As Vexx entered the Shadowrealm, Yabu was waiting for him. Yabu held out his arms and a horde of Shadowcreeps went after the tiny fighter. Vexx rolled his eyes and started killing them off fast. Yabu sent a fireball at Vexx and hit him but once before he used the fireballs against him. The next fireball was deflected and sent right into a Shadowcreep. Yabu snarled and sent more. Vexx barely managed to avoid them, but he did. Mostly. One hit him one good time, singing his hair. Vexx looked at a tip of his hair that was on fire. He licked his forefinger and pressed it between his forefinger and thumb and it went out with a fizz. Yabu sent more Shadowcreeps at Vexx, who was putting out a small fire that had caught on his tunic. Thanks, I look better in black. Vexx smirked as the Shadowcreeps went to dog-pile him. They tackled him and started tearing up his skin.

Vexx let out a cry of pain and ripped the monsters off of him in agitation. He sent a large Talon blast at Yabu. The Shadowcreeps disappeared and Yabu flew to a ring elsewhere. Vexx walked into the ring and saw Yabu's body attached to a giant insect's abdomen. Yabu let out an evil laugh. He charged at Vexx and sent one of his sharp legs into Vexx's arm. He pulled back and held his arm. This meant war. Vexx shot a Talon blast, but it hardly fazed him. Yabu repeated his earlier procedure, but this time, Vexx jumped out of the way as Yabu went to grab him. He kicked his face hard. Yabu grabbed his face and let out a loud groan. Vexx knocked him over and saw a shining jewel on Yabu's buggy crotch. Vexx smirked and hit it. Yabu let out another painful growl. Yabu got up and looked angrily at Vexx.

Yabu sent a large fireball at Vexx. The tiny warrior quickly reflected it back at the evil Shadowraith, sending the column that he was on crumbling beneath his evil feet. The ground beneath Vexx crumbled, too. The miniscule fighter quickly moved to solid ground. He didn't know how he could beat Yabu and live at the same time. He knew that the Shadowrealm couldn't exist without Yabu. No Yabu meant no Shadowrealm. As if he read his mind, Yabu let out an evil laugh.

"There's no way you can defeat me without letting yourself get killed, too!" Vexx growled and sent a Talon blast at Yabu. He panted, trying to think of a way to get out of this fight alive. Then, it dawned on him: He couldn't win the battle unless he was willing to let himself die. The evil sorcerer sent another blast at the distracted hero. Vexx didn't expect it and took the hit head-on. He fell on his back and held his gut. "Feeling weak? Maybe you should sit down!" Yabu grabbed a piece of a column that had been broken off and threw it at Vexx. He fell back as he heard something crack in his stomach and held his gut.

Vexx got up, enraged and holding back his pain, and sent a large Talon blast at Yabu's column, knocking Yabu off. Vexx charged at Yabu with the Talons ready to be sent into Yabu's evil heart and jumped in the air. Yabu got up and elbowed Vexx in the face. He groaned, positive that his nose had been broken and even more positive that if it wasn't, it sure as hell was bleeding and hurting like hell. Vexx still stood his ground and wasn't backing down. I won't let him get the best of me! Vexx mentally rallied. Personally, he thought it was pathetic to rally one's own self, but Dark Yabu had enslaved all the Valdani of his village, tricked Vexx into doing the dirty work for him, and worst of all, killed Vexx's grandfather, Vargas, before his own eyes. Vexx had no intention of letting Yabu get away with all of the evil he had done.

Yabu sent another fireball at Vexx. With all of the strength he could muster, Vexx balled up his fist and reflected it back at Yabu. The Shadowraith opened his evil eyes wide as the fireball hit him once more. "No, I can't die! Not to a twerp like you! I will be back!" He started melting into the ground, dying. Vexx watched with a satisfied grin on his face and his middle finger up at Yabu as his body started disappearing. All that was left of Yabu at the end was the amulet that held Vargas's essence in it. Vexx grabbed it and put it on his neck.

The Shadowrealm started to shake. Columns that were left started to pop out of existence. Vexx quickly grabbed the Key Staff and headed for the portal. Vexx ran as the ground crumbled before him. He stumbled over his own two feet. When he got up, he ran towards the portal, but the columns toppled over and crushed what remained of the ground, making the jump too far for him to make. He grabbed the Key Staff, pulled his arm as far back as he could and thrust the Staff into the portal, saving his home.

Reia, back at the Rift, saw the Staff come through the portal. She looked around as the dark skies turned blue and the grass returned to its natural glory. As the Staff went through, the ground crumbled beneath him, sending him plummeting down. I suppose you think he died, well think again. He held on to the edge of the now-formed cliff, and used what he had left of his might to climb up. When he stood on his feet, Shadowcreeps surrounded him. The thought of another fight made his spirit a little more powerful. He growled as he slashed at the group.