Why Me?

"Trudi he saved me." Nas said, watching as her sister worked through final pieces of coursework.

"You two still haven't told me exactly what's happened." Their father put in as he walked into the kitchen to see his two girls at the table.

"It's nothing, dad it's just Finn and Tariq being completely stupid as usual, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them ended up dead before the school year's out." Trudi said before Naseem could say a word.

The older man just said nothing else on it, knowing better than to say anything when Trudi was in a mood to snap anyone's head off regardless who they were. David Cameron could be standing there and she wouldn't be afraid to rip him to pieces. "Well I'm off to do some food shopping. Anything you two want?"

"No I'm alright." Trudi said, calmer this time.

"Yeah so am I." Naseem said, smiling.

"Right. Be good, and try and keep your brother out of trouble." He kissed them both on the head and exited the room, grabbing his car keys on the way out.

"Yeah like that's possible." Trudi muttered. "Finn tried to kill you Nas. Regardless of whether he pulled you out or not, he got involved with those stupid gangs which shows he's just as immature as Tariq." she said, finishing up her English coursework and placed it in her folder, looking for the next thing to finish up.

"What's this?" Naseem asked, picking up a piece of paper.

"Nothing." Trudi said, snatching it back, folded it and put it in her jacket pocket.

Naseem bit her lip and got up, walking out the room.

Trudi froze for a moment, sighed heavily and stood up, following her. "I'm sorry... If I show you, promise not to say anything to anyone?"

Naseem nodded, looking at her.

Trudi walked out into the hall way, looking out of the front door window to see if Tariq was outside, then she sat on the stairs, pulling the piece of paper back from her pocket as her sister joined her on the stairs. "Here..." she said, using her all of her willpower not to start shaking. Her inner-most thoughts and feelings about her lost baby were on that page.

Naseem took the paper from her and carefully unfolded it, and started to read it. By the time she was finished, she was crying and she hugged her sister.

Trudi hugged back. "I might not talk much. But writing it all down seems to be helping me..." she said softly.

Naseem nodded. "Well... whatever helps for you... if if you do need to talk I'm here."

"I know." Trudi smiled a little, taking the paper from her and folded it back up again. 'Not a day goes by where I don't think about you... I would have been carrying you for about... 6 weeks now.' she thought as she watched her sister walk past her up the stairs to the bathroom to clean herself up. Trudi stood and walked into the kitchen and started to put her coursework away.

She picked up her folder and walked through to the hallway, heading up the stairs when she saw Tariq and Kyle walk in through the door. "What's he doing here?"

"Chill Truds we're not stayin' long. Where's dad?"

"Gone out." Trudi said and stormed up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door shut.

"What's up with her?" Kyle asked.

"Dunno mate she's been weird since last week." Tariq shrugged, walking into the living room and grabbing the laptop from under the coffee table.

"We order it today, it'll be with us by the last day of term." Kyle smirked. "This time Sharkey's gonna get what's coming to him."

All Tariq could think was that this was a really bad idea.