The Forgotten Princess.

I can't really remember what woke me up. Either the sound of birds chirping or the cold water eating my feet. Either way, I was awake. Maybe. I don't really know where I am. My eyes won't open, my arms won't move. Only thing here with me is the sound of forest (I assume.), my heartbeat, and my thoughts. I wish I could remember something,anything. I feel like I have a name. I just can't remember. I know I have a face, but I can't remember what I look like. I know I have a family, but I can't remember them. The scary thing is. I know I have a voice, but I don't even know what that sounds like. What did I do? Am I dead? I hope this isn't what death is like. This is horrible way to spend the rest of time, awake, but sleeping.

" Miss! Are you okay?", I heard a voice in the distance. I could feel my whole body tighten up . Someone finally someone. I felt warms hands on my ice cold skin turn my over. My eyes finally fluttered open. She was a young women. Red streaks throughout her hair, and lips even redder. My eyes shot everywhere, The sky was gray, the dirt was wed, I was covered in mud, hair matted to my face. " Miss. Are you okay?" , she kept shouting. Her voice rang through my head, echoing back and forth in my brain. A sharp buzzing noise began to drown her out.

I opened my mouth. No words came out, just hair and dribbles of water. Speak damn it. Where are you voice. I tried harder and harder. The buzzing got louder and louder. I couldn't breath, my face felt out, the beads of sweat ran down my cheeks. More air came out of my mouth. I couldn't, couldn't. The darkness began to take out the gray sky. Only more air came out. Someone help.


Hello darkness. You missed me. Is that why you brought me back here? To this cold place. Someone found me and you took me right back. Awful trick, not making me be able to speak. That poor women who found me must be worried. At least someone is worried. I keep hearing footsteps around me, mumbling of sounds, a steady beeping. My eyes can open, but I am afraid to look. I don't want you doing that to me again.

" Molly? Can you open my eyes for me?" , I heard a strong voice. I slowly opened my eyes. Scared that any moment I would be ripped away again. It was all white room. The red women was in the back of the room. A tall woman with black hair next to her, something awful glowed from her. A doctor looked at me , smiling. Creep. Seriously, who wakes someone up and has that kind of smile on thier face. I guess that's not something they teach you in medical school. " Very good, Molly."

" Is she okay?" , the black haired women spoke.

" Yes she's fine, Madam Mayor. All her vitals are good. Which is quite surprising considering she must have been out there for -god , I don't even remember how long.."

" Can she speak?" , the red women trembled.

" I'm not sure." , the doctor turned his head to the door. A woman with long blonde hair came storming in. I felt something odd towards her. A connection, though I have never seen her my whole life.

" Awh, . I am so glad you can join us." , the black women flicked her head up. I know, or at least I feel like, someone told me never to judge others. But, I have to say, this women is a bitch.

" Madam Mayor." , the blonde looked at me. " I just got the call. I would have come sooner, but Mary Margaret need help moving boxes."

" Excuses, Excuses. This is Molly LaBelle. She was one of our greatest missing children's cases. Missing for at least a year now."

" Have her parents been contacted?" , the blonde spoke.

The black one sighed and took the blonde out of the room, the doctor trailed after them like a dog. It was dead silent. Red was making eye contact with me. I awkwardly waved at her and she smiled. She got up and walked slowly towards me. " Hi.", she smiled.

I tried to talk, to form any word. Once again, only air came out. I tried again, but my throat was raw. I sighed and looked down at my hands. Which were dirty and scratched. She placed a piece of paper and pencil in my hands. I was weak, but managed to grip the pencil. I barely moved the pencil on the paper, the words came out shaky and faint. Thank you, was all I managed to write.

" Your welcome." , she said calmly.

I didn't mean to scare you, I wrote.

" It's okay. I have found worst.", she paused. " I'm just happy someone found you after all this time. My name is Ruby."

Have I really been gone that long?

" You were front page on newspapers for months."


She sighed. " I haven't heard anything about them."

The women and the doctor came back in. " . Given your state, which is still incredibly surprising. We can release you from the hospital."

" I would like to invite you to stay with me. I have plenty of room in my house.", Madam Bitch-face spoke. I felt weird about this. Uncomfortable. I wanted to scream no. I could not stand the smell of the hospital, but no chance in hell I was staying with her. I looked up at the Miss. Swan. She was quiet, rolling her eyes in the corner.

" No. What about her family? Shouldn't she be with them.", Ruby glared at them.

" Due to certain circumstances. She is unable to return home. " , Madam spoke. What happened to my family? I tried to interject, but air only came out.

" I want her to stay with me and Granny. We might not have much room, but we have enough. Please."

That evil women, snaked her way over to me. Grabbing my damaged hands. Her lips curled up words, trying to smile. Her eyes squinted. " Please, Molly. The news of you being found has struck this town. I want you to be safe. Please. Come with me."

I looked up at Ruby and back at the snake. I shook my head firmly. No. She dropped my hands and looked around at everyone.

" Fine. Your decision. Get this girl a wheelchair. Goodbye everyone." , the snake slithered out of the room. Miss. Swan grabbed a wheelchair from back of the room. Ruby and the doctor tried to help me out of my bed. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I winced in pain. I felt like sharp swords were stabbing my feet.