Well, I told myself I'd never do two fanfics at once, so as not to get too overloaded...Well obviously, if you're reading this, then I lied to myself. HOWEVER, I do have a good reason for this. Now, as you know, I'm a big Feather of Pepa fan (And he enjoys my stories as well) and his stories are very amazing. He has 2 Nigel stories, both which involve gradual change in Nigels attitude after an accident. "Not hatin' on your creativity, Pepa" I think that in reality, he'd need something more than a big shock to make him sane. (He DID hit an electricity box xD) So, without further adieu, I present my Nigel Story!

His wings stretched out, ready to test his newly acquired flight feathers. He'd waited months for this. The day when he could fly. The day he could find and kill Blu. His beak pulled into a very malicious smile. The sun touched his snowy new feathers, and he ruffled in the warmth. It was going to be a glorious day, one filled with screeches of terror. He loved it, reveled in it. After what happened to him, they deserved it, all the worlds done to him, it's harsh cruelness taking away anything and everything he loved, others deserved to pay. Life robbed him of everything he wanted, and to spit back in it's face, he'd make others miserable. Starting with that cerulean bird, Blu. His death would not be toyed with, it would be swift, and painful.

As he approached the cliff, he didn't doubt for a moment, that he could still fly. However, it had been a few months, and he might have degraded in his abilities. However his rage for his enemy made that a distant thought, and without further thought, he lept off the cliff.

The feeling of flight, after so long, had a sort of magic to it. However, this was snuffed out quickly, as revenge filled his mind. He began scoping around the forests, looking for something to kill. He didn't care what, he just wanted to get this anger out, and the best way was to take it out on someone. He descended below the tree-line. He was moving very fast, too fast to notice asmaller birds he whipped past by. He was moving at a speed, hoping to fill his anger. Then a strong wind picked up. It was too strong to go against, yet, Nigel was moving too fast to slow down. Not much caring, he kept up his speed. However, he gravely miscalculated. The wind soon took him into a part of the forest, much narrower than before. Soon, he found himself dodging trees left and right. This little exercise was tiring him, and he was soon making some very close calls against the trees. The wind was not dying, and the single most important event in recent memory happened. He crashed into a tree, full speed. He managed one word, before falling.

"Ooof" he said, air rushing out of his lungs. He could scarcely breathe let alone fly. He dropped like a rock, his vision fading quickly. He soon collapsed on the Jungle floor, and with a Thud he landed on his back. By this time, only a prin pick of light remained within vision. He last thought before his body shutdown, was My only regret, is not killing that damned bird.

Oddly enough when this day is looked back upon, it will be a day he will remember for the rest of his life, ironic enough, for what is about to happen to him.

Several Hours Later

With a groan, a white Cockatoo wakes up on the Jungle floor. Bugs and animals that surrounded him, in his near comatose state, fled, fearing that they may be squashed. The bird looked around. It was dark, and the forest seemed to creep around him as a monster. He looked around, and asked "Where am I?" then he looked to his body. "Who am I?" he said, concerned. He searched his memory, but came up empty. He tried again to probe his mind, for the secrets it held, but they eluded him, almost as if they didn't want to be found. He examined himself. He was a white bird of some sort, though of which kind, he had not the slightest clue. He seemed a bit chubby, which displeased him slightly. He then remembered something. On the jungle floor, many creatures would be sure to take advantage of a delicious meal on the ground. With that, he wondered where he could go to. He looked at his wing, and thought Well, if I'm a bird, of course I can fly. To which his brain responded Well duh. Almost reactionary was the response, as if it wasn't him who thought it.

He began to flap, expecting to be lifted up. However, he just stayed there. He flapped again, harder this time. Still no dice. Why couldn't he fly? He was a bird, and all Birds flew, so why couldn't he? He pondered this for a moment, when he heard a rustle in some bushes next to him. He realized, if he couldn't fly, he'd better find shelter quick, or he'd be dinner for a lucky animal. He looked around, and found a tree where some roots provided protection, and seeing no one there, he scampered into there. As he lay, he suddenly became woozy again. He again drifted into unconsciousness, and slept the rest of the night peaceful.


The sun showed little on the Jungle floor, where the trees covered it. However, it did lighten the place, and it is this soft light, that awoke the lying Nigel. He awoke, and rechecked his memories. Nope, still couldn't remember anything. He only remembered basic things, and what happened last night. It was a bit confusing, and it certainly made no sense. As he emerged from his make shift shelter, he saw that the light was pleasant enough to walk by, and so he did. He walked around, trying to find anything, or anyone that could help. But all he saw was trees to the sky, and the muddy, unclean ground. As he walked, he remembered small things, like Leave grow on trees, and small things that even a chick knows. It was as if he was seeing the world through another lens, and much less dimmer one, that's been recently cleaned.

As he walked, the tree's became less intrusive, and more open, though not by much. As he pushed forward, he began to hear a rhythm. It started off slow, but built into an uproar, till a chorus of voices were singing. It was a beautiful song, filled with love and compassion. Naturally, the new-minded Nigel went towards the sound, in hopes of finding some answers. He eventually walked into a relatively open field, where he saw the birds that were singing. They were magnificent, and they radiated beauty. They sung as if they had not a care in the world, and Nigel, too, Wanted to feel this emotion. Thus he continued towards the melody.

As he approached the main body, making up the singing, he was awestruck, by its beauty. He was somewhat hidden among the shadows, so few could see him. However, as chance would have it, a bird did see him. And without any thought launched an attack upon him, Before he knew it, a Blue bird, a bit smaller than him had him pinned by the throat. "How DARE You come near our home!" she said with a fiery attitude. She was angry beyond comprehension. "Of course the plane didn't finish you off! But I will!" she said, and began tightening around his throat, to where he could barely breathe. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't end your miserable life right now Nigel!" she sounded determined, and may have even done it, if she hadn't heard a response from him. However, he was able to squeeze out a sentence, with the escaping air. "Because...I...have...No...Clue...Who Nigel...Is..." he said, gasping after each word. At this she seemed wary, but lightened her grip, ever so slightly. Nigel gasped for breathe, and Jewel let go considerably looser, not realizing her grip had almost chocked him. "Who is this Nigel, with whom you have sooo much appreciation for?" he asked, dripping in sarcasm. The Bird mistook it as something else, and earned himself a squeezing, around his neck again. But before she could completely block his airway again, he said rapidly. "WAIT! Am I Nigel?" he said in a serious tone.

The Female bird, loosened considerably, and said "What is this Nigel, some sort of trick?" she asked, curious and wary. "Well, I don't know if I'd pull something like that...Would I?" he asked, again serious. The Bird, eyed him and said "It sounds like the Nigel I know." she said. As she stepped off his throat, he rubbed it sorely, and took deep breaths. He leaned up against a tree, as he worked to catch his breath. Jewel stood ready, in case he attacked. However he didn't show signs of mounting an attack. Just then, another Blue bird, presumably of the same species appeared. "Jewel, why'd you drop ou-" but stopped mid sentence, as he saw Nigel. "Nigel..." said Blu, with much contempt. "Oh great, another bird that hates me? I have a feeling this is going to happen often." he said, a bit sadly. Before the Male bird could fire off some lines, Jewel grabbed him by the shoulders. "Blu..." she said, and turned to whisper to him. Blu...He remembered that name from somewhere.

"Blu, somethings up with Nigel." said Jewel, turning her back to Nigel. Blu looked at her, as if she was crazy. "What do you mean? He's right there, he almost killed you and me!" said Blu, also whispering. "I know, but somethings different. I think he doesn't remember me..." She said, a bit confused. "Of course he remembers, he's just tricking with you!" said Blu, not wanting to seem mean, but just basing what Nigel would have done. "Blu, you don't understand. I think he doesn't even remember himself." said Jewel. Blu paused a moment. He and Jewel both looked at Nigel, whom was looking towards the sky dreamily, as if not having a care in the world. They both turned back to each other, and Blu said "What do we do?"

Hey, everyone, hope you like my new story! Nigel might be a bit dim, and he can't fly...This should be interesting. And why should Blu and Jewel help at all? After all he was going to kill them. Maybe they should just leave them? But nah, they are too nice for that :L. Well I guess you'll find out next chapter. Please leave a review, and be honest.