He shoved him down, watching with a small amount of sadistic glee as his head whacked off of the table, falling to the carpet. He watched with a fluttering heart as a few droplets of blood oozed from the wound, a single hand flying up to push against it.

Towering form glowering down at him, the younger man cringed and scuffled back. "Stop it." He said, voice unsteady but still trying to maintain a calm and direct tone. The red head ignored his command, kneeling down and straddling his hips.

Pinning his hands above his head, a single porcelien hand trailed its way down, stopping at the hem of his shorts. The blonde whimpered, azure eyes glistening with an unexplainable emotion as he glared into Sasori's copper eyes. His lightly colored hair was spread out around them both, draping partially over his shoulders and sprawled out onto the carpet.

Sasori gazed down at his boyfriend, watching with mild interest as he turned and twisted his hands, trying to break free. He watched as those big, blue eyes bore into his, hate and distrust lingering in them for a moment before it dissapated into a more confused and cautious look.

Deidara bit the inside of his cheek, wriggling his hips a bit, "Sasori..." He trailed off, giving him that, 'I'm really not up for this,' look. Ignoring it and him, Sasori's hand ghosted south, palming the softness contained by his boxers and shorts alone.

Fighting back a short gasp resulting from his boyfriend's sudden actions, the blonde boy made a face at him, trying not to blush as he could feel himself growing hard.

Leaning down, the redhead captured his lips in a stomach-flipping kiss. It was brief, ending with a small nip of Deidara's bottom lip before he moved away and directed his attention to his neck; Kissing and sucking against the tanned skin.

Eyes closing as he enjoyed the moment, Deidara realized that, while he was brutal, rough and uncaring, he didn't want Sasori to stop. He didn't both to surpress the moan that escaped his lips when said scorpion reached down his pants to gently fondle him.

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