It was a stormy night and John was out on a hunt. He'd be gone for the whole week, but it had only been a day and Sammy was sick with... Dean wasn't quite sure what he was sick with. He wasn't a doctor, he was only nine years old after all!

But the point was, Sammy was sick and Dean was determined to make it the best sick day Sam ever had. He fluffed up his pillows, fed him chicken noodle soup, even read him his favorite stories. Sam kept insisting that he could always read them himself, but Dean knew he secretly liked him to read them out loud. While he was useful when Sam was awake, Dean had no idea what to do while Sam was asleep. He normally just paced around whatever room Sam happened to be laying in at the time, but it was late and Dean was tired. He couldn't leave Sammy alone though, so he brought in pillows and blankets and laid them on the floor next to the couch Sam was laying on.

Dean managed to get a few minutes of sleep before he heard Sam whimper somewhere above him on the couch. He sat up and saw Sam shaking and making small noises. He reached out to touch his head, and was horrified to find that Sam was even warmer than he was before. He went to get a cold rag, but when he laid it on Sam's forehead the smaller boy awoke with a start.

"Dean, 'm cold" was all Sam managed to grit out through his chattering teeth.

"Do you want more blankets?" At this, Sammy shook his head and held out a small, trembling hand. Dean took it and Sam pulled him down to lay with him on the couch.

"Stay." Sam mumbled as he snuggled up into Dean's chest, tucking his head under his big brothers' chin. He wrapped his little arms and legs around Dean's and stopped shivering quite so badly. It was all Dean could do to snuggle his brother closer and keep him warm through the night.

When they woke up, Dean was delighted to find that Sam's fever had broken and he was returning to his old self, more or less. But if Sam still crept into Dean's bed every now and again saying he was cold, he wasn't gonna tell anyone. He just allowed himself to be snuggled up to his little brother, enjoying the warmth and safety they found in each other.