A/N: Plot bunnies threatened to kill me if I didn't write this. I didn't really think that the storyline fit in with the rest of what was happening in the school... And I find Trudi annoying at the best of times... for some reason, however, I felt she was shown in a cold light in that episode, and I don't think her thoughts have been explored much. I'm rambling. I'm going to shut up now and hope that you would be kind enough to read or at least review :) Please, enjoy

Why Me?

Trudi Siddiqui scowled at the computer screen in front of her. She'd forgotten the anniversary of her mother's death, on top of all that, that morning she'd found out she was pregnant. She was unintentionally pushing away the very people that could help her. But when she found herself in a situation she could not control, she found herself resorting to her defence mechanism of bottling everything up.

It wasn't Finn's fault she was stressing. She had no idea why she was even making him think he'd done something wrong. He had been patient with her, gentle, caring. He'd lost his girlfriend less than a year ago, so she knew there was a reason behind him being partially guarded himself. But she also felt he wasn't truly over Sam. Whenever she heard about the girl, nobody had a bad word to say about her. In all honesty, Trudi knew she was jealous. Jealous of the bond this girl clearly had with her friends, even Finn. She felt that in Finn's eyes she could never match up to Sambuca Kelly. But she never asked him.

Trudi looked up to see Madi walking into the student common room, and she quickly closed the search she was making on the computer and logged off as the young blonde smiled at her and said hello.

"Hey..." Trudi said, tucking her dark hair behind her ears.

Madi looked up as she sat down. "You alright?"

"Yeah just... just things on my mind that's all..." Trudi nodded, gave her a fake smile and she walked out before any more questions could be asked, and she walked straight into Tariq.

'Great... You are the last person I want to see.' she thought irritably, but she walked with her brother anyway, and lead him into an empty music classroom.

'No you stupid idiot I'm not on diet pills!' she screamed in her head, tears in her eyes now as her brother started ranting about Finn. "I'm not losing weight." she told him calmly.

"What is it then? Something's not right with you Trud!" Tariq said.

"I can't tell you..." Trudi said, her calm exterior wavering. 'This doesn't happen to people like me! You hear of this from girls not being careful! We were!'

"Why not?"

"If I do it means it's really happening." she said, starting to tremble a little, and she tried to calm her breathing.

Tariq looked confused.

"I don't want to be another statistic Tariq! This happens to girls too stupid to know any better!" Trudi could see it all coming together in his head. Finn was so dead...

Tariq reached out to her gently, raging inside, he needed to hear her say it so he could go rip that piece of scum limb from limb for even touching his sister. "I'm your brother. If you've got a problem, we can sort it, as a family."

'Tariq you can't...' she thought sadly. "I'm pregnant."

Tariq stared. And there it was. He dropped his hand from her arm. "I'm gonna kill him."

"Tariq please! Don't!" Trudi pleaded, only just keeping her resolve. She wasn't going to cry. Not here. She was too proud. "He doesn't know!"

"Why were you so stupid?" he ranted, looking like he wanted to kill Finn there and then if he laid eyes on the boy.

"We weren't.. we were just.. I'm gonna sort it. I'm not ready for this." Trudi said.

"You're gonna get rid of it?"

"He doesn't need to know..."

Tariq looked at his sister for a moment. It wasn't like her. She wasn't usually so...cold toward situations like this. How often had he heard her shouting through the corridors about giving everyone a voice. Wasn't this taking Finn's voice away from him? Regardless of what he thought of Finn and how much he wanted to kill him, Tariq didn't think this was fair on him. But that didn't stop him from saying; "Well then I'll be there with you."