It is 18 years after the events of the fourth shinobi war. Sakura and Naruto married directly after the end of the war. they had a son Tomka who looks and acts just like his father but his eyes are hazel. He and the others in his team, team 21 are all in the last stage of the chunin exam.

Renji the son of Shikamaru and Temari is a talented ninja and Tomkas friend. He fights in combination of his parents . he is very laid back compared to tomkas hyperness. His hair is dark dirty blonde and his eyes are blue.

Sorua the daughter of Neji and Tenten. A Very kind fun loving girl who can be a bit of a ditz . she poses monstrous strength that not even Tomka can match. She has dark brunette hair and her eyes are dark brown.

Lets is how the next generation fairs in an even more violent world.