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Chapter 16

The holidays soon came to an end, with their timetable being received Jane, Maura, Charlie and Olivia had school three times a week then had work experience twice a week. It was Seven in morning when Jane knocked on Maura's door yawning, a second later it opened.

"Morning Jane, tired by any chance?" Maura said grabbing her back on sliding on her heels to match her knee length red dress and black jacket.

"Tuh yeah I'm shattered, didn't get much sleep last night" Jane responded taking Maura's hand in hers and pulling her in for a kiss before walking to her car and opening the door for Maura.

"What were you thinking about" Maura asked as Jane climbed into the drivers seat.

"Who to say was thinking about anything" Jane said starting the engine.

"Jane Clementine Rizzoli, I know you too well." Maura said with a grin

"You have to use my full name don't you, I wasn't really thinking about anything. Well, just...just us that's all. Nothing to worry about Maur, plus I'm not used to getting up at six in the morning" Jane said yawning again

"Well you might want to get used to it if you really want to be a cop Jane. SO, what about us."



"Fine, we've been together how long now, what? Five weeks?" Jane half asked

"About that yeah"

"Well I was just wondering, Ma thinks I need to stand on my own two feet, which means moving out."

"Jane your more than welcome to come and live with me"

"Wait what?" Jane asked shocked and confused

"That is what you were going to ask weren't it"

"Yeah...but now quite like that...are you sure?" Jane asked

"I'm sure."

Smiling at eachother they soon arrived at BPD.

At lunch Jane and Maura were sat in the division one cafe when there leader came walking in.

"Hello ladies, you having a good time so far" Cavanaugh asked

"Yeah thanks Sir" Jane responded with a smile

"Good" He walked up to the counter and Jane and Maura followed his movement, and stopped when they saw Angela working there.

"What the hell is my mother doing here" Jane asked shocked

"I have no idea, I didn't know she worked, especially here."

"Neither did I, no wonder why she was up and outta the house so early this morning" Jane stood up and walked over to her with Maura.


Angela turned around and smiled at her daughter and Maura

"Hello, Janie, you want a coffee" Angela asked sweetly

"No, I have one thanks, since when did you work here" Jane asked placing her hands on the counter

"Since today, now if you don't mind I have work to be doing"

Turning away she headed into the kitchen and Jane and Maura sat back down

"This should be good" Jane mumbled


It soon became five o'clock and Jane and Maura headed home. Maura said to Jane to grab her things that she would need for the week, and then go round hers later and at the weekend they would get the rest of Jane's things. Once packed Jane grabbed her ruck sack and said goodbye to Angela, Tommy and Frankie then jumped in her car and headed to Maura's up Beacon Hills.

Knocking on her door Maura opened the door and pulled her in for a kiss, Jane kicked the door shut and rapped her arms around Maura's waist.

"Hey Babe"

"Welcome home"

"Feels so good to hear that Maura" Jane said kissing Maura again before placing her back in Maura's room and helping her with dinner. After they had eaten Maura turned her Ipod on and placed it on the Ipod dock. Her playlist played and Jane just smiled before beginning to dance with Maura.

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