It had been an amazing day. The letter had come in the mail that Blaine was accepted to perform for Six Flags for the summer. Kurt was all excited because he had had a breakthrough on the song he'd been working on for his Pippa Middleton musical. It was their first real date since summer vacation had begun. They had intended to go to Breadstix and then a movie but they got to talking in the parking lot and just hung out, talking and then got into Kurt's car, singing to songs on their iPods through the radio. Everything feels so... easy when it's summer. Blaine had had a tough final exam week and the weight that had been lifted off of him was palpable. There was an easy giddiness running through his veins. He didn't want the night to end.

Fucking curfew.

"Hey. I guess we should, uh, be getting back." Blaine hand tapped at Kurt's for a second and then it just... liked being there, so it stayed.

Kurt smiled, looking at the clock on the dash. "...Yeah."

"I'm sorry my family's so ridiculous about curfew."

"You get in a lot of trouble if you miss it, huh?"

"...Yeah." Blaine shrugged, looking away.

"Well. Can't have that. You better not get grounded a day this summer mister."

Blaine smirked, raising his eyebrows. Getting grounded isn't even what I'm worried about. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Color flushed across Kurt's face. "I don't want to miss a single minute with you."

Fuck I love you so much.

"Guess I'll have to behave then."

"Uh huh." Kurt closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against Blaine's.

I. am. in. love. with. right. now.

Blaine's fingers lazily tickled against Kurt's as he leaned into the kiss. He sighed as he felt Kurt's other hand reach up and warmly touch his cheek, nudging his face just so. I really like your hands. He took a breath and opened his mouth just a hair further, hoping Kurt would follow his lead and smiled into the kiss as he felt Kurt's tongue start to tease out against his. A few moments later Blaine leaned his forehead against Kurt's, closing his eyes and collecting himself, listening to his boyfriend's breathing and squeezing his hand. I want to hold on to now forever. They hadn't had a whole lot of unsupervised time together but when they had it usually went something like this. Kurt's not ready for more... yet. And I'm not even sure I am. But God I want to get there with him sometime. They made out up to a certain point, but Blaine figured Kurt would take the lead if he wanted to go further. With someone else maybe he'd buck up the courage to make the first move to go... further, but he knew if Kurt felt anxious then it would make him anxious too. It'll happen when it's time to happen.

"I do love you." Kurt whispered.

"Yeah. Me too." Blaine smiled, unstirring.

"Can summer last forever?"

Blaine chuckled, stretching and pulling away at last, leaning back against the seat of the car. "Sounds like a plan to me."

"Because if this is what we have in store for the next three months I'm going to be pretty spoiled when I have to go back into McKinley again."

Blaine laughed. "Yeah pretty sure I'll have withdrawal symptoms."

Kurt nodded seriously, pulling the lanyard with his keys out of the cupholder and putting the key into the ignition. "Well if Dalton burns down or you ever want to transfer you'll know where to find me come September. I'll be in a fetal position in the choir room missing you most of the time." Kurt smiled.

"Well we can't have that." Blaine reached back over Kurt's hand as it held the gear shift. The radio came on and they were quiet the rest of the ride, soaking up the last few minutes they had. It really was getting close to time though, so when Kurt pulled in Blaine only had a moment for a quick chaste kiss goodbye and an "I love you."

"Text me when you get home?"

"Of course I will."

Blaine got in his car and drove down the street. This is going to be the best summer ever.