Entwined Souls
By: Discord

A/N: What if Goku and ChiChi's souls were meant to be together forever, living out lifetimes throughout the ages? And what if their past lives were starting to impress upon their present one? An angel epic featuring G/CC.


* Part 1 - The First Dream *

//////The woman was running.

Her footsteps echoed off the stillness in the deserted alley and the sound of labored breathing and curses followed close at her back.

Blood dropped in puddles behind her as she fled and she clutched at her right shoulder, trying desperately to staunch the growing red stain over her wing.

Dying feathers floated to the ground as she ran and a heavy pair of boots trampled them a moment later. Her pursuer was gaining.

The shadows closed in around her and the woman stumbled for a moment as her vision blurred. The broken sandals at her feet twisted under her heels and she slowed, losing her balance.

A dark hand clamped down on her bloodied shoulder and she cried out at the hunter's grip.

"I've got you now my lady," his voice fell like a physical blow and the woman could hear his sneer through the darkness.

"You wouldn't dare kill a Celestial Warrior," she said imperiously, raising her chin and filling her voice with as much command and authority she could gather.

"No, you're right," he nodded. "But I know someone who will...." The hold on her shoulder tightened and the woman felt a blinding pain at the base of her neck as a saber handle slammed down on her.

And then all went black.\\\\\\

* * * * * *

ChiChi woke with a start and sat up in bed. Her heart was racing and a sheen of sweat glistened on her body in the moonlight. She took great gulps of air trying to catch her breath and cried out as a searing pain bloomed in her right shoulder.

"ChiChi?" A sleepy voice at her side asked.

"G-Goku...I...I'm...losing blood...." ChiChi felt like every word was an effort and she saw in the darkness the silhouette of her husband come up immediately.

"What? You're hurt?! Where?" A pair of worried black eyes looked over at her and ChiChi grimaced as the pain grew worse.

"M-My shoulder...." Her vision blurred for a moment and she swallowed down a sudden wave of nausea.

Goku's hand reached for her back and without a second thought, ripped open her pajama top. He ran his palms over both her shoulders and felt nothing but the rapid rise and fall of her breathing. No blood, no wound.

"ChiChi is it something wrong with the baby?" Goku reached for her rounded belly and his brows drew together in concern.

"Goku...I... AAAAAAAH!" She screamed and jerked forward, as if she'd been pushed or struck from behind. She fell into his chest and Goku caught her with strong arms.

"ChiChi?! ChiChi?!" He shook his wife and couldn't quite keep the fear from his voice as she remained limp and unresponsive. He put an ear to her chest and listened to the faint sound of her heartbeat. It thumped erratically and the Saiya-jin realized she had passed out.

"I'll call a doctor, just hold on." Goku kissed her forehead and then leaned over to the bedside, feeling for the phone in the darkness.


A/N: I think this is the shortest first chapter I've ever made for a fic 0_o. Please don't kill me guys...