Disclaimer: Rory's job takes her to North Carolina, and her first assignment is to interview one injured soldier. She walks into that army base expecting to get her first story, but that's not all she gets, right? This is a Trory! :)

Luck was really not on her side today. It was her first day on the job, and she was going to interview this soldier who had just finished his tour in Afghanistan. She was supposed to get up earlier than usual, get dressed in her new suit, the one that her grandmother insisted on buying her when she discovered that Rory was starting at the Herald-Sun, in Durham, North Carolina, in two weeks. Or, more precisely, today. She was supposed to be ready much earlier, and dressed really professionally, and she was supposed to arrive at the office at a much more convenient time.

Instead, she was just about now getting out of bed, heart in her throat, after almost dying of fright when her phone biped the message she had just received. Thank God for Lane and her habit of wishing good luck in all of her first day's of work.

But no, not today. It really looked like today was not going to be her lucky day. Today would be the day that her clock decided he wouldn't cooperate and purr on time, making her late. Sure, leave it to Lorelai to give the present that was going to be the downfall of her career. Damn, she wasn't supposed to be thinking about Lorelai today. Or home. Because if she started thinking about home today of all days, she wasn't going to make it.

It´s been eight years. Eight years since her first job outside of home. Eight years since she packed her bags to follow Obama's campaign trail, and started living her adult life. Sure, after the campaign was over, after almost two years, she took a nice and long vacation back home, before sorting through the various job offers she received. She spent almost a month with her mother, and then went to DC, to work for the Washington Post. After all, the political articles she wrote for Hugo were the best part of her portfolio. It was a really nice start for a reporter, to do the political beat at the Washington Post.

She was really proud of her accomplishments. She was almost thirty years old, had a nice job, and a great family. Sure, she had to leave her last boyfriend in DC when she got the job in North Carolina, but it was not a very serious relationship, and they parted ways friendly. To be fair, Jake was more like a really good friend than a boyfriend. But it was easy, and he was a nice guy, and after her last relationship, it was all she could take. She just hoped that they could still be friends, with the distance and all, because she would really miss him.

She spent the best part of the last six years in DC, writing for the post, and doing some freelancer work for Hugo, and for whatever paper that wanted to pick up her articles. She met Jake at the newspaper office, as he was the photographer assigned to her most of the time when she was working. And he usually reviewed her articles when she would submit them for some freelancer work.

It was thanks to Hugo and Logan – yes, that's right, Logan, that the New York Times had picked up some of her best articles. And it was one of those articles, her best piece until today, that landed her this new job, as a international correspondent for the Herald-Sun.

She just couldn't get over the fact that Logan was the one who sent that article to a buddy, who just happened to work for the New York Times. Or that they were somewhat friends now, after running into each other on three or four really awkward society functions, that her grandparents guilt-tripped her into going. Well, not really friends per se, but two people who could be in the same room – or sometimes the same table, and be able to make small talk, or talk about the past without her ending up crying in the bathroom floor. He even met Jake, as he was the one to accompany her to one or two of that functions, and no blood was shed in that event. It was a surprise, but they actually got along just fine. If nothing else, her feelings for Logan were long gone, as well as his feelings for her, she was sure, and that made it easier for the two of them get along. But that was really the truth about her relationship with Logan nowadays: polite conversation when alone, small talk when in the middle of friends, a facebook friendship, two articles in the Times and a letter of recommendation, which led her to her new job in North Carolina.

It was almost like a dream come true: she really got the job of her dreams. Sure, being in North Carolina, so far away from home, with no one she really knew was not what she pictured when she thought about being a International Correspondent. But right now, all she could think about was that she was glad she had this new job, the one she worked most of her life for, even if she really missed home and was late for her first day. And she really hated being late for anything, especially an interview.

Her first interview on her first day at her new job as a International Correspondent. But more than being late, she really hated being late and unprepared for her first interview. She didn't even know the name of the soldier she was going to interview today, all she knew is that he was injured while on duty, and after weeks of surgical interventions, he was flown back to the States, with a medal of honor and a honorable discharge.

For the first time in her entire life, she got ready and was out the door in less than fifteen minutes. Jake would be proud, he was always teasing her about the time she needed to get ready to go to work. Now, all she had to do was getting to the Harold-Sun on time. At least she had made her research before arriving in North Carolina with more baggage than she could carry.

Thanks to her grandparents she had a nice little house in a good neighborhood, only a short walk from the newspaper's office. She really didn't know how her grandmother did it, but in less than two weeks she had a home, completely furnished with all she could think she'd ever need, a new car and all of her clothes in one place: her new bedroom. But, really, she didn't expect anything less from one Emily Gilmore.

And she couldn't wait for the holidays, when she was sure that her grandparents, her mother and Luke would be visiting her, and finally get to know her new home. She would even try and convince Jake to come down with them. Her mother really liked Jake, especially now that we were more friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Even her grandparents were fond of Jake, but she was sure it was because grandma knew his mother's sister from the D.A.R.

But as close as her house was to the paper, today was not a day for a short walk. First because she wasn't wearing sensible shoes. No one in their right-mind would want to take a brisk walk in heels, even if it was going to be only a 20 minutes walk. And second, because she didn't want to run. She was already late, and not in the mood to drive.

So, she took a cab to the Herald-Sun's office, got her directives, a stack of papers and went to the army base located in Raleigh, with enough time to read about her assignment. She had around half an hour to get to the North Carolina Army National Guard, where she would be interviewing one Sergeant Ryan Greene.