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The Wild and Crazy Adventures of Sparky and Flash

The shutter of the plane was accented by the clinking of the ice in the little plastic cup filled with bourbon. The sky was dark and angry outside and the turbulence was not only shaking the private jet, but Jamieson's nerves as well. The plane shook violently again and the doctor dug his fingers into the armrests.

"I knew there was a reason I didn't join the Air Force," spat Jamie.

Nelson chuckled at his friend's misery. Not being a fan of Nelson's little yellow toy, as Jamie had put it, the doctor had agreed to go to a medical convention in Colorado if he could go on the Institute's private jet instead of FS1.

Will tightened his seatbelt a little more and tossed back his drink. It was going to be a long flight. To take his mind off the current roughness of their journey Nelson thought back to another flight the pair had taken together.

Some thirty odd years ago

"This better be worth it Harry," Jamie threatened through clinched teeth. His hands were gripping the armrests and his eyes were squeezed shut.

"You need to relax, Will, before you burst a blood vessel," commented Nelson from the seat next to Jamieson. "The likelihood of us crashing is astronomical. Once we get to those beaches this will be all but a distant memory. You'll see."

Jamie cracked one eye open, "There's not enough booze in all of Mexico to make me forget this trip! If men were born to fly, they'd have wings, Harry."

The plane shuttered one more time before the Captain came on the speaker and announced their arrival. Soon the landing gear was kissing the tarmac. Shortly after that, so was Will.

"Come on Jamieson, if you spend the whole afternoon worshipping the ground, we'll miss meeting Chase. Now grab your bag and let's go," shouted Nelson.

The pair was on a two-week leave and decided to give Mexico a try after some persuasion by their friend, Chase Monroe. Sand, hot weather, booze, and beautiful girls were the promises made to get the gang back together.

Nelson and Monroe had attended Annapolis together while Jamieson and Nelson had become friends serving together on the Alabama. Monroe was definitely the wildest of the three and decided that next leave they had together, they were going to do something epic, an adventure that would be told by people for years to come; what better place for the young men to party than down in Mexico. Joining them would be Nelson's childhood friend, Phil Connors, who also attended Annapolis with him and Zack Salinger, who was currently serving with Chase.

The twenty-five-year-old Harriman dragged Will over to a waiting taxi. Their destination was a small touristy cafe not far from the airport. They were just a short drive away from the two weeks that would start the rest of their lives.

"Glad you could make it boys!" shouted Chase over the music as he put his arms around both Harry and Will's shoulders.

He quickly escorted the new arrivals over to a table in the corner of the cafe and pushed two glasses in front of them. Clear liquid sloshed over the side of the glasses, the pink umbrella bobbing up and down as the contents of the glass began to settle.

"Boys, you remember Zack," introduced Chase. "Zack, this is Will, this old dog is Harry, and we all know Phil."

The men shook hands and sat down at the table. The cafe was filled with tourists, most of whom appeared to be young college kids away for spring break. The ceiling fan rattled as it twirled, doing nothing but move the oppressively hot air around the cramped space.

"How was the flight down?" asked Zack as he pushed his sunglasses further back on top of his buzz cut black hair.

Ignoring Jamieson's dirty look, Harry answered, "Rather uneventful."

"A toast, gentlemen," exclaimed Chase as he raised his glass high above their heads, "to the best weeks of our lives. No more drills, no CO's, just sun, sand, booze and babes!"

"I'll drink to that," agreed Phil as he raised his glass.

The rest followed suit and clinked glasses. They all downed their shot of tequila and tried to hide their faces of disgust from one another.

Nelson was forced out of his reverie by a tremendous drop in the plane's altitude and alarms blaring from the cockpit. Before he had time to comprehend exactly what was transpiring he felt the floor drop again and the plane begin to nose dive. The drop was punctuated by the sound of crushing metal, then blackness.

Cold. Cold and pain were the things that brought Nelson back to awareness. After blinking a few times, the world came into focus and he realized it wasn't the tree that was upside down, but rather him.

Fumbling around, the older man finally found the clasp to his seatbelt. Nelson less than gracefully released himself from the seat and crashed onto what had been the roof of the plane. Surveying the scene before him, he carefully moved in the direction Will Jamieson had been seated. The world seemed to sway and every move he made appeared to occur in slow motion.

Metal chunks, papers, luggage, branches, and rubble were scattered amongst what was left of the main compartment of the private jet. A huge piece of the left side of the plane was ripped away, exposing those inside to the harsh wind and snow that was blowing outside.

It was slow going, but eventually Nelson made it over to where Jamie should have been. Unlike the Admiral, the seat the doctor had occupied was not upside down. It was, in fact, lying on what was the roof of the plane. Nelson could just make out the shape of his friend underneath the dislodged chair. With great trepidation, he reached a shaky hand forward to see if his friend had survived. Jamieson was cold to the touch but there was a pulse beating under the skin. The Admiral said silent thanks and released a trembling breath that his friend had survived and then very carefully moved the chair off of the crumpled body.

Jamie was unconscious and didn't stir as Nelson removed the object pinning him down. The bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches covered the doctor but the points of immediate concern were the nasty gash covering his forehead and the compound fracture of the left arm. Neither wound seemed to be bleeding heavily. The Admiral lightly patted Jamie's cheek in an attempt to bring him around. With a groan, Will turned his head away from the irritant. His eyelids fluttered when Nelson started to call his name.

"Will. Come on, Will, open your eyes," coaxed the auburn haired gentleman.

"Mmmmm. Five more minutes, Lillian. I swear I'll get up in five more minutes," murmured the ailing man.

"Lt. Commander Jamieson, I need you to open your eyes now," insisted the Admiral.

Jamie dutifully opened his eyes and tried to focus on the blurry blob looming over him. His right hand immediately reached over and grabbed the lower portion of his left arm. Pain raced its way up and down the arm radiating from the breaking point. Turning his head slowly, Will caught sight of the sharp, white object protruding from the middle of his forearm.

Taking a deep breath, Will asked, "What happened?"

"The plane crashed. How do you feel?"

"Like I was just in a plane crash!" came the sarcastic reply.

Nelson raised an eyebrow and continued to stare at his friend.

"My arm is throbbing, but it's obvious why that is. The world is spinning and I'm freezing to death," complained the doctor. "How are you?"

"Just a few scratches, nothing serious. You'll have to walk me through fixing that arm."

"Trying to take my place as medical officer, are we?" asked Jamie in an attempt to provide some levity to the otherwise dire situation. "What about the pilot?"

Nelson had seen the wreckage of the front of the plane when he righted himself from his seat earlier. There were definitely no survivors. If they didn't find better shelter and help soon, they probably wouldn't survive either.

Under Jamie's direction, Nelson was able to crudely set the broken arm. Using some of the clothes from their luggage and twigs from the surrounding branches, the Admiral managed to bandage and splint the arm. He also dressed Jamie's head wound. The doctor was convinced he had a concussion as he was experiencing headache, dizziness, and blurred vision.

With Jamieson in no condition to wander the forest, it was up to Nelson to find shelter and a way to get help. The Admiral bundled himself and Will up in the clothing from their luggage, then set out to survey their immediate surroundings.