Amy closed the phone and looked to Penny's bedside table.

Was she dying? Isn't this what it feels like to die?

She felt a sort of primal deep sound escape past her closed lips and she squinted in agony at the pain rippling through her entire being.

She was mad. This wasn't fair.

Penny and Bernadette busted in through the door and Amy scrunched up her face and tried to hide it behind her hair.

They stared blankly at her eyes wide in anticipation and fear.

"He- he slept with her." Amy muttered trying not to let her feelings be heard.

"He wouldn't even touch me but he's there. With her. "

"Amy- maybe it's not what you think he might just be-"

"She told me he was asleep. It's 2 am. He slept with her, Sheldon never stays over. Never."

Penny rushed to the other girl tears in her eyes and started to weep. " Oh Ames I'm so sorry. I just thought that if I took back what I said about going back with Richard even though you loved Sheldon things would work out…this wasn't …I never meant….He loves you Amy heaven knows he loves you …I don't under-" She broke out into uncontrollable tears.

Amy let out a sigh and bowed her head, Penny still shaking with tears. She expected Sheldon to move on sure, but to Winkle….was she more attractive….yeah maybe….was she smarter….well she certainly wasn't dumb….was she better than her?

Sheldon seemed to think so.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she immediately picked it up holding her breath as she did.

"He-hello?" She managed to get out.

"You sound sad, what's wrong."


There was a pause. " Were you expecting someone else?"

She swallowed. " No, no I've been waiting for my mom to call back…I wanted to tell her the good news."

She felt the tension on the phone evaporate. Of course he had no reason to not belive her, she'd never been one to lie

" I'm going to be going out of town for the next two day, my brother got into it with some guys and I need to go bail him out of jail. I'll be back soon okay?"

"Yes, of course. You're leaving now?"

"Yeah. I'll call you when I sort things out. I gotta go….Amy."


"I love you."

She felt like a thin layer of dirt and grime covered her every inch. How could she be thinking these things after falling in love with him. She had. She did. But Sheldon was her first love, and he had a grip on her heart and her mind and her very being. She had to forget.

"I love you too. I always will."

She had to forget she ever loved Sheldon Cooper.