In the event my Account or Stories get deleted due to ignoring the rules *Cough -Lemons- Cough* I will add another account with the same! stories but without the lemons or anything considered wrong!

of course my thought it they should put the ratings to MA but apparently they wont do that... You know if a child/teen is reading about the Inuyasha gang having sex AT LEAST they are learning a thing or two hahaha but really if they are reading it that means they aren't out doing it BUT whatever some parents are tooo protective of their children to get upset of a fictional story.

But anyway *Steps off soap box* If my account gets deleted I have all my storied Backed-up and saved on my computer, I will take out the lemons and then re-add them.

So if I disappear I will come back *Fist in air* The Man will not keep me down! hahaha

ALSO I will start adding my SesshXKag parings to Dokuga dot com/ My screen name is 'Shelby lee'

So if I'm permanently band from this site look for me on Dokuga :) They have an Erotic section *Eyebrows wiggle* - Bust into laughter!

So yeah guess I'm done talking/typing... Hopefully you all will get this message and be prepared.


P.S I doubt it will be anytime soon (Deleting stories) Mostly because half of the M Stories on this site have lemons in them and it will take a while for them to find them all. If you have any question/comments Please PM me! Do not Review due to this comment unless your saying how awesome my story was - Conceded much :P

P.s.s I will also be posting drawing and such :P