Disclaimer: Rory's job takes her to North Carolina, and her first assignment is to interview one injured soldier. She walks into that army base expecting to get her first story, but that's not all she gets, right? This is a Trory! :)

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"I can't believe you convinced me to do that!" Tristan said, coming out of their bedroom at Lorelai's house, adjusting his tie.

"Well, you try saying no to her." Rory answered from the kitchen. She had just finished getting dressed, and she was making some coffee. She would need a lot of coffee to get through this night. She was exhausted. They had just came back from their honeymoon that morning after spending a week in Thailand.

"She's your grandmother, you know." He said, coming behind her, taking the coffee mug from her hand, and putting it back on the table, before starting to nuzzle her neck. He didn't want her to burn herself with the hot beverage while he kissed her senseless. Rory let out a soft moan, leaned into him, closed her eyes, and gave into the feeling of his soft lips on her neck.

Rory turned around, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss, and Tristan seized the moment to haul her up on the table, and pulled her even closer to him. They would most definitely be late for the party, but he didn't care. Since she walked out the bedroom wearing that pale blue gown, with the white lace accents, that hugged her body perfectly and highlighted the soft tan she was sporting from their honeymoon, the only thing he could think about was taking the dress off and having his way with her. He couldn't get enough of her.

"Wow, and here I thought that after a week in one of the most romantic hotels in Thailand you two would be tired of doing this." Lorelai said, walking in on them. The two of them were slow to separate themselves. Tristan helped Rory get off the table, arrogantly pleased with the glazed look he could see in her eyes, and her rumpled dress. He closed his eyes, and tried to get his body under control. He was, after all, at his mother-in-law's place.

"Come on, oh daughter of mine, let's retouch your make-up and straighten you dress. And you, try to keep your hands to yourself for a while..." Lorelai smirked, looking directly at Tristan, and dragged Rory into the living room.

Tristan sighed, and took the time to straighten his appearance too. He adjusted his tie, and used his fingers to fix his hair, attempting to feel comfortable in his suit. Damn, he hated wearing suits. He was really dreading this damn party.

He looked at the time, and decided to call Justin to see if they were ready to go. Jake had offered his apartment for Justin to stay in, as he was practically living with Juliet anyway. Jake and Justin had become really good friends after that barbeque, because Justin could see just how much Jake loved Rory, and how happy he was that Rory and Tristan were together.

They all knew that Jake was thinking about proposing to Juliet, and Tristan was curious to know if he had gotten around to it. He smiled, as he dialed the phone, thinking about the hell that Juliet would put him through after she said yes. Hartford weddings weren't known for their simplicity. He was happy that Rory hadn't wanted a big society wedding, with months of waiting and planning, and all that jazz. He could do without this party, sure, but it was better than the alternative. Tristan knew that Jake would not be so lucky because Juliet's family would never go for the small, intimate wedding. He dialed the now familiar number, and waited for someone to pick up.

"Jake's apartment." Justin answered politely.

"Hey Meyer, it's me. Are you guys ready?" Tristan asked, directly to the point, as always. "We are already running a little late."

"We're just about ready. How are you doing, man?" Justin asked, knowing how Tristan felt about this party. They had talked about it when Justin asked if Tristan's parents would like to stay at the house for the wedding, only to hear that they were not coming. Justin knew that the relationship between Tristan and his parents was not great, but he couldn't understand how someone could miss their own son's wedding. Tristan just shrugged it off, and gave Justin a roundabout answer, saying that it was just the way things were between them.

Tristan hadn't seen his parents since that dinner at the Gilmore's. He didn't even know whether or not they were pleased that he was married to Emily and Richard Gilmore's granddaughter, and truthfully, he didn't really care. He was also dreading seeing most of Hartford Society again. This would be the first time, apart from that little soiree with Rory's friends from Yale that Jake hosted when he moved to Stamford, that he would see most of the people from his past.

After he was sent to North Carolina, he had lost contact with most of his fellow Chilton colleagues, and he couldn't remember most of them. He had few friends, and fewer close ones that bothered to stay in contact. He guessed that most of them didn't even know he was a US Army Captain nowadays. Sure, there had been some articles about him and his work on several papers, and a few interviews, but those were not the kind of articles or interviews that the Hartford Society paid attention. And Tristan knew that Justin knew that, and that Justin was worried about him.

"I'm okay." Tristan said, and they were both silent for a few seconds. "I just wish this night was over and done with. I left this world a long time ago, and I have no desire to be back here. I'm just doing this for Rory."

"Well, it was sweet of her grandparents to throw you two a wedding party." Justin said. He knew that it was going to be a difficult night for Tristan, and he hoped that Tristan's parents would not go thought the trouble of attending the party. He was glad that he was invited, because that way, he and Jake could keep an eye on him, in case Tristan's parents decided to make an appearance. Plus, he was curious to meet Cameron's brother and his friends, and to have a glimpse of Tristan's old life. He wished he could understand how these high society families worked, but none of what Jake or Rory told him made any sense, and trying to place Tristan in this environment was almost impossible to him.

"Well, it was the only way that they'd agree to the small wedding that we wanted. There was no way out of it. And well, Rory would do almost anything to please them, which is a concept that I'm not at all used to... Well, let's get it over with, shall we? We'll pick you up on the way to Hartford, right?" Tristan asked, changing the subject.

"Sure man, I'm about ready. See you in 30 minutes?" Justin asked. "I'm sure that's enough time for Jake and Juliet to be ready too."

"30 minutes. I'll see you, Justin." Tristan said and hung up. He took a deep breath, and went into the living room to see if Rory and Lorelai were ready to go.

They arrived at the party with time to spare. As usual, Emily Gilmore was driving everyone crazy with the preparations for the party. The house was beautifully decorated, with blue and white flowers everywhere, and of course the candlesticks were fifteen inches apart. She had really gone all out for her granddaughter's wedding party. Most of Hartford Society was invited, obviously, and she had a reputation to live up to, after all you don't see a Gilmore-DuGrey wedding everyday, two very prominent names in Connecticut.

They were the first to arrive, but the party was soon in full swing. Rory and Tristan managed to spend most the night with big smiles plastered on their faces, despite their desire to just go home and enjoy a quiet evening together, and neither Justin or Jake had to run interference for them. To everyone's surprise, Tristan's parents made their appearance, toasted the newlyweds, and left right after that: they didn't even talk to Rory and Tristan at all.

Finn spotted Justin right away, and made his way to the table where he sat with Jake and Juliet, waiting for Rory and Tristan to finish making rounds, and thanking people for coming. Colin, Logan and Cameron were right behind him..

"Hey, Meyer. How are you mate? I should have known you'd be here." Finn greeted him warmly. He was very found of Justin, after all he did when Cameron was in trouble. They would email each other quite often, but that was the first time that Finn saw him after New York.

"Hey, Cam, look who's here!" Finn told his brother, when the three of them finally joined them at the table.

"Lieutenant Meyer, always a pleasure!" Cameron said, encasing Justin in a man-hug. "How are you, man? Are the others here too?" He asked, thinking about the rest of the team. He had come to know them pretty well after they had saved his life.

"No, Dylan is running the unit from Raleigh, in Tristan's and mine absence. Aaron, Kent and Andrew are in the middle of a war exercise, and Dylan is overseeing them." Justin told him.

"Andrew?" Cameron asked. He didn't remember anyone named Andrew from that Rescue Mission.

"He's the new guy." Justin answered, and looked over Cameron's shoulder, at the two guys that were looking like they were waiting for an introduction. He surmised that the blonde one was Rory's ex-boyfriend, and the other one must be one of their friends. He remember that there were three of them, from the stories that Rory used to tell.

"Are you guys joining us? There's plenty at room at the table." Justin asked, politely. "I'm Justin, by the way. Justin Meyer. You must be Rory's friends from Connecticut."

"Meyer, these are my best friends, Logan Huntzberger and Colin McRae. Guys, this is Justin." Finn made the introductions. He could see from the look in Justin's eyes that he knew exactly who Logan was, and about his efforts to get under Tristan's skin at Jake's party. He hoped that Logan would be on his best behavior tonight. He knew that his friend was over Rory, but it was bound to be awkward being at your ex-girlfriend's wedding party, especially when said ex-girlfriend rejected your marriage proposal. But it looked liked both Justin and Finn were worried for nothing.

The guys spent some time chatting, even after Rory and Tristan joined them. They laughed a lot, and Tristan actually enjoyed listening to some of Rory's stories from Yale. Both Justin and Tristan were hard pressed to believe that Rory actually jumped from a scaffold, when Juliet told the story about how Rory managed to be invited to a Life and Death Brigade event, and Finn was forced to show them the pictures he had on his phone from that stunt to prove them that Rory really did it. They were all astonished to see that Finn had managed to keep those pictures for so long.

And Tristan almost fell of his chair from laughing when Finn and Colin were recounting another stunt they did, where Logan and Colin were fake-fighting for Rory's attention in the middle of her class, and Finn appeared dressed like a policeman. Rory was, of course, mortified, but she couldn't deny it was funny. Jake also had a few stories about their time in Washington to tell them too, but they were not as outrageous as the ones from Yale. They spent most of the night laughing and reminiscing, and Justin was surprised to see Logan and Tristan getting along nicely.

Logan was the first to spot Juliet's engagement ring, and they all decided to celebrate Jake and Juliet engagement as well as Rory and Tristan wedding. They were both content to share the spotlight, and there was enough champagne to toast both a wedding and an engagement.

It was close to two in the morning before they decided to call it a night. They had a lot of fun, more so than they expected. Tristan tried to look for Justin before they went home, but he was unable to find him. He then remembered that he had seen Justin flirting with one of Jake's friends from the paper, and thought that maybe he just got lucky. Rory and Tristan said their goodbyes to their friends and family and went home to Stars Hollow. They decided they could look for Justin tomorrow. After all, the man was in the army, he could take care of himself. Right now, they just wanted to go home and fall asleep in each others' arms.