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As the wind blew around him, he could smell her. He had her scent burned into his memory, she always smelled like fresh rain and lavender. Unlike the other humans whose smell burned his nose and made his eyes water from the stench! She was the only human other than Rin he could stand being around. She wasn't far for her scent to be this strong in the wind, before he knew it he took off in the direction of her scent, before he arrived her spoke a chant that would hide his Aura from the Miko and her 'pack' the last thing he needed was his half-breed half-brother to catch him spying.

He could smell the sulfur and minerals from a hot spring nearby, no doubt the little Miko was bathing, and although he would never admit it occasionally he watched her bath and sleep. She was fascinating to him; every other human he came across ran in fear from him or begged on their knees for him to spare their lives. But no not this Miko she stood up to him, yelled back at him, even attempted to purify him on several occasions. He smirked at that thought, she was his little mystery and he was bound to figure her out on way or another! He walked careful towards the hot spring following her wonderful scent.

Her back was to him, her raven black dripping wet down her back. He jumped into the trees to get a better view. He could hear Kagome Speaking in a soft voice and rocking left and right in the water, he could hear the water sloshing against her rocks, he couldn't help himself he wanted to hear what she was saying, He jumped down without making a sound, and quietly stalked over and noticed she wasn't alone, his first thought was to run out but he knew his barrier would hold and keep the Miko from knowing he was right behind her leaning on the other side of the rock.

He glanced over to see her arms wrapped tightly around the sleeping Kit, rocking him softly, Sesshomaru sniffed the air and noticed the small kit was sick. Kagome was taking care of him like a mother should, Sesshomaru felt his heart jump at the sight

~A good mother for our pups~ His beast spoke but Sesshomaru ignored him, focusing on Kagome holding the Kit, she began talking again, sesshomaru realized it was what the humans called "A Lullaby" she was singing soft as a whisper to the sick Child, rocking him in the warm water, the warm air helping him breath.

"When all the world is a hopeless jungle and the rain drops tumble all arounddd. Heaven opens a magic lane, when all the clouds darken up the skyway; there is a rainbow highway to be foundddd." Kagome cuddle the Kit closer to her bare chest and kissed him on the forehead and began softly humming the rest.

Sesshomaru relaxed against the rock as she hummed to the child in her arms, he closed his eyes to better focus on her.

~ DING DING DING I think we found a winner! ~ His beast growled

'She is human, this Sesshomaru will not stoop so low as to mate with a human' He spat back at his beast

~She is not just a human; she is different, something more than human but not quite demon~ His beast snapped back

'I have no feelings towards this human'

~ OH REALLY NOW? Then why are we here? why are we always here watching her from a far?~ His beast waited for a response ~I thought so, and when you saw her holding the child a moment ago you thought even for a second she would be a great mother to our pups, You can lie to everyone around hell you can even try to lie to yourself but you cannot lie to me!~ His beast barked the last three words, Sesshomaru growled forgetting that even though the Barrier hid his appearance and aura the Miko could still hear him, he heard her jump and look back, Sesshomaru turned his head slightly noticing Kagome was staring right at him, he froze thinking she noticed him.

But after a few moments the kit woke up and with a sore rough voice asked what was wrong, Kagome returned her attention to the child singing softly to him again putting him back to sleep.

"And troubles melt like lemon drops way above the chimney tops, That`s where you`ll find meeeee." Kagome kept singing the kit was fast asleep again. Sesshomaru leaned back against the rock again listening to her voice, it calmed him in a way nothing ever had, and he soon found he himself was fighting sleep.

"Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Ohhh. If birds can fly over the rainbow, then Why oooh why can`t I?" Kagome was still rocking gently in the water, humming again. Sesshomaru was hypnotized by the sound of her voice and the sound of the water lapping against the rocks. Sesshomaru himself was about to fall asleep when he heard his half-breed brother running this way, with a hiss he jumped into the nearest tree cursing Inuyasha for ruining this moment

"Oi! Wench where are you?" He yelled and kagome stopped humming to shh him Don t you shh me, you have been here long enough! You probably wrinkly as a prune" the hanyou chuckled

"Shh Inuyasha, Shippo is having a rough time sleeping, the steam from the water is helping him breath so I will stay here with him all night if I have to" Kagome whispered knowing the Hanyou could hear her perfectly

"And have you tired all day tomorrow, I don t think so" Inuyasha pushed his sleeves up "I'll drag you out of I have to" Sesshomaru bit his lip to hold back a growl

~See how he treats her! ~ Sesshomaru's beast growled at him but he shook it off and continued to listen

"You will not dare" Kagome spat "I am naked, and you will not lay a hand on me"

"I ve seen you naked before, and I am not impressed" Inuyasha crossed him arm and stuck his nose into the air

Kagome hung her head as if he called her ugly "Be that as it may, shippo needs the steam from the hot spring to help him breathe"

"Okay, but you can sit next to it and sleep, fully dressed too" Inuyasha spat

"The steam is stronger in the water" Kagome looked down at shippo who was snoring softly "Being sick as a child is worse than being sick as an adult inuyasha, it s harder on their bodies" Kagome brushed the kits bangs away from his face.

"Ugh I'm tired of waiting GET. OUT. NOW!" Inuyasha growled stepping in; Sesshomaru fought back the urge to jump in as kill Inuyasha for even getting near his mat- I mean the Miko... Sesshomaru watched in surprised as Inuyasha jumped back grabbing his leg in pain, as purple lights ran over Kagome and the child, smart girl put up a barrier so Inuyasha couldn't reach her. "What the fuck" he spat

"I told you, I will not move shippo. He is sick and I am taking care of him, no matter how my body may look after, I wouldn't care if I couldn't walk tomorrow, as long as shippo has a goodnights rest" Kagome spat "He is mine and I will take care of him"

"Fine, melt away! see if I carry your tired ass tomorrow, you re going to walk all day, and I don t want to hear one complaint, nor do I want to see you riding on Kirara, because so help me if you re riding her, I will drag you off and leave you to die" Inuyasha growled and turned on his heels to walk back to the camp.

Sesshomaru was seeing Red, how dare he speak to her in such a manner, he wanted to kill Inuyasha slowly, rip him limb by limb. He could picture it now! But Sesshomaru's thoughts of killing the Hanyou were cut off by the sounds of Kagome's quiet sobs; he could see the tears falling down her cheek into the water. Sesshomaru's eyes returned to their normal color. He felt a sharp pain in his gut as he watched her cry

'Emotional humans' He thought to himself

~You can't lie to me; you love her~ His beast teased

'Fuck off, this Seeshomaru has no feelings for that Miko' he spat back

~Defensive aren't we?~

'Do not push this Sesshomaru' he growled

~Touchy!~ His beast chuckled but let it go.. For now..Sesshomaru heard the Miko start singing again this time it was a sad song, he could tell by the sound of her voice and how her salty tears picked up in pace.

"This is my Temporary home; it's not where I belong. Windows and rooms that I'm passing though" Kagome kissed the kit head "This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going. I'm not afraid, because I know this is my temporary home." She began humming and rocking again... Sesshomaru couldn't help it as he leaned in closer

"Someday we ll find a place here in this world" She whispered as she hugged the Kit tighter but not enough to wake him. Sesshomaru found himself leaning against the rock again listening to her hum and rock the child in her arms, he soon fell asleep.


Sesshomaru awoke to the sound of water sloshing, thankfully is barrier was still up ~Your Welcome~ his beast spat. He turned to see the miko crawling out of the water, Kit still in her arms asleep as she finished wrapping the towel around them, he could see the deep purple bags under her eyes, she didn't sleep at all last night, to worried about the kit no doubt. Her hair was flat and wet from the steam and the water, her hands and feet looked like that of a 90 year old woman, she was pale shivering from the water and the cold morning, and unbearably wrinkly, she looked brittle. Almost if he touched her she would break into a million pieces.

Sesshomaru was not disgusted by the Mikos appearance, no not at all, he actually felt sorry for her, but at the same time felt pride in the women that at her own expense she thought of the child first. Sesshomaru wanted to take down his barrier and wrap the Miko against his Moko-moko to kept her warm. Luckily he heard the other female from the pack walk into view

"Kagome?" The Slayer whispered

"Y-yes" Kagome shivered

"Need help?"

"I-I C-Could have used you H-Help last night" Kagome joked well tired to at least

"I'm sorry, I was so tired I fell asleep not knowing you were out here" The slayer lied; she had known Kagome was in the water with the sick kit all night. But she was selfish and didn't want to leave the boys sides. kagome didn't know it but Sango was different around they boys when she wasn't around, always flirting.

"Here, could you hold him while I get dressed at least?" Kagome still shriving asked the selfish slayer

"Sure" Sango reached out for the sleeping Shippo, while reaching for Shippo she touched Kagomes Ice Cold skin and jumped at the touch. But pulled the warm kit into her arms. Kagome wobbled over to her bag and pulled out white bra and panties and slid them on. To keep from catching a cold she put on a long dark purple Kimono with a black sash. "Hey didn't that guy... Oh what s his name give you that for your birthday last year" Sango asked to lighten the mood.

"Hojo? Yes. Hard to believe I've been living here nonstop for two years almost three."

"Do you ever miss home?" Sango asked

"Sometimes" Kagome turned back to her to gather her stuff up. Kagome never liked to talk about her old life; she would always end up crying. They had defeated Naraku two year ago, but before he died he broke the jewel and sent in flying out everywhere, causing the Well to close up, kagome took it as a sign from the Gods that she fucked up and was now stuck in her own personal hell.

"K-Kagome" Shippo wiggled in Sango's arms

"I'm right here baby" Kagome took Shippo back in her arms, Now Shippo wasn't light like he used to be, he was still small enough to fit in her arms but weighed close to 40lbs. it was a gift and a curse that demon children didn't have a growth spurt till they were 10. He could still be her little baby boy for a few more years.

"Shall we go back to the camp with the others?" Sango whispered noticing Shippo had fallen back to sleep in Kagome's arms. So Kagome just nodded

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome not only held the child in her arms but also had her backpack on, he could see the muscles in her arms shaking, he could also see the pain in her eyes but had a smile on her face.

'She is extraordinary ' Sesshomaru watched as they disappeared into the trees. 'She is in pain from the long night and the heavy child, but doesn't complain or pout'

~Good for hyper pups~ his beast added ~ they could crawl on her all day and she would smile the whole time... And she is very protective, not only did she clutch away from your growl she put up at barrier to stop Inuyasha from touching her and the child~

'I know' Sesshomaru stood and walked away..

It was mid day and Shippo was still sleeping in Kagomes arms, she was very very tired but did not let anyone else know, she kept up with the group, and engaged in their stupid conversations.

"Oi is that kid still asleep?" Inuyasha yelled back to kagome who was walking with Miroku

"Yes, His body is fighting the virus. I'm sure by tomorrow he will be back to normal" Kagome smiled

"keh, I never get sick, and if I was I wouldn't sleep all day" Inuyasha crossed his arms

"Well he is a child, and you are an adult.. Not much of one but still"

"What did you say wench?" Inuyasha stopped to look back at her but she was looking to the west

Two shards are headed this way" Kagome nodded in the direction

"Koga?" Sango asked

"No Koga now has four remember" Kagome answered, as she sat down folding her legs underneath her butt.

"Hey what the fuck are you sitting down for?" Inuyasha barked as he drew his Tetsusaiga.

"I am going to Protect Shippo, I have faith you will keep us safe" Kagome lowered her head and spoke a soft chant putting up a strong barrier

"Are you really that lazy? You are worthless sometimes!" Inuyasha growled as the demon came into view "At least do your job and tell me where the shards are"

"Left arm" Kagome said in a low voice, hurt by Inuyasha words

The battle was over quickly one sweep of Inuyasha 'Wind Scar' and it was over, Kagome undid the Barrier, and so she could purify the shards. Once that was done she brought them to her chest and combined them with the ones around her neck. Once that was taken care of she walked back to her group and continued walking the direction they had been.

"Speak of the devil, here comes Koga" Kagome giggled and Inuyasha growled... They watched as a whirl wind came from behind them, kicking inuyasha in the face, and landing in front of kagome

"Hello beautiful" Koga handed kagome a small bundle of Daisy s "for you koi"

"What the hell you mangy wolf" Inuyasha pulled kagome behind his back

"Just saying hello Mutt" Koga laughed

"Well you said it now leaves" Inuyasha spat

"I'll leave when I want to" Koga backhanded Inuyasha knocking him to the ground "Don t you have a clay pot to water?"

"What is that supposed to mean" Inuyasha growled

"I smell moss and dirt must mean Kikyos around" Koga jumped back from Inuyasha attempted punch "Anyway Kagome, wow you look beautiful"

"Thank you Koga" Kagome blushed, she knew she looked like complete shit but it was nice for koga to lie and say she was pretty.

"Are you blind wolf? Kagome looks like hell!" Inuyasha spat "She stayed up all night just so that kid could sleep"

"INUYASHA!" Sango and Miroku yelled

"Sounds like what a true mother would do for her pup" Koga grabbed her hands "Any man would be luck from a woman to care for his pups like you do for this one"

"Get your hand off of her!" Inuyasha kicked Koga

"See you later koi" Koga took off in the other direction

"Yeah you better run" Inuyasha called out waving his fist in the air. Kagome sighed and continued walking. Sango and Miroku were at her sides again with Inuyasha behind making sure Koga didn't come back.

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