Title: A Simple Claiming
Author: Kaoruhana
Prompt: Seven Treasures Challenge – Agate
Genre: Romance, Fluff
AU/CU: Canon Universe
Rating: G
Warnings: No set time-line, each chapter reflects different times in Kagome's life.
Word Count: 733
A/N: Part 5 of a seven chapter story for the Seven Treasures Challenge.
Summary: It all started with the small bracelet that the stranger had bought for her that one Christmas. She never realized that one bracelet might be the starting point for a new relationship.
Link: /fanfiction/story/7322/5

A few weeks after Rin's departure Kagome noticed certain things. It all began the day she finally started her new job. She arrived at her desk and had just settled into it when someone had come up giving her a package. Frowning, she picked it up only to notice it was for her. Opening it she found a necklace of pearls and black beads nestled inside. There was no note, nothing to tell her where it was from. She briefly wondered if it was from Sesshomaru but then laughed. He'd only ever bought her things for her birthday and he never ever gave it to her like this. Still, she kept it and giggled noting how it matched her outfit. Whoever her little admirer was, he sure knew how to pick his jewelry.

However, the gifts didn't stop there. They were never constant and over a period of two months she kept receiving them. At first she had just thought that it was the necklace. However a week after that she'd gotten a pair of earrings- a pair of silver ones with a smooth red stone encased in the silver filigree. She couldn't help but think of who the red reminded her of this entire time and sighed putting them away. What was funny though she realized was that they matched her clothes that day too.

The next few pieces, a bracelet and a ring were gorgeous in and of themselves. The bracelet was made of a burnished amber colored bead and reminded her almost instantly of Sesshomaru's eyes. Blushing she'd refused to look at them all day after that. All the pieces looked to be ancient, or if not ancient, as though they were made before gemstones existed. She'd taken the jewelry home and one day her mother had remarked that it might have been agate. The idea fit but she wondered where she was getting the jewelry from. The arrival of the ring suddenly seemed to make everything click. It was made of purple agate and was simple in design. But one look at it and Kagome suddenly knew this wasn't just a ring.

All the colors of agate, all of them, had something to do with Sesshomaru she realized. The necklace- while agate wasn't the primary material in it, had pearls reflected the shining silver quality of Sesshomaru's hair. Next came the red earrings- red was the color of his crest from back in the feudal era. The bracelet that reminded her of his eyes was supposed to remind her of his eyes she realized. And the ring- there was not a doubt in her world what the purple shading reminded her of. She'd been in the middle of deskwork when she'd gotten the package and it all clicked but none of that mattered now. What mattered was that she have Sesshomaru explain now!

When she arrived at his office, his secretary let her in and smiled, telling her to go on into the office when she asked. She walked in and took a deep breath when she arrived. What was she supposed to say she wondered looking at him. His face had lifted up when she walked in but he didn't say anything beyond that. He was waiting for her to say something and so she did. He wasn't like a normal gentleman. He didn't ask but claimed and Kagome realized he'd slowly been claiming Kagome with the jewelry. Tentatively she approached him with the ring in her hand.

"Sesshomaru," she asked, "what does this mean?" There was silence and for a while she thought she'd misinterpreted his actions. Then he finally spoke.

"If you consent, this one would like to take you as his mate." Kagome looked down at the ring and then back up at him. She thought about it, over the two years she'd gotten to know him again become his friend, perhaps more. She hadn't expected the kind of flowery courtship Rin had had but she did kind of wish his proposal wasn't so sudden.

"I do want to be your mate." She stated beginning her explanation. "But not right now." She blushed under his gaze. "Can we court for a little longer?"

"That is acceptable." With a smile she held out the ring to him expectantly. Taking it, he stood up and walked around the desk to her before slipping it onto her finger.