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Chapter One:

James Potter smiled at his family while absent mindedly swishing his wand back and forth. His son, Harry, giggled as a green ring of smoke lazily floated towards the ceiling.

"Gween!" he screeched, waving his fist wildly. His wife's eyes flashed with pride, a small smile playing on her lips. It was times like these James loved: sitting in front of the fire with the two people he loved most in life, laughing and forgetting their cares for a while. His one-year-old son, still adorably chubby was wedged in his mother's arms, was making a peculiar face that was a mix between a laugh and a yawn.

James remembered when Harry was born. It was the best day of his life. He never knew he could love anyone or anything as much as he loved his son. He was absolutely breathtaking when he was born: gasping his first breaths of life and looking like an endearing mix between Lily and himself.

He has his mother eyes, he thought fondly. His eyes drifted from his son to his wife, and he smiled to himself. She had a contented look on her face, her eyes drooping closed as she rocked Harry back and forth soothingly. Her face was flushed from the heat of the fire, and her piercing green eyes were carefully covered with her dainty eyelids. A curtain over a sparkling green backdrop. She was humming absently, and James identified it as the song they had danced to so many years ago, back when they were students at Hogwarts. He was surprised she still remembered the tune.

Harry's big, intelligent eyes stared at James, causing him to grin and wave his wand again. A miniature figure of a stag took shape and began galloping merrily around the room, earning another giggle from Harry. He squirmed in Lily's arms, trying vainly to touch the smoky figure.

"Sh Harry." She admonished halfheartedly before closing her eyes again. James sighed and looked at his tired wife and little son. He allowed himself to think back on recent events- having to quit his job as head auror to go into hiding, moving to Godric's Hollow without notice in the middle of the night, and being cut off from everyone but his closest friends. And then, Dumbledore's odd behavior, his steely stare whenever he contradicted him… it was slightly unnerving. But when he gazed upon his son's sleepy face, he resolved it was all worth it. He would do anything for his wife and son… even quitting the best job he'd ever had in his life. Besides, he was still getting visits from Sirius and Remus, and occasionally Peter.

Lily had gradually slowed her rocking of Harry until she was completely asleep. Harry began whining to go to bed too, and James mumbled in agreement. He puffed out one last waft of smoke ("Red," Harry murmured tiredly) and shook Lily gently awake. Her eyes drifted open leisurely and got up slowly.

"Ow, my back…" she complained.

"Lils, you're only 21." James laughed. Lily mock glared, but the effect was ruined by the giant yawn marring her features. James grinned mischievously and jumped out of his arm chair as if to prove his youth, only to hear his knees crack in protest. Lily didn't even bother to try to hide her derisive laughter. "Not a word," James scowled. Lily leaned over, giving James a quick, awkward kiss while still holding Harry. James scowl melted. "Not fair Lily. I can't even stay mad at you." Lily grinned smugly.

"You love me."

"I know…" James sighed.

Harry ignored the couple's banter, instead he stared curiously out the open window, a sudden breeze rustling the previously still curtains. Harry cocked his head before happily pronouncing, "Black!"

"Black?" Lily asked, confused. James peered out the window before making a small choking sound. The black Harry saw came from the figure rapidly enclosing on their supposedly safe house. The loose robes billowed menacingly behind him, and a hood shadowed his face. Nevertheless, it was apparent who was making the unwelcome night call. Lord Voldemort. James watched, frozen, as the Dark Lord brandished his wand, slowing his gait slightly, as to cherish the moment. Moments later, the door exploded.

Splinters flew across the previously immaculate living room, flying into furniture like deadly daggers. One embedded itself into James' hand, causing him to drop his wand in shock. He watched helplessly as it rolled away from him, stopping beneath the massive glass cabinet Lily kept her china in. He didn't have time to grab it. He had to face the most powerful dark wizard of all time without a wand. Voldemort stepped gracefully through the door, taking in his surroundings… as if he was relishing in their imminent downfall.

"Lily!" James yelled desperately, cradling his maimed hand. "Take Harry and run!" Lily didn't need to be told twice. She held her son even closer to her chest, running up the stairs taking two steps at a time. James turned towards Voldemort and was determined to prolong his loved one's lives, if only for a couple minutes. He didn't have a wand, but he put himself in the dark wizard's path regardless. Voldemort looked to be on the verge of laughter, but he retrained himself. Only a smirk revealed his amusement.

"Hold me off without a wand? You really are pathetic Potter." He said maliciously. "Avada Kedavera." It was as though he was bored with the situation, like he was squashing an insignificant fly. James met the curse head on, and dropped lifelessly to the ground as the green light enveloped him. His glasses were knocked eschew with the force of his fall.

James Potter was dead. He was aware his heart had stopped beating, but tried to stand up anyways. To his surprise, he got up unrestrained. His surprise soon turned to horror as he saw himself, dead, on the floor beneath him. He looked at his hands and saw that they were translucent. Was this what happened when you died? He took a cautious step away from his own body and felt a peculiar tugging.

Voldemort looked at James disinterested, unaware of the soul that was making its way out of the corpse. Chuckling at how easy it was to murder the auror, he leisurely started up the stairs. After all, who he had really come for was Harry James Potter…

James watched as Voldemort turned away from his corpse and made his way towards Harry's bedroom. Before he could do anything, he heard a voice coming from no where in particular. That was weird. He looked around, but no one was there. The tugging he felt grew more intense. Something was pulling him up…

"James…" the voice said. It did not explain anything, and yet James knew what he was supposed to do. It was time for him to go…

But then, he heard a familiar voice through the fog in his head. It broke him out of the trance he had fallen into. It was his wife, Lily.

"No! No! Not Harry, please not Harry!"

James began to panic. The celestial voice echoed for him to come, but he couldn't leave his family.

"No…" he hissed resolutely. He made his way towards the stairs, to his family. He felt as though he was walking against a deep current of water, but he used every bit of strength he had to climb up the stairs towards Harry's room. His wife's hysterical begging and the celestial voice blended together to create a haunting chant. It took forever to fight against the pull, but he finally ran into Harry's room. Lily had her arms spread wide, protecting a confused Harry. His green eyes stared at Voldemort curiously, unaware of the danger the man presented. The Dark Lord finally had enough of Lily's pleading and killed her with a casual flick of his wand.

"NO!" James screamed, unheard and dead to the world. "No, no, no, no…" he saw his wife, his beautiful Lily fall to the ground. Moments later he gazed in awe as his wife's soul climbed out of the body, eyes still streaming with tears. She looked up and began to rise with the current, the one James so desperately fought against.

"Lily!" he hissed at her, and she blinked a few times before her glassy eyes rested on James. Her face flashed in recognition before she too began to fight against the pull.

"Harry," she whispered brokenly, watching helplessly as the monster known as Voldemort raised his wand, a sick smile twitching his features. Lily was soon grounded, and she held on to James as they both watched the scene before them with dread.

Harry had begun to cry, and Voldemort's smile was replaced with a grimace, then a snarl. He had always hated the crying brats at the orphanage. So, with twisted pleasure, he spoke the words that he had uttered so many times before. Lily and James held their breath as the fateful green light sped towards their only son. The curse hit straight on, and four pained screams rented the night air, two heard and two not. The house exploded, and James and Lily were launched backwards. Black smoke coiled out of Harry's room. James was shocked and confused as his world faded to black. His last coherent thought was,

"Harry's alive."

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