Hey you guys it's me! :D so I decided to be a fool and write a multi-chap story because I haven't done it in a while. So this story is based off of a comic I'm going to start for deviant art. I've been practicing my shading and have been scouring the internet for manga drawing tips and I want to test out my endurance of that kind of stuff! Enough of my babbling let's get to what you even bothered to click on for! I don't own any characters.

There were many things Victor Sullivan kept to himself. Yes he indulged in telling a good story around friends once in a while-the small rush of having peoples' eyes on you as you told a good chuckle worthy story or something to keep them on the edge of their seat. Not all were for telling though. He held some secrets close to his heart just like other people. But when Elena found a certain picture buried deep in an old box from earlier years, he had no choice but to tell her how the picture came to be. He had to release his most precious secret to his friends' wife of two years. He had to tell her because some secrets can't be kept forever.

22 years earlier

"C'mon Sully!" Nate called far ahead of the middle aged man, trotting happily through the thick forest like it was just another Saturday. Well this usually was a normal Saturday for them. Sully sighed and followed his young protégé. At least the kid was enjoying himself. When Sully had offered taking a trip that had nothing to do with a job, it had been obvious on the teens' face that he was hesitant. Within his two years with the fortune hunter he had shown he could carry his weight and knew a thing or two that helped out on multiple occasions when he wasn't being hopelessly reckless. He was such a snarky and distant kid it was almost baffling. He hardly ever asked for anything unlike a lot of kids too...but with all this he still acted like he was ready to shoot off if Sully made one wrong move. It was a lot less than it used to be though. Sully would admit he had been relieved on a level when Nate cautiously agreed to a week away from their apartment to Brazil. He hadn't expected Nate to have as much fun as he was. He didn't even mind the pictures Sully always quickly snapped during their trip, even occasionally giving a smile. It was a big change in his reaction to cameras; he usually scowled and flipped off the camera if anyone told him to smile. Sully found it hilarious-others didn't. It led to a lot of scolding about how he was raising the teen.

He was surprised how willing Nate had been to try weird foods with him or go on a strange tour of a museum with a man that spoke zero English. Now they were hiking through the flush forest, way off the trail their brochure had recommended. But that was Nate. His curiosity always led them somewhere way off chart. Sully chuckled when he heard a small thump and Nate hiss a curse under his breath. Looked like he found another rabbit hole. That was-what? The third one?

"You alright kid?" he called, rolling his eyes when Nates' head popped up over the edge.

"Yeah. Just peachy." He chuckled again at Nates' remark and finally caught up with the teen down a steep hill. He was happy it was a fairly cool day; the forest was thick that if it were a hot day it would be almost suffocating. Nate slowed down enough to stay by his side as they trekked across an old bridge above a small creek, a few small animals scampering around. The place seemed like a tourist attraction but the brochure didn't show it for some reason. strange…

"Hey Sully. Check out that old tower!" Sully snapped out of his thoughts to see what Nate was talking about. Up another large hill was an old stone tower-around a hundred years- with vines wrapping around it all the way up to the faded red roof. He puffed a breath and set his hands on his hips as he studied the unstable looking building.

"Been there a long time. Looks like it hasn't been maintenanced in years." He muttered to himself, oblivious to Nate hurrying ahead towards the hill until he was very nearly at the top.

"Uh-Nate!" the teens' only response was a distant laugh while he continued to jog up the hill with his usual endless energy. Sully huffed and rushed to follow. Godamn kid and his curiosity!

By the time Sully caught up to Nate, he was struggling to open the splintering wooden door with harsh tugs and pushes. Sully was about to tell him to stop and get back to the hike when he slammed his shoulder into it and barreled through, giving nothing but a surprised curse while the crack and clatter of the wood made Sully jump.

"Jesus! Kid you gotta be more careful." Nate pushed himself off the ground and rolled his shoulder to make sure he didn't dislocate it, giving his mentor a confident grin.

"I got through didn't I?" Sully couldn't stop himself when he slapped his palm onto his forehead. Christ almighty. Sometimes Nate was hopeless when it came to his optimism. He didn't have time to continue when Nate started towards the long flight of stairs two at a time. Sully sighed and followed up what appeared to be spiraling stairs around the towers' cracking foundation. The tower wasn't looking so great. The stairs led the two into a large room with three large windows letting sunlight seep into the dusty space. Seriously. Sully felt like he was breathing in a pound of dust. It had a few shelves being supported by rusty chains that threatened to snap any second with folded cloth.

"Well I was right about the maintenance thing." But Nate wasn't listening to him. The teens' attention was on a worn black pedestal near the middle window-what looked like leaves engraved into it-with a shiny, cherry red stone resting right in the middle of it. The suns' rays made it twinkle and glitter.

"Whoa…" he murmured and slowly circled it. It was so small compared to the pedestal-about the size of a bottle cap. What was it doing in the old crumbling tower? It seemed to be the only stable thing in the place. He reached out and carefully moved it from its spot to his palm. He grinned a little as he moved the small stone in the sunlight, making it glitter at new angles. Nate set it back down for a moment to pull his notebook out of his pocket and quickly sketch it, bringing the little stone back into his hand when he was done.

Sully felt a chill run up his spine-meaning something was going to happen. He cautiously looked back at the stairwell and didn't see or hear anything. He frowned and turned his attention back to Nate. The teen was looking at some little gem with that glint of fascination he saw the day he and Marlowe caught him in the museum with Francis Drakes' ring. It would have been nice to see if the nagging feeling in his spine would quit. What he didn't hear though, was very subtle hum echoing through the room. Nate ran a thumb over small indents in the stone that seemed like an inscription.

He grinned wider when the gem started to glow, giving his hands a soft warmth. Almost like he was holding a hot mug. It was…nice. Comforting almost.

"Cool…" He muttered as the warmth crawled up his arms the larger the glow became all the way to his chest. Sully narrowed his eyes. That wasn't right the way the stone was glowing. He stiffened when he felt a very gentle vibration beneath his shoes. It was so soft that it was more like a tingle. He slowly moved his eyes from his feet to Nate, the stone still glowing brilliantly in his young proteges' hands. He didn't see the grin vanish off Nates' face as the gem started to tremble in his palm, little sparks of orange and white coming from it. The teens' eyes widened when the stone started to almost thrash in his hands, the sparks increasing with at a frightening rate. At the same time, the vibrating started to get stronger. Sully looked around to see small pebbles and speckles of dust coming off the already unstable building as rumbles tore through the foundation. What was happening?

"Kid…" He warned. Nate wanted to answer and move away from the not so harmless stone. He was stuck though-watching the sparks spurt from the stone almost like miniature fireworks. His heart skipped a beat when the gem started to…levitate. There was no other word for the way it slowly floated out of his cupped hands all on its own to meet his eyes. Sully gasped, watching the flailing rock just as shocked as his teenage protégé. Nate felt like he was stuck-gawking at what was happening pretty much right in his face. The warmth that he had enjoyed earlier became a burn-to the point the heat felt like it was boiling his blood through his veins. The shaking of the tower threatened to take down the whole thing with awful tremors that made Sully stumble. A loud buzz echoed through the crumbling room almost like an alarm, the red stone becoming nothing a slashing mass of colors.

"NATE!" Sully yelled over the noise before an ear ringing 'shoom' blasted through the tower, a sea of red engulfing it like an explosion and seeping out of the windows. Sully grunted as the light blinded him and he tumbled to the ground, hearing a thwack and clatter as something slammed into the wall across the room while the shaking tower moved like it was in an earthquake. Mere seconds later the bloody light faded away and the tower went still once again, becoming as silent as it had been when they entered. It was so sudden that it took Sully a moment to lift his head and realize that it was over.

"What the hell was that?" He murmured as he pushed himself off the dusty ground and brushed his pants. He caught sight of the stone. At least…he thought it was. The one he saw in Nates' hand had been red. The one lying innocently on the ground was an ash grey with blood red writing on it. He snatched it up and studied the inscription. 'Aestimo adulescentia'

Damn. It was Latin. He'd have to show Nate-NATE! Sully whipped his head around to search for the teenager. He hoped whatever just happened hadn't hurt the kid too bad. He shoved the rock in his pocket and continued searching.

"Kid? Nate, where are you?" In return he heard a low groan. He sighed in relief when he saw a pile of old clothes move with a small bump. He rushed over to the pile and began o pull of the musty stuff away.

"Kid I don't know what that was but we're lucky it didn't make this place colla-"he stopped dead in his tracks as he caught sight of familiar eyes, but the face didn't fit. He dropped the rough feeling blanket that had been in his hand in shock.

"What?" Sully now noticed the higher tone of the voice. He blinked and shook his head as if he was dreaming and it would snap back to normal if he performed the motion. What was in front of him didn't make any sense. Sully opened his mouth to speak, seeming to choke on his own tongue. Did the stone do something? It seemed like to be the only thing that might hold the ability.

"Kid, do you…feel okay?" those blue eyes mirrored confusion and a small twinge of annoyance, narrowing just a little.

"Yeah, fine. My head hurts a little. Why?" Sully just stood there or a minute-not sure how to explain what he was seeing. He swallowed a lump in his throat and finally managed to say what he thought. He motioned his hands towards his protégé.

"Kid you're-you're five!" Nate scoffed and gave his mentor a look of disbelief-even so he hesitantly lifted his slightly sore hand to his face, gasping when he was met with a scar free, tiny hand. No way. He hurriedly moved from his spot only to trip over something. His boots. He now felt like his sleeves were too large and his jeans were about to slip off.

"Sully let me see your lighter!" Nate pretended not to notice that he had to crane his head to make eye contact with Sully or that the neck of his shirt slipped down his shoulder, snatching the medal from the mans' hand to get a look of his reflection. His heart very nearly stopped. A sweet round face and slightly chubby cheeks paired with his big blue eyes had him flinching away from the lighter as if a flame had flicked on. He could feel Sullys' eyes on him as he slowly lowered the lighter to stare at his far too baggy pants. 'I'm five.' The realization hit hard. So hard that he had to lift his hand to look at it again, like it was all a dream. He was tempted to slap himself and snap out of whatever was going on. it certainly couldn't be real/ He stayed silent for what felt like hours, scanning over his now tiny and unmarked hands. His round face suddenly screwed up in fury, belting out an outburst that startled the birds outside into flying away.


*gasp* betcha didn't expect that! :D lol, this story came out of nowhere. I hope you like it enough for it to continue! If you don't I'll write it anyway for my enjoyment. XD