Filled Prompt left by anon: "I just really want a story where Emma gets hit on by another guy and Will comes in feeling jealous!" and another great suggestion to make this even better: "write about a time when Emma was hit on and Will got jealous before they were dating, once when they were dating, once when they were engaged and once when married". Chapter 1 Written from Will´s POV. But not necessarily the next ones.



He just wanted to break the man´s nose; literally. And Will had never been a violent man; quite the opposite. Not once, not even being drunk during college, had Will initiated a fight. It never made sense to fight. But now… This… this made his heart speed and his nape sweat, and not in a good way. Definitely not in a good way. It was a cold, sickening sensation circling his gut, a maddening veil fogging his eyes. Because there was nothing, absolutely nothing he could do to make Emma take a few steps back, to where he was sitting. To where they were sitting, together, until Shannon would arrive.

Maybe if he stared piercingly, long enough, the man would catch his assassin gape and take his hand off the small of Emma´s back and, finally, walk away; but he didn´t.

His gargoyle position elicited a couple of curious looks from the people around him, but Will didn´t give in. He was statically gazing at his friend, his best friend, the woman he was still in love with, being hit on by another man. He couldn´t blame him, actually. Emma was breathtaking. She always was; during school time, with those amazing outfits she wore; and tonight, with a black, thick fabric enveloping her tiny little frame. He had never seen her body as outlined as it was tonight. So deliciously clutched. There was barely any skin revealed, but God Lord, he could imagine it. And so did the man. He knew he was envisioning her… his fawning eyes did not go unnoticed by Will.

And it drove him insane.

It drove him insane, because she was his friend, just his friend; recently divorced, virgin, OCD diagnosed friend. And she made his heart skip a beat every time her gorgeous, long eye-lashed eyes locked with his, every time her hand brushed his when supporting him, every time she smiled at him, even every time she was around.

And he had no telekinesis to make that tall, tanned, handsome man disappear and leave his friend alone. Because she was his friend; his woman friend, which other men desired… Oh, why? It was unbearable, really. It was even more unbearable watching that horrid scene taking place in front his eyes and being unable to do anything about it.

What it was supposed to be a quick visit to the restroom, resulting in more than ten minutes now. Emma was a woman who did what she said she´d do; but she definitely wasn´t right back as she had whispered now 14 minutes ago.

If he could only go and drag her out of his nauseating grip… but under what pretext, exactly?

'I´m sorry but his hand on your back makes me want to kick the hell out of him'? 'Why are you smiling at him? I should be the only man capable of making you smile like that'? 'Why do you let him touch you? No one should get to touch you, except me'?

He had offered her his friendship; nothing more. Friendship in stark times was invaluable, according to her words. But maybe that wasn´t exactly what she was looking for. Maybe she wanted someone to love her; that man could. He certainly could make her smile. Her pearly teeth had been on display since he had first approached her near the bar.

Maybe he could go rescue her… but God, what on Earth could he say? She was smiling, she didn´t seem uncomfortable. And his hand was still resting on her back. Why wasn´t she pulling away? It was worse than physical torture, watching that entire spectacle.

His legs were already walking him to the men´s restroom, with the hope that washing his heated face would make him calm down.

"Will-", she called his name when she saw him march decidedly towards the back door.

He didn´t stop; he didn´t even look at her.

Where the hell was Shannon? She should be there by now. His troubled eyes on the mirror told him to get a grip and go back to the table. Shannon wouldn´t be there. Realization hit him almost instantly, and an amused snigger left his lips. Unbelievable

There were a few couples dancing when he returned to his table, wishing from the bottom of his heart Emma would be there. She wasn´t. In fact, her flamy curls showed she was sharing a dance with the man and a hot wave ripped through Will´s stomach. He felt sick.

Emma caught his eyes on her; he noted the blush covering her cheeks. A few words were exchanged between the couple and soon the redhead was back to him.

"Hey…" her voice was soft, above the music, "You ok?"

"Fine", a fake smile joined his forced statement and Emma looked at him.

A curious expression casted her eyes, "You don´t look good".

"I´m tired", why are you upset with her? She did nothing wrong, "Thought Shan would come…"

"What? I´m not as fun as her?" she mocked sweetly.

"You are… he seems to be having a blast", Will's head motioned toward the man standing near the dance floor. He didn´t mean to sound so sarcastic, but it was inevitable.

She blinked twice, not expecting the conversation to turn that direction, and replied with equal sarcasm, "I don´t know if he is, why don´t you ask him?"

If she was teasing him, or talking serious, Will didn´t know. His embarrassment prevented him from locking eyes with his friend, his best friend.

"Hey, you mind if I steal her from you for a while?" the man´s voice interrupted a line that would never come.

Will looked at him, then to her; and then back to him. It was like he had lost his voice. Yes, I do mind, you asshole.

She said nothing; the invitation wasn´t accepted neither rejected. They danced, though. Not as lively as moments ago, but still. The lack of interest in her eyes exposed her; and not just that, but also the fret she tried to disguise letting a strand of hair to fall on her forehead. He had never made Emma upset, but now she was troubled.

There it was again; that strange energy pulling him to her; like a magnet.

"Hey, Em…" his voice came out muffled, nearly with a hint of uncharacteristic wariness. She turned around and met her friend. He was wearing his coat, and scarf. Her forehead wrinkled, "I think I'm gonna get going"; you. are. a. chicken.

"Oh- I, uhm, I´ll go with you-"

"No, don´t worry, stay if you want", he really didn´t want to hear her talk about the great guy she had met.

"I don´t wanna stay alone", she release the man´s hand but Will speaking again brought her eyebrows to furrow.

"It´s not like you don't have company"; Why would you say that? MORON.

"Could you give us a minute?" she asked to her dancing companion before turning to Will with a mixture of emotions. "You don´t look ok"; it was concern and upset as well.


"You´re not. I shouldn´t have left you alone on the table, I kno-"

"What? No, Emma!" he was a fake dismissing her apology, like it was the most ridiculous thing in the world, "You can do whatever you want I don´t care"; that was totally unnecessary.

She blinked twice, pursing her lips in an attempt to control her voice, "Then why are you making me feel like I've done something wrong?"

He felt like the ultimate jackass; "Emma I-"

"Because I did nothing wrong… I just wanted to have a good time with my friends, you know…? Shannon didn´t come and you were sitting there…" she looked discouraged, incapable of speaking without doing it excessively, "I thought you wanted to share time with me-"

"Exactly! Not watch you flirt with another man!" The words were out there and he wanted to badly to take them back.

"What?" She looked scandalized, "I´m not flirting with him! We are just dancing"

"He certainly doesn´t want to just dance with you"

Her eyes broadened, pink crawling up her neck and cheeks, "Don´t you think I get to choose whether to do that or-"

"I don´t know", he was acting absurdly, he knew it, "you tell me…"

"Will, why are being so-"

"I don´t know you could have shared a spin or two with your co-worker…" There was nothing else he could say to come up with a decent argument.

"If you wanted to dance with me, why didn´t you ask me to?" She snorted frustrated, "It was you and me and you did nothing…"

"I-I" Because I´m a coward.

"I´ll take a cab home." The declaration was followed by her eyes settling on the floor. Apparently Shannon´s 'chilling out plan' hadn´t worked as good as she had imagined. "See you tomorrow."

She turned around and returned to the bar, where the man was waiting for her. Her expression casted a completely different air; he saw it, standing pathetically from the middle of the dance floor. Their eyes didn´t meet again during the short seconds he remained there. So Will walked away…

If things worked perfectly for the last months you´ve just totally blew it, Schuester. Great job.

And then he stopped. They´d see each other tomorrow, not in the same way. It wasn´t a promising prospect.

He retraced his steps, with resolution he only managed to find in that moment of the night. The swaying door hit the wall when he walked back in and spotted Emma just where he had last left her; the effort she was making to look interested in what the man was saying was written all over her face. The march towards her reflected all the confidence he had lacked the few minutes they had spent alone.

"And that was when I told him not to-"

"Excuse me for a second", Will didn´t even wait for a response when interfering in their conversation.

"Will, what are you-"

He shushed her with his lips before she could even complain; his frozen thumb brushed the spot where her jaw became her ear and Emma sighed; shock giving place to content. It was a slow kiss, exactly like their first kiss; hot breathing against each other, but a soft grasp around her waist. So simple, yet loving. Her mouth moved with his, a coy smile hidden by his flesh, which he didn´t fail to catch.

"Dude, what the Hell?"

"This is how I wanted to share time with you, Em", he whispered ever so softly not letting her face go.

"C´mon, seriously?" The man was outraged.

"It was nice meeting you, Patrick." Emma mumbled with a quick glance at the man sitting behind the only man who had won her heart, years ago.

"Me and my good luck…" He was gone as fast as the first time he had approached Emma.

She bit her lip when Will said nothing, only his deep hazel eyes were locked with hers. His intensity made her heart race and slow down at the same time, "Were you jealous, Will?"


"You shouldn´t be jealous… You´re the only man I´d flirt with… and do more than dance with."

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