Jack's POV

Sally and I are now currently on our honeymoon. We so far have gone to Paris and Hawaii. Those places were amazing, but we decided to come home and relax more there. We promised the other holiday leaders to visit them on our honeymoon. At first we were unsure if we should leave Halloween Town, but Dr. Finkelstein made sure everything would be alright. To our surprise when we came home. My house was remodeled!

It was beautiful! I mean everything was so unique and inspiring. Sally picked up a letter on the table and it was from everyone including all of the holiday leaders. This was there way of showing us there thanks for everything. I looked to Sally who I saw smiling and I smiled back. I picked her up into my arms and carried her around the house.

Everything was perfect for us newlyweds. I carried her to the bed room and everything was amazing. We even had a balcony. I put Sally down and we walked outside on the balcony. It was gorgeous outside. The moon was full and the stars were incredible. I looked over to Sally and did she look amazing. The moon's glow was shining on her. She looked at me and blushed and then looked at the stars.

"I have to say I'm really glad I have my memories back. They were special to me, every one of them," Sally spoke.

"Me too, but with, or without your memories I would have loved you either way," I said wrapping my arms around her small waist.

"What do you want to do now?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I stared into her beautiful eyes. She was my wife and dearest friend. I'd love her till the end of time. I was glad we could finally be together. I kissed her and felt the warmth of her lips on mine. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I gently put her down on the bed while still kissing her and I wrapped my arms around her.

Our kisses became fierce. Our kisses weren't so sweet anymore, but more of a hungry for each other. It was just like before when we almost . . . Suddenly I stopped and got off of Sally. She looked confused.

"I'm sorry Sally, I think I went too far," I apologized.

"Jack, there's nothing to be sorry about. We're married now; it's ok to do stuff like this. Besides I'm ready . . ." She explained.

I looked back at her and she gave me a reassuring look. I sat beside her and I took both her hands and place on my boney cheek.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure Jack," She replied.

I kissed her hand and then her soft neck and then her lips and again we continued to kiss. Soon our clothes were on the ground. That tonight we embraced each other for the first time and we didn't feel ashamed, or embarrassed. We just felt happy that we got to be together. As we slept together the night began to change into morning.

The next day I woke up and beside me was my wonderful wife still holding my hand. I saw her open her eyes and smile. I kissed the top of her hand.

"Good morning my love," I greeted.

"Good morning darling," She replied.

We laid there for a moment and stared into each other's eyes. It was like we were in a whole other world together. It was like nothing else mattered. However, we had to get out of bed eventually. We got up and I saw her blush a little when she saw me, since we were both undressed.

"I'm a little embarrassed," She spoke.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You're beautiful and I will love you no matter what," I said leaning in and kissing her.

We got dressed and then made some breakfast. We still were on our honeymoon so we mostly spent the day resting. We continued to explore our new house and found a garden within the house. It was magnificent! There was a small pond with a bench in front of it and the rest of the room was full of rose bushes. We sat at the bench and cuddled next to each other.

"Where should we go next? I mean we are still on our honeymoon," Sally said.

"Let's go see Cupid and his wife. They would love to see us, plus it's the most romantic place to go," I said picking a rose and giving it to her.

"That sounds interesting. I'm up for it my Pumpkin King," She whispered as she smelled the rose.

"As you wish my Pumpkin Queen,"

I leaned closer to her and kissed her. All was right in the world. No chaos or sadness. Everything was just right. I was with the women I loved and that was all that mattered. . .


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