictable of me," sighed Kurt with an amused smile, pressing a kiss into Matthew's hair.


Later that afternoon, with Matthew strapped into his baby seat and his boot laden with tupperware boxes filled with assorted goodies courtesy of Carole, Kurt started his car. He waved goodbye to his parents as he drove out of the drive, mouthing one last 'thank you' as he went.

He didn't often need to enlist the help of his stepmother to look after Matthew. In the mornings he would take Matthew to playgroup, then go to work, working through his lunch time shift in order to get back in time to pick Matthew up. But the previous night his boss had rung him and explained they desperately needed someone to take the evening shift, and also, Kurt reasoned, he did need the money.

Kurt glanced in the center mirror to see Matthew fast asleep, his head lolled to one side and rested on the side of his seat. Kurt smiled fondly. The small boy meant so much to him.

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