Continued on from Chapter 1

"Haha." Jo laughed as she looked over at Adam.

"You laugh?" he asked her curiously.

"Everyone laughs dummy." Jo said looking at him weirdly.

"Never heard you laugh before." He replied before walking off to deal with one of his patients.

"Ok I'm back." Steve said joining Gabby and Jo.

"Hmm I would ask what you were up to but I'm pretty sure I don't want to know." Jo said standing up and putting the files away.

"Mike is wondering where we are." Steve said as they headed towards the elevator.


"Where have you two been?" Mike asked as they walked through the door.

"I was downstairs talking to Gabby and helping her look through patient files." Jo said truthfully. "Steve here was off with Claire."

"I….Uh. Yeah that's true." Steve said sitting down.

"Mmhmm. Your off the hook Steve, but if it happens again I will be having a word with you." Mike said as he sat down at his desk.

"Deal. Now when we got of the elevator and I told you to fend for yourself. What did you say?" he asked as they both started on some more paperwork.

"I said you were a prick. And Gabby agreed with me." Jo said looking at him.

"Thanks Jo," he said turning back to his paperwork.

Later that day.

"Come on you two, meet Adam down at the garage. Call out." Mike said sending them on their way.

Two hours later.

"Well that's was different." Jo said as they all walked through the door.

"What was?" Mike asked as he looked up from his financial report.

"We ran into and old friend of ours." Steve said setting down his medi-pack.

"Who?" he asked as Jo and Adam sat down as well.

"Do you remember Cate?" he asked carefully.

"Yeah. Is she coming back or something?" Mike asked cautiously.

"Yeah actually. Wants to set up a meeting with you about joining the MRU permanently." Steve said as Cate walked through the door.

"Long time no see Vlasek." She said as she sat down in Jo's chair.

"Yeah nice to see you as well. So what did you want to ask me about?" Mike asked as he returned his gaze back to his computer.

"MRU. I wanna join." She said.

"Yeah okay. But first you have to go through some training with our one and only Jo Matheson." Mike said looking over towards his best paramedic.

"Who?" Cate asked following his gaze.

"This is Jo and Adam. Adam is our backup doctor." Mike said pointing to him.

"He's cute." Cate said smiling at him.

"Don't think about mate." Jo growled under her breath.

"And that's Jo. Wherever she went." Mike said looking around.

"She went outside." Adam said going after her.


"Hey, are you okay?" Adam asked sitting next to Jo.

"I don't like her." Jo said looking up at him.

"Yeah, I don't like her either. Do you want to know who I really like?" he said looking down at her.

"Who?" she asked curiously.

"You. Always you." He replied honestly.

"Serious?" she asked.

"Serious. Want me to prove it?" Adam asked.

She nodded.

"Okay then." He said before leaning down and kissing her.


"Jo you have a phone call?" Steve called interrupting the moment between the two.

"Who is it?" she asked coming through the door with Adam right behind her.

"Someone from Glebe Public School." He replied as he handed her the phone.

"Hello? Yeah I'm on my way right now. Thank you." Jo said before hanging up and running into the change rooms to grab her car keys, wallet and phone out of her locker.

"I'll be back soon guys. Gotta go pick up my little sister from school." She said before running out of the door. Adam hot on her heels.