Now then, its been a while since I've tried a young justice fic.

I've done some thinking and have figured out where I went wrong in that fic, so I will fix that

Also note, that I will generally disregard Season 2 plot points, unless I say otherwise, this includes character's ages and relationships

Now then, lets get to the good stuff, and see how one, simple change, can change the course of a story...

Mount Justice

"Red Tornado...stay with the kids" Batman, the black and gray caped crusader, instructed the red robot in a odd tone of voice as he turned to leave via zeta beams.

Recognized, Batman, 02

As Red Tornado began to approach the teenagers, they were currently in a telepathic conversation

'We need to go after Roy...Red Arrow' Kid Flash was insistent, 'We need to know the truth'

'But you heard Batman, he told us to stay put...he's got that robot here to make sure we do' Rocket sighed

'Batman called us kids...' Robin began, just as Red Tornado suddenly slapped something onto Aqualad's neck.

Aqualad froze up, as everyone else went on alert, suddenly armed, ready to attack Red Tornado...even if they knew that would likely fail like last time, Rocket or not.

'Guys...I'm not feeling Aqualad's mind' Megan said to them, all concerned

'And now...I'm getting a low psychic, magical reading off of Red, Kaldur...and come to think of it Batman too' Zatanna added, as Aqualad suddenly got a blank look on his face, and attacked them with Red.

'Mind control!' Robin realized, as Red blasted them with a vortex of red wind. The team dodging the attack, Rocket trapped Red in a blue bubble as he began to try and blow his way out futilely.

"Guys, I can't move if you want me to keep this up!"

Her concern was Aqualad, who was currently being subdued by Superboy, who had him on the ground.

Fail, Aqualad

However, Aqualad managed to tag Superboy on the leg

"CONNER, NO!" Megan yelled, mentally and out loud.

Superboy, however, just frowned "What was that?" before mentally yelling 'Zatanna, now!'

"Niartser Dalauqa dna Der Odanrot!"

Bindings shot up around Aqualad and Red Tornado, binding them up like bugs on a spider's web.

"What just happened, why did Red Tornado attack us, what happened with Aqualad?" Kid Flash demanded as Robin examined Red Tornado, then Aqualad, before pulling out...

"Those are the bio chips we nabbed off my sister" Artemis said in shock.

"Not quite..." Robin frowned as he examined them closer "One is, the rest have a different bio-technical structure..."Zatanna, a container?"

Miss Magic nodded "Eruces reniatnoc!" a metal case formed on the ground, with several vials inside. Placing the chips from Red Tornado and Aqualad inside, Superboy frowned

"So, what now Robin?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"Because, you were always sort of the second in command, behind Aqualad" Kid Flash explained "It seems like at least two of the league have gone nuts, probably more of them..."

Robin was silent for a moment "Evacuate the cave immediately, Bio Ship. Bring everything of importance"

"So...that's Sphere, Wolf and the Souvenirs?"

15 minutes later

Recognized, Black Canary, 13, Captain Marvel, 15, Dr. Fate, 17, Icon, 20

More of the mentally controlled Justice League zeta beamed into the cave, to see Red Tornado and Aqualad bound, and the cave empty.

Recognized, Lex Luthor, A05, Ocean Master, A07, Brain A08

Three members of The Light, the bald Lex, the fishy armored Ocean Master, and the wheeled brain jar called Brain, with his Gorilla assistant Monsieur Mallah, who did not need a number being an animal, zeta'd into the cave after their Justice League Puppets.

"Blast it...where are they?" Lex Luthor demanded as Ocean Master approached the bound body of Aqualad, and shearing the binds off with his trident, had Aqualad bow to him.

The would be king of the seas is a prideful person, after all. Somehow, seeing his enemy's, and brother's, little lackey bow to him amused him to no end.

"Lord Ocean Master, I apologize for my failure"

"It is of no matter, Kaldur'ahm, tell me what happened"

"After being brought under the Light's glorious control by Red Tornado, we attempted to take the rest of the children. However, Red Tornado was restrained by Rocket, while I was held down by Superboy. For some reason, the Starro Tech did not work on him. Zatanna bound us magically, and they escaped of Miss Martian's bio ship, with the sphere, the wolf, and all of Kid Flash's souvenirs"

Mallah seemed annoyed he could not get his hat back

"Wait, that's impossible, the Starro Tech worked on Superman, it would work on me...there is no way that my son should have been immune. Not even if the martian female mentally rewrote him as soon as the chip was implanted, could he have escaped our grasp"

"Patience, Lex Luthor" Brain said in a french accent, as some sort of USB (Placed rather...disturbingly on the robot) came out as the brain plugged himself into...well what would be Red Tornado's mouth.

The Gorilla looked jealous, as Ocean Master and Lex Luthor looked ill.

"It appears...that the robot has been, installed a program...of passive resistance"

"Passive resistance" Lex Luthor did not look at the robot who looked like he was making Red Tornado give him a blow job

"He did not grab just Starro Tech, of which he only took two. He also grabbed, parts from Project Next Gen."

"He did what!" Lex Luthor was not amused

"It matters not...when Batman and company are back from their, excursion, we shall implement the proper control measures. Now then" he ejected himself from Red Tornado as the disgusting USB like drive was put away, as he wheeled himself away "Come, Aqualad, Red shall join the Justice League Light"

2 Hours later Bat Cave New York City

"This, is...Awesome!" Kid Flash was having a fanboy moment as most of the team was exploring the dark, high tech cave.

"Don't, touch, anything! I'm the only one, beside Batman, able to access the Batcaves. No Zeta beams in any of them. This should buy us some time"

"Wait, how many Batcaves are there?" Zatanna asked, generally curious. She and Megan were helping him try to figure out the bio chips, both kinds, with Zatanna's magic and Megan being an alien from an advanced society.

Robin sighed "Perhaps I'm just inspired by Superboy, Megan and Artemis, perhaps its because we all need to know this" he had Megan have this transmitted mentally to the others as well "There's a batcave with every office of Wayne Tech"

"Wait...Batman's Bruce Wayne!" Rocket said in surprise


Meanwhile, far away in another Galaxy, Batman suddenly flinched,

"...Name's Dick the way"

"What sort of name is Dick anyway?" Superboy asked

"Now then...ignoring my name, lets see what the computer has to say?" Robin, having already hacked the computer, placed a sample of each type of chip into the computer, as the computer buzzed to life

"Processing...Processing...Analysis complete"

"Wow, that was fast..."

"What do you expect KF, Wayne Tech's the best there is" Robin smirked as the data began to come out

" understand all of that?" Artemis asked

"I do...the tech's obviously alien in origin...but both have an energy source that is similar in nature to that of the energy around Zatara or Zatanna"

"So, magic?" Miss Martian commented

"Yeah...sure" Kid Flash drawled "Anyway, tech one seems to possess a sort of neurological, mental affecting capability...working on Atlantean, Robot, and likely humans and probably..."

"Aliens...are you saying..." Superboy asked

"That the entire Justice League is likely under the control of Lex Luthor, Queen Bee and whoever they are working with" Robin frowned "Its a definite possibility"

"So, what's the second one than...seeing as I don't feel like I'm controlled or me I know what it feels like"

Robin frowned "That's the problem. The second kind of chips seem to be activated by a certain chemical in the body, the sort that cause emotions like happiness, sadness..."

"So, I need to feel someway to figure out what they do?"

"Pretty much. Though, as the chips lack a magical signature, and have no sort of transmission, inactive like the Bio Chips one is unless it infects someone, its not a control type chip...though what it is alludes me"

The two chips ejected from the bat computer like floppy disks, as Robin replaced them into their vials in the container.

"We are going to need help..." Miss Martian said "Experts in science and magic, who might be able to..."

While she was talking, Robin was again clicking at the Batcomputer

"That might be a problem" Robin had managed to get a reading on all signals relating to the Bio Chips, and with the Batcomputer's signal masking tech, it could not be detected that he was hacking the list of controlled

The list, which included the entire Justice League, Aqualad, now had Queen Mera and other important Atlantean figures, and a quickly growing list of the greatest minds of the human world and various presidents and leaders.

"They are good" Robin scowled "They're going for everyone that we could go to for help. The entire world is falling under their control...we're the last hope"

Warning, Justice League Members Hawkman, Captain Atom, Green Lantern 1 within city limits

Robin quickly burst out of the Batchair "Everyone get in the Bio-ship...take the Hudson water escape route where the Batboat is. If operatives of the League of Shadows are shown working with Luthor and Bee, its likely Ra's al Ghul is as well. He knows Batman's secret I.D, its too much of a risk to remain here"

Now then, two challenges for the readers, that sort of influence the story

Challenge 20; The New League

Why go to so much trouble to infiltrate a bunch of sidekicks, if you already had a plan to dispose of the Justice League? In this Young Justice challenge, the Light manages to either

A; Destroy the Justice League

B; Control the Justice League as their discreet puppets

However, the team manages to avoid the lightification, and organizes an underground movement to stop the light, and either avenge or save their mentors, depending on which option you take.

1; The current seven begin to recruit aid from several young heroes; Captain Marvel (Who was not there at the time...for some kiddy reason), and at least two of the following; Static, Arisa the Green Lantern, Wonder Girl (1 or 2), Rocket, Kid Devil, Blue Beetle, Bunker, Solstice, Supergirl, Garth, Tula, Red Arrow or Batgirl (Barbara)

2; You must include a practical, young justice League to oppose the light, including young heroes who have or have not appeared as of yet, who must have a reasonable excuse as to why they are not being controlled like their mentors if option B is chosen

3; The mole must still exist, but unless Miss Martian is shown to be the mole in the show, she cannot be the mole

4; Romance is encouraged

5; Slash is discouraged

6; The world at large must see the young heroes as rouges (As manipulated by the light)

Have fun with it...

Challenge 21; The Anti Lagoon Boy league

Okay, what is up with Greg wrecking Supermartian. Seeing as those two can still work together, we can assume they didn't break up for some big reason.

Like abuse, intolerance, or some reason that would really give the relationship a real reason to die take down a romance that you spent an entire season building

Anyway, only two girls can have Superboy...the Martian and the Demigod, aka Megan and Cassie

1; Superboy must be paired with either Megan or Cassie

2; Paired with both of them is acceptable

3; Bash Lagoon Boy, kill him and cook his slowly on a spit or something!

4; other than this, do whatever you want to everyone else