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IV (Married)

It took me a year to awaken her appetite up, to make her crave it so bad that she had no other choice but to satisfy the monster my touches had created. I loved the whole idea; I´ve wanted Emma for years and even though this may sound superficial, there was a point where my body would succumb to its nature; I felt itchy. .time. And, believe me, there was nothing, absolutely nothing that would make me cool off.

Now, looking back at those days, I can´t help but find it funny; everything was tinted with sexuality. Emma taking a shower, Emma applying her lotion. That made sense, but watching her peeling a banana and having a boner made no sense. Go ahead, laugh. I didn´t laugh at the time. I remember feeling bad about it, guilty; that was not the only way I thought about her, but a year of abstinence confuses any person´s mind. At least mine was pretty messed up.

I love Emma. I love everything she represents and thinks. I love her flaws as much as I love her virtues. She´s the most selfless person I know, the cutest and the most beautiful. That´s why showing her for the first time how much I love her brought tears to my eyes. She wept as well and it was the most amazing thing I've ever done. Loving Emma Pillsbury. The world could end tomorrow finding me in my love´s arms and I´d die in pure joy.

Imogene is the proof of our love. She wasn´t expected; we wanted to wait, but every day we realize how much she´s changed us. She´s made me more altruistic, I'd give my little girl the sun if she asks for it. And Emma is relaxed, she´s relaxing, little by little. I know she has problems dealing with things at times, with mess and messes a little people can cause. Imogene´s birth was thorny and occasionally Emma still wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking something has happened to our little girl. That´s when worry occupies our minds. We worry too much sometimes and I wish we could spend some time to be the couple we used to be, besides the parents of a smiling baby girl. We are both things, but I have the feeling Emma has forgotten about that. I understand her, parenthood is scary; it made us anxious, mainly when Imogene hadn´t stop crying in a week.

I still can remember the dark circles under her eyes while rocking her daughter near the crib and her frustrating sighs when it was my turn to get up in the middle of the night and try to make her sleep again. Perhaps we got used to it now, but we don´t complain anymore. Or perhaps Imogene is soothed and quieter, but nights are mostly silent and I pray for Emma to wake up and kiss me without previous warning. I don´t want to push her if she´s not ready yet. She´s changed though. I can tell, she looks different. I had no idea pregnancy could make her glow like that. She glowed even before carrying my child; now… she´s alluring.

Her body filled; it swelled up in places she used to think she was lacking. As the pregnancy advanced she became more sensitive; my touches, as brief and soft as they were made her shiver and arch towards me, but the doctor told us to wait a few months. I wouldn´t disregard his advice, although the idea has crossed my mind once or twice during the firsts weeks before Imogene was born; especially when she had mentioned her body was burning, she was subtle, but she was panting; I had to pull away and lock myself in the bathroom after intoxicating myself with her lips.

Now I feel like a pervert sometimes, but I haven´t touched Emma in twenty weeks. Five months. A hundred and fifty days. And it´s agony. I don´t know if she´s ready yet, I don´t know if she wants to. I´ve heard her complain about how wide her hips are or about her over-sized breasts and I know she´s insecure about her new body. She was insecure already with her old body, I can´t imagine what must she be thinking every time she looks herself in the mirror. I´ve told her she´s beautiful; she´s always beautiful to me. Her eyes show me her beauty, her soul, I don´t need to stare at her boobs to realize that. But one of the consequences of five months of self-restraint is precisely that. I do stare at her boobs more than I should and I want to smack myself when I realize I´m ogling her while she´s feeding Imogene. I repulse myself for being such a creep.

I always thank Imogene for having such a contagious laugh; she pulls me out of my uncomforting sensations and guilt.

We begin sharing more family time together. Emma feels more energized and Imogene can take the exterior without getting her sensitive skin cracked by the autumn breeze. I buy her caramel apples while she hums to our daughter and every time I walk to the sweets booth I see old women approaching her and talking to her. I bet they compliment our baby girl. She´s as beautiful as her mother, with ginger curls and doe eyes. I gave her hazel and Emma, her eyelashes. I´m gonna have to be careful in the future. I bet she´ll have plenty of suitors when she grows up. She´s so beautiful. She is like Emma.

I´ve dreamed of becoming a dad for long time; I´ve dreamed of my own family, of a little Schuester to teach her everything my dad taught me. I can´t help to beam when thinking of all the things I´ll teach Imogene when she grows up.

I pick the reddest and juiciest caramel apple in display for my wife; she´s into sweet treats lately. It seems like she hasn´t stopped craving and I have a blast teasing her about it. I begin walking to the bench where I left them and I see a man leaning to her, probably gushing about the baby´s cuteness.

But for some reason, the scene doesn´t feel right to me. Any scene involving a man and Emma alone doesn´t feel right to me. Especially when she´s breast feeding my child. Maybe he´s just being polite, but his hand stretching forth to touch Imogene´s cheek, whose face is snuggling into Emma´s chest, makes my stomach twist. I stare at him and Emma catches me standing petrified a few feet away; her eyes are big and bright, I can see them at the distance, and she smiles at me and then at the man. It´s not an innocent smile. She bates her eyelashes at me, and then at him, a flirting smile joins her seductive blinking. Her head falls back in amusement when the man makes some funny comment and she prizes him with a charming beam. His lips curve with a smirk, and I see his hand caressing my daughter´s face, inches away from my wife´s breasts and I´m this close of going there and ripping his arm off his body.

Then our gapes dead lock and her tongue licks her lower lip, slowly and I realize she´s teasing me. Cheekily. She must be.

My legs take me to the bench where they are waiting for me and I hear the man saying some sickly-sweet line about knowing exactly where Imogene has gotten all her beauty from. Emma´s not listening, though; her eyes, amber and glorious, are locked with mine as I inch closer them.

Her arms are holding our daughter securely and her chest is heaving, but I don´t fully understand why; I pass by the man, and grab her hand to bring her to her feet.

"There were no more caramel apples", I had thrown the candies as soon as I had seen him. "We can get something at home"

"Ok", she doesn´t argue or complain; her stare is so intense I feel myself sweating and my arm sneaks around her waist as we walk back home. Imogene sleeps in her embrace and my mind is speed racing. I don´t know if I should feel this… curious but her eyes settle on me once more, with the same intensity as before and I don´t know what she is thinking. I only know what I´m thinking; I´m thinking of getting home and striping my wife.

As soon as the front door opens, Emma goes upstairs to get Imogene in her crib and I direct my dazzled body to the first floor bathroom. Whilst the cold water streams down my face I repeat to myself that I need to get a freaking grip and stop imagining things.

But my imagination is already running wild as I step in our bedroom; her back is to me, bent forward while she unhooks her strap shoes, her skirt is lying on the chair in the corner of the room. I sighed, ready to ask her what that was all that about, but she looks at me over her shoulder and my heart hammers hard against my chest.

I can´t formulate a proper sentence as her hands begin unbuttoning her blouse. I can´t see a thing, but I can picture her and I crawl across the bed to plant a wet kiss on her neck. Her head tilts aside and my mouth begins tasting her neglected skin; I don´t remember it being this sweet, or maybe it´s the desperation which makes it seem this delicious. I feel her cheek brushing my temple and I raise my eyes to her, where the same desperation is casted her gape. Her lips attack mines and her blouse falls down her arms; she won´t let me undress her, she whimpers against my mouth when my hands cup her still covered breasts. She´s sensitive and I try to be gentle, but she´s dipping her mouth into mine and I´m already aroused.

"What was all that about?" I manage to ask nibbling at her swollen lips.

The response lingers in her throat for some seconds, her breathing is heavy, hot, and choppy and I love being the only man capable of bringing her to that state, "I, uhm,", she coughs and hides her redden face in the crook of my neck, "You haven´t touched me in so long…", her lips ghosts my earlobe; she´s teasing me, she´s been teasing me all day long, "I know how you get when other men talk to me…"

Calculatingly, I unclip her bra and my mouth closes around her susceptible nipples because I know it´d drive her insane, but I'm not expecting her to moan like that. For a moment, I'm alarmed but she´s panting and fisting my curls, coaxing me to her again.

"Thanks God I just fed Imogene", I hear her whine as she arches for me.

Soon, we´re tangled on the mattress, touching, pinching seductively every patch of skin we can find. I don´t have to know her to realize she´s wanted this for so long and I dare to mess with her, "I think we should wait until you´re completely healed"

"I´m healed already", her legs are clasping my hips, "I need you, Will…"

"You want me Emma?" I can´t help to feel she´s just for me; that I´m the object of her desire and it makes my whole body burst and swell.

"Y-yes", I crush my mouth on hers and rub her heated center with my equally heated erection. I don´t want to be forceful, but she´s gridding our dressed lower bodies and it´s hard not to rip her soaked panties off.

She´s faster than me. She´s completely naked and so I am. And we thrust together slowly. The sensation is like going to Heaven and coming back to Earthly Paradise; I didn´t expected her to be so slick and passionate; her desire is burning for me and so is mine. I intend to catch a slow rhythm, but it´s nearly impossible. I can´t fight my urge and Emma´s crying my name every time our bodies collide, more intensely after every second.

"Oh, God, thank God…" She clutches me and I smirk, proud and never more turned on.

"Is this what you wanted?" I push deeper and she bits her lip, nodding enthusiastically, "You have no idea…", it´s hard to breathe, but I know she wants to hear this, "…how sick seeing you flirt with that man made me"

"I wasn´t", our tongues meet somewhere between her mouth and mine I fasten our bodies closer. "I wanted you to claim me."

Our love making is not slow or tender as I planned; it became feverish, almost animalistic, and I pray for Imogene not to wake up. I want to make love to my wife the rest of the afternoon. "I'm claiming you now"

"I´ve missed you", we move with cadence and the bed creaks.

My breath is labored, hoarse, difficult; she is close, her walls clamping, her back arching, her choppy puffs exposed her. "Come for me, hun…", it´s my groaned warning for my imminent release, the tension is unbearable all along my shaft and I feel I´m about to explode and there´s nothing I can do to stop it.

Her cries filled my ears and I tense when her spasms bring me to gloriously spill into her. She´s all in and I collapse on top of my love, our gasps the only sounds around.

"I w-want you…" She is exhausted and smiling when demanding more. I can´t hold back a chuckle and kiss her passionately, "Really, I do"

"You´ve been teasing me the entire day"

"Only because I know you", her nails scratch my back tenderly and a grin curves her lips.

"You know me?" She nods playfully and I want to play back, "I know you too and I know what you want…"

"Are you gonna make me beg?" She questions slightly mischievously and I nod, "Then I'm gonna drive you crazy… I just need another man to come flirt with me…", she gives me no time to answer and soon her naked body disappears behind the bathroom´s door. She leaves the door open, an invitation for me to follow her. I rush to her and she giggled naughtily. I indulge her need and she finds release against my palm, under the hot spell of rain and then once more later, wrapped between the covers.

Now it has become a game for us, reading and sending signals. She knows how to provoke me and get what she wants and I know I´m the only man blessed to arouse those sensations in her.

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