I am Ashley Paisley. I am turning sixteen in six hours. I am a blond, (a smart one at that), with sun kissed skin and green eyes. In the past six hours I have been dragged into "Faerie land" from the "Mortal world". I was brought here by my best friend Chip his real name is Charles. I am currently walking in the Wyldwood. At night. Oh joy!

"Chip w...what's that?" I pointed at a pair of beady eyes watching us from the inside of a bush.

"Oh, that? That would just be a blood sucking goblin. "At this news I shrieked and pressed my face into his shirt. I vowed to myself never EVER to go back into the woods EVER again. He stroked my hair until I calmed down. When I pulled away, he was smirking. Smirking! I see nothing funny about this!

"When we get outta here I am soooooooooo killing you!" He chuckled silently chuckled and I opened my eyes, wide. "What? It's not funny!" I whacked his shoulder with the back of my hand.

I walked away and after a while noticed that chip wasn't following me anymore .I turned in a full circle. Where is he? I started panicking. I heard my voice waver abit just a bit.

"Chip? Chip? Chip?" I spun around. "CHIP?"

"Shut up, would ya? You'll attract some unwanted attention."

"Chip!", I threw my arms around his neck and squeezed really hard ( partly because I was happy to see him and partly for scaring me). Then I poked him in the ribs to make a point and that's when I noticed he had changed clothes. I backed up a bit, "w...what happened to your clo...", he cut me off.

"I changed."

"Why? If I may ask."

"I figured Mab would be pissed if I came wearing jeans and a T-Shirt."


"My queen, your mother."

"My mother? Chip my mom is Patricia Paisley and she's at home right about now!"


"And I'm NOT a glittery, pink, air headed, princess!"

"Okay, okay, touchy. I was just hintin' at your life. Ya know, mom, siblings..." Did he say siblings? Interesting.

"I have sisters? How old are they? What do they look like? Will they let me braid their hair? Ohmygosh we're gonna have lots of fun!"

"Slowwwwww dowwwwn. Ya have three brothers."

"Oh." Brothers. Whoop dee do. Immaturity here I come. I wonder how many times I'm gonna yell "shut up!" or "leave me alone!" or most likely "GO AWAY!". The goblin scuttled around behind us. It hid in a bush and then ran to another one. I swung my head in Chip's direction. "It's following us."

"I know."

I got so infuriated with the creature that I whirled around. I glared at it and rose my voice with every syllable that came out of my mouth. "Back off! Leave us alone! You are NEVER GOING TO EAT US!" The area around us got colder and an icicle shot out of my hand and hit a tree. The goblin ran off and I turned to Chip. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! How are you so calm? An icicle just shot out of my HAND!

"I know, that's normal."

"HOW?" All he did was laugh and say "You'll see." I'll see? How on EARTH was that normal?"

"You'll understand eventually.