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I shrieked as a bleeding bunny hopped out of the bushes, falling onto my foot. "The poor creature. It's suffering." I picked it up and bandaged its wound. It wiggled its nose at me. "Hey, guys, I think he likes me. I'm going to name you Mr. Fluffels and I'm going to take great care of you."

"Ashley, he won't make it through the night." Ash sat next to me, the only light of the fire making the shadows dance on his face and legs. I glared at him but decided against acknowledging his comment.

"We've been out here for months. Do you really think I'll find my father?" Over the few months of being out in the Wyldwood, Ash had taught me a little bit about fighting and using a sword, we had gone hunting, and we had gotten back to that strong bond we used to have. Chip and I had started getting serious and didn't mind the fact that we might have to marry. He had told me that he wouldn't force me to do anything on our wedding night and that he'd always protect me. Isn't he just perfect? We were now in the outskirts of the Summer court. My fiancé was asleep behind the log I was sitting on.

"I do." A feminine voice answered. What the heck? Did Ash just talk in a girl's voice? I raised an eyebrow at Ash but he was standing, sword drawn. "Calm yourself, ice prince. Besides, it would not be smart to pick a fight with me in my own lands. You're a long way from home." A woman's figure dressed in a tan hooded cloak came out of the shadows.

"Hello, Ashley. I know exactly what you will find on this adventure. Some things might shock you." Neon green converse peeked out the bottom of her cloak. "I can help you find your father. I live a few yards away from him."

"Nice shoes." I grinned. It was the first human thing I'd seen in ages.

"Yeah." She pushed down the hood and I gasped. She looked almost exactly like me. But different. Curly cinnamon hair cascaded down to her waist and choppy bangs were plastered to her forehead from the rain that had ended not twenty minutes ago. She had jade green eyes with olive flecks. Her skin, also olive, had little golden freckles running along the bridge of her nose and the tops of her cheeks. She smiled warmly at me, creating a dimple in her left cheek. "I've been waiting for you to come to me for so many years. I've really missed you." She gave me a hug.

"Hey, what's going on?" Chip's groggy voice came from behind me.

"Of course. Charles. My future brother in law." She let me out of her arms and walked over to him. Her future WHAT now?!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back it up, girly. You mean to say he's going to marry your sister?" I crossed my arms. "Who are you anyways?"

"Tallia Ivan." She curtsied.

"And who is this sister of yours?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Ashley Ivan." she smiled.

"Ha. Guess you're attracted to Ashleys." I looked at Chip. He shrugged. "How do you know me?"

"I am..." she hesitated "A seer. I have been mainly focusing on your life. You're my mission. Do you want to find your father or not?" She turned around.


"Well, follow me, doll faces." She began to walk away. We picked up our things and put out the fire, following the mysterious Tallia.

~/hours later\~

"I bet that sister of hers is a real pain in the heiny." I grumbled. Chip chuckled and took my hand in his. We had taken a rest stop and sat on a bunch of random logs.

"I'm sure she is."

"Do you want to know who that sister is?" She sat on the log next to me.

"Sure." I feigned cheeriness. She gave me a thick wooden bracelet with intricate carvings, showing me an identical one on her wrist.

"She's you." She kept her voice low. I looked up at her. "Every daughter has one of these. When we all have it..." she trailed off.

"The carvings glow." I didn't know how I knew this but I did. I slipped on the bracelet and watched as the carvings glowed a pale blue that was just a bit darker than Ash's sword.

"I'm glad you're home, lil' sis." She grinned.

"Wait just a minute," Ash glared at her.

"You're still my older brother." I rolled my eyes at Ash and turned to look at Tallia. "Mab's your mom too, then? What happened?"

"Mab is not your mother. Delancy Ivan is."

"What?!" Chip and I both burst out at the same time. "I'm not - He's not - Ash - Mab - Rowan - Mother - WHAT?" I sputtered.

"Come on. That's enough rest time, I believe. We are very close now." She pulled me away from the log, Ash and Chip following us close behind.

"Can I ask you a question?" I mumbled, still in a complete state of shock.

"Yes." she smiled.

"Can you tell me the story?" I looked down at my feet. I heard a whoop and then a shriek. I froze and looked back at the guys. Tallia smiled and Ash snarled. I had mixed feelings about what was coming our way.

"Maybe later." She looked towards the sound. A redhead and a blonde fell out of a tree, landing millimeters from my toes. I screamed and jumped back.

"Calm down, banshee. Jeeze..." The redhead's eyes fell on my wrist and he nudged the blonde in the ribs with his elbow. She looked up at me, still laughing. "We found her." The girl had a bracelet identical to Tallia's and mine.

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