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Chapter 9:

Harry exited the wand shop, his wand clasped tightly in his hand. It send pleasant shivers into his core, which purred in contentment. He was relieved to notice that the aching part of his magic was placated for now, and no longing tingling in protest. He made a mental note to look into it later.

A powerful gust of wind ruffled Harry's unruly hair and he pulled his hood back up. Liam growled at what seemed to be nothing in particular. Upon closer inspection of the people around him, none of them seemed to be affected by the wind that was currently buffeting him.

The young raven haired struggled against the powerful wind, making his way to an ice cream parlor nearby. Just as he was about to enter the safety of the building, the wind calmed and his missing parents stood beside him.

'Mom! Dad!' Harry signed before giving them bear hugs. The part of his skin that touched them tingled warmly and he smiled with relief.

"Harry! What happened?" Lily asked worriedly, hugging her son tightly.

"One minute we were in the wand shop with you, then everything went black," James said, deceptively calm. "Is was like we ceased to exist."

'I couldn't see you guys. I was afraid you were leaving me,' Harry fretted, hands trembling.

"Did anything unusual happen?" Lily asked, looking at her distraught son, mouth pulled into an uncharacteristic frown.

'My core was twinging weirdly the whole time. And my magic reacted really violently to one of the wands Ollivander offered me.'

"You got your wand?" James asked excitedly, already pushing away his previous panic. "Lemme see!" Harry showed off his brand new wand proudly, which gleamed darkly in the sunlight.

'Yew, thestral wing membrane, nine and three quarters inches,' Harry spelled out dutifully. Lily's eyes were scrunched in concentration.

"That's an unusual combination. Yew is the tree of death, good for darker and old magic, and thestral wing membrane is good for gray and specialty magic. They don't usually walk hand in hand, much less in a first wand," Lily said.

"You're such a nerd," James teased, poking fun at his wife. She glared at him and he backed off, holding his hands up. "Sorry Lily Flower!" he squeaked. Harry laughed a little, but it was clear he was lost in his own thoughts.

'I wonder why I lost sight of you?' he signed, a little concerned. He didn't want it to happen again.

"I don't know, but I do know that we're running out of daylight!" James chattered, living in the moment. Lily rolled her eyes, but agreed with her husband.

"It certainly is scary Harry, but all of this is new to everyone. There's no way to get an answer," she said softly to her troubled son. "It would be best if we finished up our shopping and made our way home." Harry nodded in stoic agreement and followed James, who was already several paces ahead.

"Hurry up! We're going robe shopping!" he shouted at his lagging companions. Harry and Lily stifled a giggle at James' antics and quickened their face, Liam trotting contentedly at their heels.


It was getting late as they entered Madame Malkin's to get the uniform. The sun was still in the sky, but it was beginning its daily descent. There was only one other patron in the shop was a boy that looked to be the same age as Harry. He had shockingly blonde hair and a perpetual smirk that made Harry feel inclined to dislike him.

"Malfoy," James sneered at the unaware boy. "That twat just had to respawn, didn't he?" Harry vaguely recognized the name as a suspected follower of Voldemort, but wisely avoided speaking of the subject. It wasn't something the family liked to discuss on any occasion.

"Hello young man!" A pleasant looking woman said with a smile. She was soft around the edges and had a maternal air to her. Harry liked her immediately, focussing on her periwinkle and silver aura that sparkled as she smiled.

He took off his hood and smiled at her. He tapped at his throat and frowned slightly, before handing her a list of things that he needed. She graced him with a sad smile, before bouncing back immediately.

"I see! First year Hogwarts student. If you will come this way please!" She turned around, brown hair swishing as she walked. Harry noticed that the young Malfoy was staring at him intently at the mention of his enrollment at the school.

Harry moved to where the kind woman directed him, which was right next to the boy. She read off the list to him, confirming his order.

"A traveler's cloak with heating and cooling charms, three school robes, two casual robes, and dress robes." She recited. "Do I have that right?" Harry nodded encouragingly. "Great! I'll be right back to take your measurements." As she left, the boy beside him began to speak.

"She's annoying, isn't she?" he drawled. Harry frowned slightly, but the boy kept speaking. "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy." He stuck out his hand to Harry, who took it without hesitation. He was willing to give the boy a chance, and it was the polite thing to do. "If you stick with me, you're going to go far." Draco reassured him, shaking firmly.

Lily, who had been perusing the magazine covers that were laid out, looked up at his son's interaction with Draco with interest. She didn't intrude, curious at how Harry would handle meeting his first wizarding bigot. James, on the other hand, was gritting his teeth.

"Harry, he's a prat. I don't want you talking to him," he sniffed. Lily shot her angry husband a glance that clearly stated to back off.

"Let Harry make his own friends, sweetheart," she said in a tone that brokered no argument. James seemed like he was about to protest but changed his mind last minute. Harry expertly ignored his parents.

"What's your name?" Draco asked, completely unaware of the argument occurring next to him. Harry grimaced and touched his throat. Draco scoffed. "It's quite alright. All purebloods are taught sign language," he said haughtily. Harry narrowed his eyes, recognizing prejudice.

'Harry Potter,' he spelled out cautiously, watching the boy's reaction carefully. Draco's eyes widened, but he schooled his features into disinterest quickly.

"Well, it's nice to meet such a prominent figure in wizarding society," he said airily, trying to hide his boyish excitement. "What house are you going to be in?" he practically spewed the next sentence in his impatience. He didn't give Harry a chance to answer before he chattered on, "I'm going to be in Slytherin just like the rest of my family," he said proudly.

'Slytherin's an honorable house,' Harry signed earnestly. Just because some people that came out weren't good didn't mean the house was evil. His thoughts flickered back to how Peter Pettigrew was in Gryffindor and he sneered. Houses don't define you. 'I don't have a clue where I'm going,' he lied. He already knew he was going to be in Ravenclaw; Rowena had told his parents personally after they had died. It was a tale retold as a bedtime story for Harry when he was younger, the story of how his parents met the founders of Hogwarts.

"Well, that's understandable," the boy said with a nod. He looked at Harry critically, noting his Muggle clothes under his hooded robe. Harry often wore them because he found them much more practical. Besides, they weren't all that visible under the folds of dark fabric. "You know, the reason you can't speak is probably because you're mother was a mudblood," he said, unaware of Harry's growing ire. Liam pawed to Harry's side from some obscure corner of the shop. "All of that dirty blood probably tainted your genes. But that's okay. I just don't understand why you would have to go live with Muggles just because-"

'That's enough," Harry interrupted calmly, placing a hand on Draco's arm. The boy gulped at the raw power in Harry's grip. Liam growled in warning by Harry's heels, and Draco grew several shade paler. Lily looked about to say something, but James stopped her, uncharacteristically serious.

"Let this play out," he said quietly, and Lily sat back down.

'Draco, you realize the idea of Muggleborns is a complete myth, right?' Draco looked at him with wide eyes as Harry continued. 'It isn't physically possible for two Muggles to have a magical child. Magic can't be born of no magic. If a baby is born of two Muggles, it is likely at least one of them is actually a squib, from a long line of squibs. Squibs still have magic, and that is how a child born of two 'non magical' parents has magic. The size of the core is based on prenatal environment, magical environment after birth, chance, and genes.' Draco's mouth pulled into a frown as he thought about it.

"That makes sense," he said quietly, as if afraid to voice the sentiment. "It would explain why some Muggleborns are more powerful than others, or even more powerful than some purebloods. They are, in fact, purebloods, and some are halfbloods." Harry let go of Draco's arm and smiled.

Lily bit her lip slightly. She didn't know how Harry had formed that hypothesis, but if it were the case, that meant she wasn't actually a Muggleborn. So what family did she come from? James laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"We'll ask Harry about this later," he said confidently. "He sure looked sure of himself when he was talking. I wonder how he came to that conclusion?" he mused aloud. Harry looked back at his confused parents and smiled enigmatically. Lily snorted a bit at her son's dramatics.

"Sorry I took so long!" the woman said brightly, giving the young Malfoy an armful of clothes. "Have a nice evening!" Draco still looked a bit shell shocked, and Harry winked at him.

'See you at school,' he signed. Draco tentatively smiled, and left the shop.

"Now, where were we," the lady beamed, brandishing her wand.

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