The Gentleman's Game

A Claymore-centric FanFic by Ken Aurborum Giovanni

For centuries it has been a tradition for the eldest male of a military family to design and carve his very own chess board and pieces. Yet this tradition has been broken, not in the sense that it has stopped but now the eldest of the such a military family is now a woman. A highly decorated captain nonetheless.

Miria sat in her study examining the chess board she made all those years ago. Carved of yew and designed in a Celtic warrior theme, the chess pieces sat in the case waiting for Miria to shine them to their former glory. She admired the craftsmanship of the set, the carvings very detailed for a 16 year old. Each angle of the claymore the knights wielded was clearly visible along with the hilts of the daggers which were wielded by the pawns. In childlike anticipation Miria opened the door to her study then proceeded to run down the stairs to the garage where she keep the cleaning solvents. She picked a familiar yellow airsol canister which contained a lemon scented wood polish. She quickly ran back up the stairs to her study and slammed the door shut, then as another counter measure against a certain blonde she locked the door as not to be harassed by her (IE Galatea who was naturally clingy and annoying though affectionate).

She then whisked herself to her bookshelf which contained many a record. Unable to contain her smile she selected a Cole Porter record and popped it onto her grandfather's record player. The distinct styling of Cole Porter now emanated throughout the room, and with that Miria sat herself upon a large leather armchair and started dusting and polishing her pieces.

Meanwhile in the backyard Galatea grew weary of sipping iced tea and staring at the seas of rolling hills which surrounded the estate.


"What do you need Gala!" Clare called from the kitchen.

"What's Miria doing?" Asked Galatea who had a look of utter boredom gracing her angelic face.

"In her study, where else would she be?"

"Yeah, but what is she doing,"

"I have no idea, but she locked her study so good luck trying to find out,"

"I have my ways," Smirked Galatea who was now walking upstairs to Miria's private study.

Clare shook head head and returned her attention to the cake she was baking.

The door being locked, Galatea had no point of entry, even the windows were locked (probably caused by an incident caused by none other than Galatea herself). She gave a soft chuckle remembering the sight of Miria's face when she found Galatea dressed as a robber out side her window, hanging by a rappel.

Galatea huffed and proceeded to her desk inside her room. In the locked compartment she kept a duplicated study key that she had "permanently borrowed" from Miria. She quietly tiptoed to the study and inserted the key. She twisted it's metal rod and pushed the door open slightly.

"Miria looks so peaceful when she's up here, I have to do something about that," Thought Galatea who was all the while smirking

Miria happened to be sitting in an over stuffed leather armchair which probably was a large factor to her current slumbering state. Galatea smiled upon her luck and decided to watch her for a few moments . She enjoyed the sight of the sleeping captain. She look the same in her wake as in slumber. Calm and collected, showing no signs of discomfort. Her bangs fell down messily over her eyes which Galatea proceeded to part so she could take a clear look at her face. Though childish was her actions she couldn't she couldn't help but smile at her luck.

She was something else, Miria was. So thought the Galatea. Maybe that was why she felt in necessary to sit herself on top of the slumbering captain.

"What the hell!" Miria squeaked under Galatea's weight.

"Hey Miri!" Galatea said cheerfully.

"Dammit, what the HELL Galatea?"

"Love you!" Galatea swiftly kissed her cheek and ran out the door.

"Damn woman..."

Miria took a moment to collect her thoughts and wonder what just happened to her. She waved it off and reached for her king, which happened to be missing. Suddenly it all clicked.

"GALATEA!" She yelled after the blonde and ran out of her study at mach 5.

Galatea was running as fast as she could, dodging furniture, dogs, rugs, doors. She then stopped to catch a breather only to find that Miria was gaining on her. She then ran outside the door into the vast rolling hills which was considered the backyard.

"Dammit! Come back here Gala!"

"Gotta catch me first, Dearest Miri," Galatea giggled and quickened her pace.

Miria, now fueled by utter annoyance, ran after her out the door.

"Tch, children," Clare scoffed after both rowdy blondes were not in the vicinity.

Miria saw Galatea run into the shed and slowed down her pace. She was cornered now, no where to run. Yet Miria was unprepared for what was to come next. As she approached the opened shed door, she was pushed in an landed on a pile of linens. Miria huffed at her predicament. Galatea's form now clinging on tightly to her.

"I swear what am I going to do with you," Miria sighed.

"Com now, what's life without fun? Besides, all day everyday, you're stuck inside that study of yours. You gotta have a little fun once in a while."

"And making me run all this way is fun?"

"Well, it depends? How do you feel right now?"

"You get under my skin," Miria sighed.

"Why don't you fly me to the moon?" Galatea said suggestively.

"Wait...what...oh...No! Your such a perv," Miria said, getting up.

"Wait! Come back here!" Galatea laughed while pulling Miria back down on top of her.

"Kidding, just stay here a while," Galatea kissed the top of Miria's forehead.

"You know, I did miss this," Miria sighed contently, laying beside Galatea on a bed of dusty linens.

"Told you so, love," Laying her head in the crook of Miria's neck.

They remain laying down until the sun had set. Content and peaceful, dreaming and talking, living. It is one thing to live but it is another to experience life.

They walked back into the Prairie Mansion and were greeted with a snickering crowd.

"Had fun in the shed?" Deneve asked.

"It was pretty quiet , you sure it was fun?" Asked a smirking Helen

"I'm going to bed," Said Miria with a sulking expression.

"And me as well!" Galatea chimed in and gravitated towards Miria's arm. Instantaneously, wolf whistles and jeers flew across the room.

"What am I going to do with you," Miria Said to a sleepy Galatea who was nestled in the crook of her neck.

"Anything you want,"

"Perv!" Miria pushed Galatea away, but to no avail was she successful.

Author's Note: Yes Galatea is a bit too bubbly, but love is a crazy thing. Anywhoo, I hope you saw those Frank Sinatra allusions. If not, too bad. Well Remember, Reviews are loved and welcomed (IE please review!)