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Dovahkiin of Zero

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Chapter 1- Call of Valor

I almost gave a sigh of ecstasy as my mace smashed into the face of a bandit that had the nerve to hold me up. The poor fool had stopped me as I was aimlessly traveling through the mountain roads near Whiterun, doing random tasks that citizens from around the cities had asked of me to complete. Not even the full Daedric armor fazed the damned Dark Elf, seeing as he made a move for my coin purse. I guess they had their share of problems too, seeing as they were labeled as one of the "untrust-worthies" in the land of Skyrim and were forced to make a living from dirt. After taking what I could (which was not much) from his corpse, I mounted onto my black war-horse and we continued on our journey, unmolested.

There was so much to do. Perhaps I was too generous in accepting quests from strangers. My black beard would be as long and as white as those of the Greybeards in High Hrothgar by the time I was done running around Skyrim like a town chicken. Doing endless jobs over, and over, and over would drive me as mad as my "friend", Cicero. That damned jester was soon gonna have an "anonymous" person perform the Black Sacrament on him and I think that I might know the anonymous person quite well; perhaps even be related to him.

There was little for me left to do in the Dark Brotherhood. Activities had gone down nearly to zero with the Companions. Becoming Archmagus at Winterhold confined me to pacing the hallways studiously. Thievery had become boring with the guild, even with bucketing and stealing the clothes of off people (group activity at the thieves guild. HIGHLY recommended to perverts with no morals at all). Being Thane at all of the cities only seemed to increase my list of misc. tasks that had to be completed. Need I mention hunting the Daedric shrines?

Maybe I should resume practicing on the lute that was gathering dust in my inventory. Some tone-dealf idiot who claimed to be "a traveling bard" sang the traditional song "The Dragonborn Comes" so out of tune, that a whole pack of wolves rushed at me, clearly mad and begging to be put out of their misery. After granting their request, I immediately moved to "bucket" the bastard and swipe my gold back, along with the lute. Ever since, I've been practicing to perfect the song so that no species in the land of Skyrim would ever associate the Dragonborn with the original, but torturous, melody.

But the civil war raged on, Imperials and Stormcloacks butchering each other in violent clashes across the land. I was still undecided about the whole bloody conflict, due to many moral issues flying around in my helmet. Ulfric Stormcloak had used his Voice, a gift given to him by the Greybeards themselves; a tool of bringing oneself closer to the Divines, to usurp the High King and murder him in cold blood. However, the Empire clearly had ties to the Thalmar and revolved too comfortably around "shadow politics" as a course of action when "disciplining" the Nor-

Shadowmere reared suddenly and I blanched forward, swearing as I grabbed the reins with an armored hand. Regaining my control over the Daedric mount, I glanced up to see what unnerved her so.

My face paled and my eyes widened at the sight of two giants sprinting towards us, three mammoths bringing up the rear guard. Mentally cursing myself, I realized I had not been paying attention to where I was traveling and I had strayed onto a Giants' Campsite. Sure, I had bested a giant before, with the help of either Lydia, Aela or another one of my companions, but to take on two of the giants would be damn near suicidal, with their pets possessing tusks large enough to impale a Dragon.

Spurring Shadowmere, we raced through the grassy plains, narrowly avoiding a thrust from a mammoth's tusk as we passed through it's front legs. I unsheathed my Daedric Swords and slashed the fibrous muscles on the mammoth's left and right legs, causing sprays of blood to shoot onto my armor. The beast let out a roar of agony. I smirked as we charged out from under its body before it collapsed onto its side. Investing in blacksmithing had been a MARVELOUS decision on my part.

The giants gave chase to us, lumbering towards us with the speed of a Mudcrab, but rage and bloodlust shone in their eyes and I knew that I was going to have to face them eventually. Dismounting Shadowmere, I prepared a spell in my left hand. Purple energy swirled as the spell began to draw energy from my Magika and my fists clenched in preparation to release the magic. As the giants and mammoths drew near, I unleashed the purple energy, roaring across the ground and landing to open up a portal to the Oblivion Plane. Heeding my summons was an Frost Thrall who pulled itself out of the portal and engaged the giants, smashing blow after blow into their bodies with its icy hands.

Shadowmere, my daft, brave, stupid, Daedric steed charged into the fray and ran towards the Frost Thrall and began to stomp on them. The remaining two mammoths were beginning to close in on us and I still didn't like the odds of my allies and myself standing off against a multitude of foes. Recalling the cryptic words that were part of the gift of my destiny, I shouted to the sky, my voice permeating the endless aura of Skyrim's heavens as I called for aid.


Gathering my breath, I heard a small SQUISH to my left and I saw that my Thrall had smashed one giant's head into the ground. Judging by the amount of splatter on the dirt, the giant wouldn't be getting up in a hurry, if not at all. Sprinting forward, I took my Daedric sword and slashed it across the giant's leg. 'twas but a scratch on the skin of a behemoth like that, but I heard it shout in pain and it brought it's club downwards to the location of my head. I rolled to the side as the club struck the earth, sending dirt into the visage of my helm. Cursing, I rubbed the dirt out of the Daedric helmet and saw the club descend again, no time to react fast enough.

The sound of shattering ice was heard as my Thrall jumped between wooden death and its summoner, turning its head to meet my eyes before the club struck its back. The impact blew me off my feet and Shadowmere was sent flying into the air. I heard her land, and due to neighs and nickers of indignity, I could tell she was still alive. Turning my head around, I saw the foot of a giant poised above my body in a taunting matter, ready to bring it down with the force of Alduin's fury. I didn't close my eyes as death descended towards me, because what Imperial would turn his/her face from the last sight they would see? I awaited the feeling of pain that would come and the rush of my spirit exit my body and enter the halls of Sovngarde.

But the only thing I felt was an intense heat that made me close my eyes and throw up my hands to shield from the intense light. I heard the monster in front of me scream in agony and I heard the beating of wings as a roar echoed from above my head. Though momentarily blinded, I could make out shadows, obscuring my vision, covering me from the danger. I grinned for the first time in a few days and I uncovered my eyes to find my aid from the heavens. Poised above me, snarling towards the smoldering giant corpse was my friend and ally, Odahviing. The blood-red dragon looked to me and gave a sound that could be equivocated to a laughing dragon, accompanied by a plume of smoke exiting his nostrils.

"Aam...Faal dovahkiin los aan mey." he grumbled, eying the approach of the mammoths over the small hill where we took a brief respite. "How mad you must be, to challenge a horde of giants and mammoths! Why I help such a fool is beyond my reasoning..."

"Odahviing!" I shouted, "Well met, friend! But save your banter for later; now is the time to fight!"

The mirth in his throat was easily heard from my current position.

"Jul yah grah ahst pah sul ahrk vulon...", he rumbled, before spreading his wings and launching himself into the air.

"Don't attack Shadowmere like LAST TIME!" I shouted to him as we charged the behemoths, my Ebony blade glistening black in the sunlight.


In a distant land, far away from the bounteous terrains of Skyrim, a young girl, nearing the age of reason, separated herself from a crowd of young boys and girls, marching forward with the proud demeanor that only a Noble born could ever possess. Oblivious to the jeers and noise of the crowd, she closed her eyes and began to take deep breaths. Unsheathing a wooden rod from her side and closing her eyes, the girl began to chant in a melodious tone that rendered the skies silent as her plea soared towards the Divines.

"I beg of you!"

My sword slashed through the sinewy hide of the mammoth's trunk, causing it to roar in agony. It turned to me, eyes filled with bloodlust and lifted a massive hoof in an attempt to crush me. Odahviing strafed through the air and sent a plume of fire towards the enraged beast, engulfing it in tongues of flame. Shadowmere raced through the circle of flames surrounding me and the monster and I swung myself onto her back. Jabbing my heel into her side, she charged through the fire and the flames, carrying me beyond the circle of hellish death.

Drawing my bow from Shadowmere's saddle bag, I nocked an arrow and aimed at the untouched mammoth, giving chase to us. My arrow flew with a dissonant "twang" and whistled through the air, aimed towards the creature's right eye. My arrow flew true and struck precisely where it was meant to go, drawing a smirk on my lips and a howl from my enemy in front of me. It reared in pain and lifted off its front legs, shaking its head and trying to dislodge the appendage stuck in it's eye. Sheathing my bow, I jumped off of my mare and charged towards the thrashing mammoth, drawing two black swords and leaping into the air.

"My servant who lives somewhere in the universe!"

The blades of my sword penetrated the skull of the mammoth as I landed on the head of the monster, bone meeting Ebony; breakable barrier meeting an unstoppable force. The warm spray of blood and grey fluid drenched my armor and I struggled not to gag at the stench that followed. The behemoth gave a final roar and collapsed to the ground, shaking the world as its massive corpse fell. I pulled my blades out of the beast, still twitching in its death throes and sheathed the swords that came out of my own forge.

A sudden roar took me by surprise and a tremendous force knocked me off my feet. Swearing, I pulled myself up and the visage of a flaming, enraged mammoth filled the eye holes of my visor. With no time to draw my sword, I instantly leapt to the gift of magic. The last spell that I had used instinctively charged in my hand and I was painfully aware of the seconds that passed as the mana charged and the beast drew nearer.

"Oh sacred, strong and beautiful familiar!"

I flung my arm in front of me, launching a purple vortex towards the behemoth. As the furry brute drew close to the portal, a white fist flew out of the purple haze and slammed into the right beast's skull, sending it roaring to the left and careening to the ground. As the portal dissipated, an Ice Thrall charged out of the door to Oblivion and lumbered its way to the downed creature.

It struggled in vain to stand up and its roars of terror were heard by Odahviing, who howled as he pulled out of a dive that was late to save me. My Thrall drew near it and raised its fist high towards the Skyrim heavens. Bringing it down with the force of a vengeful god, it struck the head of the downed mammoth. Sinew split and the bone-lappings burst as red blood sprayed on the body of the Ice golem. The beast roared in agony and again, my Thrall brought its fist down. A sickening crunch was heard and the monster ceased to roar, bone fragment, grey matter and blood spurting all over the field and landing on me.

"Answer the call to my guidance!"

Catching my breath, I stumbled over to the Conjured thrall with Shadowmere plodding behind me. Going to the bloodied Thrall , I gave it my thanks and sent a small prayer to the Divines, thanking them for aiding me in the fight. Turning to my Thrall, I began to concentrate hard, drawing life energy to the palms of my hands. A purple aura enveloped my fists and I waved my hand to dispel the magic and dismiss the frozen familiar from the earth and back into the realm of Oblivion. I watched as I saw the familiar purple orb fly out of my hands and strike my Frost Thrall and the portal to the Daedric realm opened.

But something went wrong. Deadly wrong

My Thrall began to convulse and shake, appendages jerking violently in some macabre dance. With a tremendous crack, the familiar shattered and the ice fragments were swept into the portal. A great wind began to pull me and Shadowmere into the vortex and I struggled violently not to reach the edge of the swirling mass of energy that lead into the plane of Oblivion, home to all Daedra. I called out to Odahviing who began to race towards us, but I could feel the storm growing faster and harsher. Digging my feet in, I unsheathed my sword and stabbed it into the ground, burying the blade halfway into the dirt.

For a moment I was stable, then I heard a panicked neigh and I felt a tremendous force slam into my back, knocking me off of my feet and jerking my sword out of the ground. Cursing Sheogorath, I turned to see what had knocked me off my balance. My face met the black fur of a Daedric steed. As the mass of purple energy enveloped me, the last sight I saw was Odahviing trying to reach us in time and Shadowmere flailing around berserkly, a hoof descending upon my face.

I cursed Sheograth strongly for this. I cursed him STRONGL- CLANG!


"Aam...Faal dovahkiin los aan mey." - Hmm...the Dragonborn is a fool."

"Jul yah grah ahst pah sul ahrk vulon..." - "Humans seek battle at every day and night..."

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