It ended up being quite a nice night for the family. Blaine thought he might still be in trouble for his attitude from earlier, but his dad seemed to have dropped it and he certainly wasn't going to give him any reason to question that. Blaine, for his part, felt like a great weight had been lifted off of him. The whole thing had been pretty embarrassing, but his dad was apologetic- a state he was pretty sure he'd never seen him in before. If I were Greg I'd probably find some way to use this as a get-out-of-trouble-free card next time around.

Gabriel was just glad he hadn't actually gone through with the spanking, because he wasn't sure what he would have done to come back from that if he had. Thank God the principal called when he did. He sympathized with Blaine, thinking it must have been pretty upsetting to be falsely accused for something like that. It was sort of shocking that Blaine had actually submitted as much as he did. He supposed Blaine didn't see a way out and thought it was better to just take the punishment than get himself in more trouble arguing about it, but still. Greg would have kicked and screamed the whole time in that circumstance. He felt really badly about the whole thing.

Rosalie was relieved that all was resolved and happy that Blaine hadn't been spanked. Watching the news before Greg had run upstairs with the phone call, she had half expected to hear the sound of ld fashioned discipline coming from the second floor. As the boys had gotten older Gabriel had gotten better at keeping such things relatively private, but there was no mistaking the sound. It had been quite a long time since she'd given either of her sons more than a quick swat or two, and while she supported such punishment in certain circumstances the burden of being the bad guy had fallen more on Gabe than her for a long time. She sympathized with Gabe- he had to feel foolish. If Gabe had tanned his hide Blaine just would have resented him about it, and Gabe probably wouldn't know how to forgive himself for being wrong.

Once the story had all come out and they had sat back down to dinner it was still awkwardness. Gabe felt like he should say more, but didn't know what. Blaine felt like everyone knew he almost got a spanking, and the subject embarrassed him. Not as much as it would have if he'd actually gotten one, but still. But by the time they were all packed into Gabe's car and off to the Dairy Queen the tension seemed to have eased. Blaine realized it was probably the last time they'd all go there this summer. Greg would be back at school in a couple days, and Blaine would be getting used to his new school. Summer's really over.

It was sad. As excited as Blaine was for his new adventures at McKinley, there could never be enough carefree summer days.

"What you thinking?" Greg asked, as they were getting out of the car.

"Gonna miss this summer." Blaine replied.

Greg smiled. "It's been a good one."

"Yes, it sure has." Rosalie affirmed.

"Okay, favorite thing this summer- go!" Blaine announced.

Rosalie grinned, squinting as she thought. "Your dad and I had a lovely anniversary in Columbus."

Gabriel's eyes met hers. He didn't say anything, but nodded and gave her a quick kiss.

Blaine turned to his brother, expectantly, who shrugged.

"I feel like it's a cop out, but getting together with Becky."

Blaine smiled. "It's not a cop out."

"Oh and all the movies we saw."

Blaine nodded. "It was a good summer for movies."


Blaine thought about it. It was the first summer he'd ever had a boyfriend. He'd had a great summer job. Greg had (mostly) been less of a douchebag- he couldn't remember the last time he'd had so much quality brother-time. And now, knowing he would be going back to public school, with Kurt and his amazing glee club...

"Not A Separate Peace, I assume?" Gabriel teased. Blaine made a face at that, making Rosalie laugh out loud.

"Every other night at Kurt's house is what I'd put my money on." Greg chided, but nicely.

Blaine side-eyed his brother. "It wasn't every night."

"Yes, sometimes he was home to fight over the car with you." Gabe pointed out.

Blaine ignored them, smiling. "Eh, I had too many. But, right now is a pretty good one. I like this moment."
Rosalie beamed at her younger son.

"Oh right, I forgot it all comes down to free ice cream with you." Greg laughed, rolling his eyes.

Blaine shoved playfully at his brother.

"Play your cards right and I might even share my banana split with you, man."

Gabriel quietly watched the banter between the two boys. They really are good kids. We got lucky.

"What about you Dad?"

"Huh?" Gabe blinked, coming out of his wandering thoughts.

"What's your favorite moment this summer?"
"Dude, he's gotta say his anniversary now or mom'll kill him." Greg laughed.

"Oh, no, your father can pick whatever he wants." Rosalie assured, smiling. "Personally I was thinking it was when he realized Blaine going to McKinley meant he didn't have to be on that committee anymore."

"What?" Gabriel's eyes widened.

Rosalie laughed. "Tell me you're not just now realizing this."

Gabriel tried to swallow his smile but failed miserably. "Oh that means Jeffery's going to have to run all the fundraisers on his own!" he exclaimed, feigning sorrow.

"I'm happy to call my buddy Jeff and tell him you miss all that quality time at those meetings, Dad. I'm sure his dads could get Dalton to make an exception and let you come anyway."

"No thanks." Gabe responded, rubbing his son's shoulders.

"I'm sure there's a parents group or something we can contribute to at your new school too, honey." Rosalie said pointedly.

Gabriel sighed. Of course he would do whatever Rosalie told him he ought to do. But the sudden realization he didn't have that hanging over his head for the moment was pretty nice.

Greg shook his head. "Okay then getting out of volunteer work doesn't count as a best moment Dad- mom's just going to make you do something else."
"Hey! Be nice!" Rosalie swatted halfheartedly in Greg's direction. Gabe smiled at his wife, and then back at his sons.

"Well in that case, I think I'm with Blaine. This moment's pretty hard to beat."