The Sacred Pyramid

By Cullen C.

Chapter 1

The cause

Caution this book is for mortals only, when reading if you think you might be one of us, stop reading immediately! If you don't, keep reading for your own pleasure

It was a normal summer afternoon, just me and my dad. My dad was begging me to pack up for some camp I'm supposed to go to. So I took my bag and started packing, anyways all I really needed was my hunting knife, my bow and arrow and a water bottle. I figured that this was probably one of those nature camps.

When I got there I was attacked by some boy that looked like a soldier of the ancient Egyptian culture. He looked like he wanted a fight. Instead of fighting him I decided to just walk by him and ignore him. There like ten pyramids counting in all directions, all with some hieroglyphics on them. I could only read the three closest to the front. They said Re, Isis and Osiris.

I started walking towards the Isis pyramid when a strange girl walked out of it.

"Hi" I said to her.

She turned around. She had grey, blue eyes and brown hair streaked with gold stripes.

"Who said that" she yelled at the top of her lungs

She looked down

"Oh, I didn't mean to be rude" She told me

"It's fine" I told her

"Moving on, I'm Liz" She told me

"And I'm Cullen" I said back.

"You must be new here" Liz asked

"Yes, very new" I replied

"So let me show you around camp" she said

"Before you do that, I have one question" I said

"What's that" Liz asked

"Where am I"I asked

"You're at camp pyramid" She answered.

After our discussion, Liz took me on a tour of the camp.

First she showed me two places that were so close together that they looked like one place.

"These are the sword-fighting arena and the archery range" Liz told me

Then she took me to somewhere familiar.

"These are the pyramids and the stables" She said

She turned and pointed to a big white temple

"And last but not least, this is the mess-hall or food-court for short" She announced.

At that moment, a loud bell rung.

"What's that" I asked

"That's our breakfast and dinner bell" Liz said.

She took off running towards the food-court. I naturally followed her and actually started to catch up. It's like we were both running at light speed.

Once we got our food, Liz led me to a vacant table with a RESERVED sign on it.

"In case you're wondering, I put this sign here to make sure nobody sits here "she said.

We sat down and started eating. A few minutes later a tall girl around the age of sixteen came and sat down with us.

She was about five foot one with straight black hair, black eyeliner and dark green eyes. She was wearing a short silver skirt and a pale green tank top.

"What are you doing here, Rena" Liz asked

"I came here to eat" Rena replied

"Liz who is this" I asked

"I'm Rena, Liz's sister, older sister" Rena replied

After dinner we separated and I went to sleep in the Horus pyramid.