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Changed Perspectives: The Potions Master Part: 1

Harry and Draco were settling into their dorm, helping each other unpack their well-stocked trunks and generally being glad that there were only two beds to a dorm. The rest of the Slytherin population seemed to be rather surly. Draco was an expert at filling wardrobes, he thusly insisted on being allowed to put their clothes away and so Harry let him, choosing himself to organize the desks and bookshelves that they had been provided.

As he stored sheaves of parchment and spare quills, he listened to Draco's mutterings about shoes needing polish and socks needing mending. He gave the ink bottles their own drawer as many of them did not have an Unbreakable charm on them and it seemed a pity to ruin so much parchment. Harry stocked their bookshelves with their First Year required books and then the number of alternative books that each of them had brought along. For nearly every holiday since learning to read, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had gifted him with books from both the Muggle and Magical worlds—his ignorance was as much a ruse as Ron's kindness. He had brought almost everything, not knowing what he would need.

Draco's book collection was equally interesting. There were several books on international Wizarding Law and a few on exotic magical creatures. The books that interested Harry were historical pieces on culture and fashion through each age of their world. Draco had marked several pages on fashion in the time of the Founders and had apparently been working on a few sketches of each of them. So Harry really wasn't all that surprised when the rest of Draco's books were art related and from the Muggle world.

"I wouldn't have pegged you for art Draco. But now that I think about it, it just makes sense," Harry said and moved to help Draco with the extra blankets that both had brought. Draco's was large and knit and bore his family crest; Harry's was crocheted and had patterns of autumn leaves on it, a gift from his Mother to Aunt Petunia. His Aunt had given it to him for his 5th birthday and he'd never slept without it since.

"Everyone has to have a hobby. Mine just happens to be historically accurate art. I can only sketch so far though; I haven't come close to learning how to paint. My Mother says that my Father was good at it though, so maybe I will be someday. Don't you have a hobby Harry?" Draco asked as they both flopped down in a couch that sat in the corner of their room, obviously a quiet place to relax and be away from House mates. Slytherin students were known after all for their solitary natures.

"Potions is one of them. Aunt Petunia says that my Mom was a whizz at Potions and Charms. But I think for fun really, I like to write. Just little stories, but it helps to have something to do on days when I am too tired and weak to get out of bed," Harry said and stretched his arms above his head. His back cracked loudly and Draco offered him a quick back rub to help relieve the strain that putting away all of their books had put on him. Harry agreed and soon declared Draco's hands to be made of relief and magic.

A knock sounded at the door and both boys scrambled to their feet, they had forgotten about room inspection. Professor Snape's head poked in through the door, he was willing to come back if they weren't ready, but Harry and Draco waved him in.

"You boys work quickly," their Head of House said with a small smile. He checked their desks and shelves, wardrobes and trunks. Of course he was checking for contraband as much as poor organizational skills. Everything checked out until he started to inspect their school books for any concealed items, a frown creased his face when he was paging through Harry's Potions book.

"S…Sir?" Harry asked curiously. He hoped that the Professor wouldn't be mad that he had added his own notes and thoughts on some of the Potions. It was never lightly that he marked up a school book, but with all of his research he had found some changes to be necessary.

"Mr. Potter, is this book second hand?" Professor Snape asked at last, his brow furrowed and confusion written over his face as he ran a finger over the altered recipes and muttered the changes to himself.

"No sir, Professor. I…I apologize for making notations. It was just…I've been learning about Potions for a few years now. There were a few things that I changed to conserve ingredients and lessen the brewing time…" Harry was bright red and his hands were clasped behind his back, but he had not dropped his gaze. He couldn't quite tell what the Professor was thinking or feeling, but he trusted the man.

"No apology necessary Mr. Potter. We are very glad to have you here in Slytherin; after all, the great Salazar himself was a Potions Master. I was merely noting that you had made some of the same notations that I myself had made at your age. You also made a few that I didn't notice until later. You show great promise. Perhaps you can teach my Godson the proper way to hold a knife. All of his skill is with the quill, isn't it Draco?" Professor Snape said after a moment and it was Draco's turn to go red.

"I am sorry sir, my Mother doesn't really believe in letting children around a cauldron, or in the kitchen. But," and here he went to his desk and pulled out a sheaf of papers, "I did draw those visual ingredient charts that you were talking about," Draco said and offered the papers to the Professor. After looking at a few the older man smiled brightly and clapped Draco gently on the shoulder.

"These are wonderful Draco. I may just use them in class. You two are Bunk mates so I will be pairing you up in class; I trust you will be on time tomorrow. And boys, five points each for promptness and tidiness, I am very proud," Professor Snape said with a bigger smile and swept silently out of the room. Once he was gone they both dropped down to the couch again and sighed with relief.

"Your Godfather?" Harry said it with a smile.

"Yeah, he's actually pretty fun. I know he wishes that I was gifted in some area magically, but he has always been proud of my drawing. And I'm not like not talented, I actually understand the theory really well, but since I have never been allowed to practice, I don't know if I will be any good," Draco said summoning his charms text from the shelf with a shy grin. He spent the next few minutes teaching Harry the charm explaining that Hermione had demonstrated it for him on the train.

"This is pretty useful. Oh, well damn, I wanted to ask Professor Snape about this letter. I totally forgot. Maybe tomorrow. But I wanted to know the why behind all of it. Why should I hate you and whose agent is Hermione?" Harry said and Draco's hypnotic grey eyes peeked over the top of his text book.

"Because we all know things that can help you to grow stronger. My Mother is a healer; if I bring you home on the holidays then she can begin to undo your condition. Hermione is not so much an agent but she knows things that Dumbledore won't want her to tell you. Her parents were contacted by your rightful Godparents and she has been asked to keep an eye out for things that might require their attention. Obviously Dumbledore doesn't want you to be friends with her because she could tell your Godparents about you. And you didn't ask but I will tell you anyway, Neville has a Limiter Wand because he was born just a few hours before you. Both of you have magic that comes from the same set of star alignments and moon stages, if his magic wasn't Limited it could recharge yours after just a few days," Draco said, the words tumbling out of him as though he had hated to hold on to them.

Harry just stared. He was slowly processing the things that he had just been told and was trying not to cry. So many things could, perhaps would be different for him just because of the friendships he had forged. And the one he had ignored. The Dursleys had never treated him badly, so he knew that they would have mentioned Godfathers if he had them. So it stood to reason that Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon didn't quite know what was going on. As soon as Hedwig brought his new glasses he would send them a letter telling them everything that had happened. Of course he was also excited to tell Dudley about the friends that he had made and to find out if the kids at Smelting's were any nicer to the larger boy than they had been in public school.

"Draco, I…thanks for being my friend. Even though everything seemed to be working against us, and we didn't quite get on well at the Robe Shop. I'm really glad that I have all of you. I don't think that I would be in a very good place if I was stuck being friends with Ron," Harry admitted, he was still fighting tears off and wishing that Aunt Petunia was there to give him a hug.

Draco did not speak, but he closed his book and rose from the couch. It didn't bother Harry, Dudley couldn't watch anyone cry or else he would cry too, so he was used to it. But when he felt his Mother's blankets draped around his shoulders and Draco sat close by, hugging him tightly, he knew that Draco would always be there for him. The tears didn't want to stop, because the confusion and hurt did not want to stop. How could Dumbledore, whom everyone seemed to admire so much, be so cruel to him? Harry couldn't honestly be blamed for something that had happened when he was a baby and yet he was and it was affecting the people that he had befriended even before they were his friends. None of it seemed fair.

"Harry, I will never stop being your friend. Nor will any of the others. At the start of the train ride, the Weasley twins found us and they told us your story, that much brought us all together, that's true. But Harry, you are a very easy person to be friends with, you are kind and you are generous and you just exude this aura that makes people want to be your friend. Personally, I don't care what ideas Dumbledore has for you, I plan on you being my friend. I also want to apologize, that day in Diagon Alley was the anniversary of my Father's death, he died before I was born and my Mother always gets upset so I do too. I can be a bit of a brat when I am upset," Draco said calmly and kept holding onto the other boy until sobs turned to whimpers and eventually stopped.

It was almost lights out anyway so Draco helped the almost sleeping boy into the bed he had claimed and crawled into his own. Luckily they had already been ready for bed beforehand; it was uncomfortable sleeping in school robes.

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