Chapter 2

I woke up with Liz and Rena standing next to me.
"Are you awake Cullen" Rena said while shaking me.
I suddenly sat up.
"How do know my name" I asked
"Liz told me after you fainted" Rena replied.
"Why did you wake me up" questioned
"We had to wake you up for archery" Liz told me.
"Wait, what about breakfast" I asked
Liz and Rena looked at each other.
"Sorry to tell you, but here we don't have enough time to prepare breakfast" Rena replied.

After I was ready to go to archery we headed out on a bronze chariot with two arrow cases on the side.

"Check your belt" Liz announced

I checked and there was a knife on my belt. Suddenly, Rena handed me her old bow while saying

"Cullen, take this, you'll need it"

After that Rena gave me a quiver that I put on my back.

I pulled out my knife and looked at it. Carved on the side was Queen Cleopatra.

"This knife belonged to Queen Cleopatra" I announced in amazement and breathlessly.

Liz sighed and stood here like she was frozen. She stood there like that until we arrived at archery. Then I noticed Rena standing like that as well.

"What's wrong" I asked and they both pointed to the top of my head where the symbol of Isis was.

Rena told me that Cleopatra was an Isis child and then she started naming all these Egyptian heroes and who they were children of.

Liz then said that I would get to sleep in their pyramid now.

The day passed quickly, and by dinner I was exhausted.

That night I slept calmly in the cabin I belonged in. Liz and Rena were also in the Isis pyramid but in a different part because boys and girls can't bunk in the same part of the pyramid.