Hello for last time in this story, my fishy people!

Here I am, in the last update of this story.

The real ending of the story was the chapter 10. You didn't see it but, there was a… special scene there that was deleted due the ranking of the story… but it has nothing to do with this.

This, my friend, is a result of something that crossed my mind while I was doing the fic.

You see, I didn't like Happy Feet 2 very much. It's not a bad film, but I prefer the first.

But there is something that I love of HF2: Bo. I LOVE THAT PENGUIN! She is cute, charismatic, intelligent and totally fearless. And what I love more of the film, is her relationship with Erik.

That's made me thought that maybe I could do a Re-make of HF2 too!

But, after much consideration, I disposed the idea. Its need a lot of work and time (because the plot itself doesn't offer any help) so it's very unlikely that I ever make a sequel.

BUT, I still wanted to try something using them… so this is what I could do.

It's just… something to remember me until we meet again.

Epilogue: Something to remember me

The mating season had passed… one month had passed… two… and finally three.

It'… the couples would finally reunited again. For one proud father, it was the happiest day of his life.

Mumble Happy Feet… the best singer… the most wanted male… and the mate of a song-less penguin… but it didn't matter. He was happy, and he had all he wanted: Gloria and his son.

Like his father did five years ago, he, along all the males of his generation, gathered in the border of the territory, waiting for their mates.

"Pa?" A soft voice called from between his feet. He bowed his neck in order to see better his chick

"Yes Erik?"

"How will I know which one is my mama?"

Remember of him as a kid came back to his mind. A huge smiled appeared in his face.

"Believe me… you will know" He simply answered.

Erik, Mumble's son, had born a day after the others penguins of his generation. He had blue eyes, just like his father, and he was half the height than the other chicks.

"Hey, Mumble!" A quite old voice called Mumble. Soon, another male came out of the crowd and stoop at the left of Mumble.

"Professor McGregor?" Mumble asked. The Professor Arthur Jonas McGregor was the swimming teacher of Penguin Elementary. He had been teaching in the colony for quite long time: he was the teacher of Memphis and Norma Jean's parents! "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with the other teachers preparing the class rooms for the chicks?"

"I quitted" He replied.

"You what! Why?"

"I fell in love, Mumble" The old penguin answered, smiling "What can I say? After fifteen years of trying, I finally found the right song"

"Congratulations Professor!" Mumble said "And who is the lucky one?"

"Miss Viola" Arthur answered.

"No way!"

"Yes! Our meeting was just… magic! I don't know what happened. We know each other since the day we born and… only now we realized that we were destined to be together"

"I'm very glad for you, Professor" Mumble replied "So… where is your chick" Mumble asked, noticing that Arthur didn't have his chick in his feet.

"I don't know. Probably waiting for Viola, a few meter ahead. And yours?"

"Here" Mumble answered, pointing at his feet "Erik, come here and say hello to your papa's teacher"

Erik slowly got off Mumble's feet, and shyly walked toward Professor McGregor.

"Hi mister" Erik greeted.

"Hi, little fellow. You certainly are your pa's son; those lovely blue eyes give you away"

"Thanks" Erik shyly said.

"Hey, son!" Mumble said, smiling "While we are talking, why don't you go and find Professor McGregor's chick. It's important to make friends"

"Are… are you sure pa?"

"Of course I am! But as soon as you hear the signal, you come back here, ok?"

"Ok, pa!" Erik said, turning around and starting running toward… well, actually he didn't know where he was going, so he run toward the horizon.

He was concentrated in the hurry of meeting the McGregor's son or daughter that he didn't noticed that there were a little gradient on his way, and he fell for it… but he didn't felt any pain; actually, he landed in a soft thing

When he opened his eyes and looked down, he realized in what he had just landed. The other chick was laying with his/her belly on the floor, and Erik was on the top of the rear zone of him/her.

"Sorry… I… I slipped" He quickly tried to apologies.

"No problem" The other chick said. The soft voice told Erik that the chick was a female "But, I think we should know each other better before doing this, you know?" She joked.

Erik immediately got off her, very blushed and embarrassed. He looked like a feathered tomato!

"Sorry..." He tried to apologies again "I didn't… I didn't… I… I didn't mean to…" He was so worried of, somehow, had hurt the girl's feeling that he couldn't speak properly. He desperately wanted to apologies.

The girl stood up and turned to Erik.

"Hey, don't worry. I know it was an accident" She said.

"But… but… you said…"

"What? That thing? It's just a joke I don't even know what that mean! I heard it once from a conversation between two adults" She explained, smiling.

Erik remained in silence, with his head between his shoulders, still very embarrassed. Then, the girl realized that Erik had something different, something that the others chicks didn't have: Blue eyes… deep blue eyes.

"Woao!" She exclaimed "You have pretty eyes"

"I… I … ehm… I… thank you. You are… you are pretty too" He softly said, smiling. The girl was now who blushed.

Erik was feeling something special with this girl. It was like if he wanted to be with her… all his life… wasn't he very young to fell that?

"Oh… thank you" She approached to him and looked at him closely "Aren't you a little tinny to be a boy?"

Erik's smile faded. He dropped his gaze to the floor.

"You… you think I'm… I'm weird?" He asked.

"No… of course not" She answered; Erik raised his head again and stared at her "It's kind of cute… I think I like yo… I mean, I like it" Erik blushed so hard that he almost molt the ice under his feet. The girl also blushed very hard. She really wanted to say the first thing "By the way, what is your name?" She added, trying to change the subject.

"I'm Erik" He said, feeling a lot more confident with his new friend.

Since he met this girl, Erik was felling how something was growing up in his chest. Something special…

"Hi Erik, I'm Boadicea"

He was still very young to understand it yet, but what was growing inside him, wasn't friendship… it was something more. And his next words confirmed it.

"Boadicea…" He repeated "Its suit you perfectly"

"Why do you say so?" Boadicea asked, puzzled.

"Because only a beautiful penguin can have so beautiful name" His heart took control over his body and his voice. He was saying everything what he thought.

Boadicea was left speechless. Although she actually kind of liked Erik, she didn't expect that compliment from him now.

Since she saw him, deep in her chest, something started to grow, and like Erik, it wasn't friendship. With those words, her feeling got stronger… but still, she was way too young to understand what she was feeling.

"Thank… you… but I… I think it's… kind of long" She said, dissimulating the huge blushing that she got after hearing Erik's compliment.

"Well, if you like, I can call you… Bo"

"Bo… Bo… Bo" Boadicea repeated "I love it! Thanks Erik" She exclaimed.

"You are welcome"

Just then, like a kind of irony to ruin the moment (Or maybe, to turn it better), a cold wind began to blow. Erik began to shiver. Despite being male, his short size didn't help him against the weather.

"Erik, are you ok? Are you cold?" Bo asked, concerned and realizing the state of Erik. He nodded, shyly. For some reason, Erik didn't want to show weakness in front of Bo "Me too, it's freezing out here"

"We should… get closer" Erik suggested, timidly; wining a shocked face from Bo "That way we can warm each other" He explained.

"Ehm… ok" She answered.

They walked to each other and when they were close enough, Boadicea grabbed Erik and squeezed him against her body. Erik first hesitated, but finally wrapped her with his little flippers. Bo did the same. It was a very cute image: they were there, hugging each other… and he barely reached her neck!

"You know…" Bo said, giggling "Supposedly, the male is the one who have to keep warm to his girl" She said, referring to the fact that, although she was warm too; technically she was the one who was protecting the little Erik from the cold, and it was supposed to be in the other way (Reasons explained in chapter 2)

"I'm sorry… I wish I…" Erik tried to answer, a bit ashamed; but he stooped his statement when he realized something that Bo had just said "To… to… to hi… to his girl!" He said, looking up to Bo's face. The direct gaze of her lovely brown eyes looking straight to him made him blushed immediately. She only smiled and giggled, but soon she stopped and looked at him seriously.

"Well, Erik, I… I don't know how to say this but… since we… you… I… I think I… kind of… like … like yo…" She tried to say, extremely nervous, but her sentence was cut.

"WIVES HO!" The raspy voice of Noah spread across the entire valley, as it had done it every season. Erik scared a bit if this suddenly sound.

"What… what was that?" He asked, hugging Bo tightly.

"It was Noah! The signal! Erik, our mothers are coming!"


"Yeah! Aren't you happy?"

Now that he thought it, he wasn't. He didn't want to get away from Bo.

"Actually I…"

Eeyyyoooaaaadliiioooooo! A strange soundechoed in the air.

"Eeyyyoooaaaadleeeeeeoooooo!" Boadicea shouted in respond, breaking the hug with Erik.

"What was that?" Erik asked puzzled.

"It was my mama!" Bo answered "I have to go Erik, I want to meet my mama!" She added, but was stopped by Erik's flipper.

"Wait!" He said. Bo turned around to face him "Will I see you again?" He sadly asked.

"Of course you will!" She answered, smiling.

"But when?" Bo smile faded.

"I think that… probably not until school… in four months" She said, also a bit sad. She didn't want to go away from Erik too.

"I will miss you much" He said, dropping his gaze to the floor.

Bo remained in silent for a few seconds, thinking. She turned back to see if someone was watching and, after making sure that no; she raised Erik's face with her flipper until their eyes met again.

"Erik" She said "Before I go, I would like to give you something to remember me"

"What?" he asked, naively.

"This…" Without saying anything more, she stretched her neck and started to rub it slowly and lovingly against Erik's neck, who was stunned at the action of his friend, but he soon relaxed. It felt so good... he didn't want it to end. An internal voice told Erik to do the same, so he stretched his neck and rub it against Bo's.

They could feel the essence of each other in their noses… the warm of their bodies… the sound of their heart… It was just magic.

After five seconds, which seemed like hours, the chicks stopped; and breathing heavily, they rested their forehead against the other's one, staring directly to their eyes.

"Bye, Erik…" Bo said. Without giving Erik any chance to say something, she ran away, at an incredible speed for been a penguin's chick; disappearing in the sea of incoming females.

Erik didn't move a muscle… he wanted to run after her, but he couldn't. He was just frozen; he didn't know what had just happened. He only knew that he had liked it, not only the kiss, but every moment he spent whit that girl. Perhaps ... that thing which was growing up in his chest ... maybe… maybe it was…?

Nah! It couldn't be that! He was very young to have that kind of feelings… but still it was something much stronger that a simply friendship.

"Erik?" Mumble's voice called the little boy. Erik immediately went out of his trance and looked up. His father was staring at him, very concerned "Son, are you ok?"

"Aja…" Was everything what he was able to say. He climbed up to where his father was and got on his feet, still in silence.

Mumble started to look for his mate, when Erik finally spoke.


"Yes, Erik?"

"I'm feeling weird"

"Weird!" Mumble started to worry "Weird how? Are you hurt? Want to vomit?"

"No… It's something related with Bo"

"Bo? Who is Bo?"

"Your friend's daughter… the chick I met today"

"What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing is wrong with her, but with me" Mumble stared at his son, puzzled "Since I met her… since I heard her voice… since I saw that eyes I just… I just can't stop thinking in her… I want to be close to her. I don't know. I have a feeling inside me but… I don't know what it is"

A very huge smiled appeared in Mumble's face. He knew exactly what was happening to his son. After all, he started to feel the same around his age.

"I know how to call it" Mumble said "I know what are you feeling son, and its make me very happy, because it's the most beautiful thing that can happen to a penguin"

"What it is, pa?" Erik asked, jumping off his father's feet.

"Mumble!" A female voice called from a close distance. Soon, Gloria came out of the crowd and rushed toward them.

Mumble approached his beak to Erik's ear.

"Love…" He whispered. After that, he left Erik there to think and went to greet Gloria.

Erik remained there, in silence and shocked, thinking. He never had thought about love… but with Bo…

Who knows? Maybe his father was right. Perhaps the Great Guin had already sealed their fate ... maybe they were meant to be together.

Erik watched his parents rubbing their necks lovingly, crossing their beaks, preening each other; as he was imagining that, maybe, in the future; he and Bo would do the same… well, they had already started.

Read you soon…