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*Daisuke's Pov*

It was funny how life worked, we are first born; but we have to be strong enough to hold on, and when we die, we have to be strong enough to let go.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Daisuke Niwa, age: 14, hair color: blazing red, eye color: crimson red, I'm just a bit taller than average height...of a 13 year old.

I have no home, no parents, no food, just a knife and killer eyes.

I guess…I can be the one to say but, I never really liked-friends or family-except my mother, she was a druggie, she constantly slept with men for money, and depended on her 8 year old son to guide her through their own home because she'd live him alone for at least a few months.

Frankly, in the matter of speaking, she was a horrible mother but, I never expected any caring from her-as long as she said she loved me and told me I was her brave son, my life were running on those words.

I was…you could say…that I was very, very over-protective over my mother, Akane. She was beautiful, young, and she was my most important person. If you minus: the drugs, her child and leaving him a bit far behind, and her past...she would've been a perfect single woman.

She had the red/orange hair look that made her blue-violet eyes 10x brighter, especially when she smiled and laughed.

My so called "father's" name is, Kurenai, weird huh? That's where I got my crimson eye's from, that's the reason why he was named Kurenai-because of his infamous eyes.

He raped my mother, leaving her heartbroken when she found out that I was created but, she didn't know until the 4th month and she was on drugs when she didn't know. I was lucky to have been born perfectly fine, just one flaw though; she gave me up for a year to be tested on to experimented on for $10,000… I was 6 days at the time.

The experiment…gave me maroon wings and they made my strength at age 1, have 5x the strength of a full grown man. And because I was a rare "human" experiment they mentally, physically, verbally, and … sexually… tortured me…

When I started to kill people was when I was- I think 10 or 9? All of those kills were personally… they hit my mother and they cussed at her, I am not letting those bastards get away with that! I was okay because she said "I love you, Daisuke."

I was loved-LOVED! It didn't feel too lonely anymore!

For me to have split personalities, is a bit outrageous don't you think?

I guess I was one of Japan's top killers thanks to my power/s and such. I was known to be Japan's 2nd most wanted villain and get out your note pad for this- Kurenai Niwa was 1st!

Guess the instinct to see crimson was in our blood, no pun intended.

I turned my self in when my mother die-I… turned myself in at age 12 to the police officers, they sent me to the mental section of the hospital and told me that they'll also run some tests on me.

Well, I've said enough for now- see ya next time, Minna-San.


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