"Sheldon I would like to give you my notice of termination."

Sheldon looked down at the bound notice resting on his lap.

"What is the meaning of this Amy, surely you don't believe our match to be imperfect. I did the math, you're the one for….I mean we're systematically matched…there is no one out there for you other than me."

Amy brought her eyes to meet Sheldon's for the first time that evening.

"I'm sorry Sheldon but I don't feel as if things are ever going to change."

"Change? Why would you ever want anything to change? Things are perfect this way Amy."

Amy took her seat next to Sheldon and rested her hand on his lap.

"Amy what are you doing that is clearly a violation of the Relationship agreement."


Amy kissed him on the cheek and Sheldon pushed himself off the couch.

She stood up and took his face in her hands kissing him hard as he tried to pry himself from her grasp.

"This is unacceptable!"

"That's strike three…the relationship agreement states that after three violations the relationship is automatically nulled. Isn't that right?" Amy said tears brimming in her eyes as she looked up at the pale and mussed scientist.

Sheldon's pulse beat rapidly in his chest and his heart clenched in a feeling that he could not comprehend. Maybe he was having a heart attack.

Looking down at Amy he noticed as she slowly lost her composure and she clenched her teeth in what looked like the most unfathomable pain.

She looked down and held her breath "Well"

Sheldon spoke automatically as his brain took over the inner turmoil going on inside him. He was on standby.


Amy nodded and took her bag onto her shoulder.

"One day Sheldon Cooper, you're going to realize there is no reason to be alone."